When my energy is in a funky place it’s usually a sign to stop, drop and do an alignment practice.

In those moments, I know deep down it’s because I’m not feeling enough that day. I’m feeling that what I’m doing isn’t enough as a mom, as a coach, as a wife, as a daughter…But I also know those are the moments that it’s time to Reclaim and Own My Worth.

It’s time to love myself a little bit more and remember everything I’ve overcome, everything I am.

It’s a moment to expand my heart.

It’s a moment to remember our Truth: We are always worthy as we are.

When it comes to receiving…
There are many things to ask yourself but the main one is Do you simply not feel deserving or worthy to receive the *thing* you want?

It’s our birthright to receive our desires and soul needs. 
It’s our birthright to feel worthy and deserving because we are. 
nothing more

no justification, 
no obligation,
 no punishment or reward,
No guilt trips,
no over-giving, 
Birthright. Birth.Right.

Today Let’s talk worthiness. 

Worthiness in relationship to receiving your desires 

Worthiness is just a construct from a dying old paradigm.

The concept of Worthiness is an idea, perhaps one of the most influential ideas that keeps us stuck, playing small and limiting ourselves.

It’s also a concept that we see can control our entire Life if we let it.

The reason we feel worthiness is a HUGE part of our issue as a society is we label everything as feeling
Separate of our worthiness.

Repeat that again. 

We feel separate from our worthiness, 

separate from our feeling of wholeness. 

We VALIDATE that into our Identity,
It becomes part of who we are and how we operate.

The more we allow worthiness to dictate our Life, we shrink our paradigm to include tasks, reasons, ideas and beliefs that marinate the justification of our worthiness.

We will unconsciously pile up our to-do lists to make ourselves feel and look good enough.

The Belief that we must work harder to receive what we want is just an idea.
The art of receiving isn’t in doing more or hustling harder but in embodying more and Being Receptive towards Allowing in more through Aligned Action.

Aligned Action feels light, feels good, feels like time slowing down to meet me half way, feels like there’s always more than enough time somehow.

It’s a moment to remember:

You are worthy because you are.
You are good enough because you are.
What you do, what you say, who you are is good enough just as you are.

Instead we have created rules for our success and receiving:

Rules that say
When I deserve it then I can receive it.
When I feel worthy enough Then I can have it.
When I DO enough, then I can deem myself worthy to receive.
Once I do enough personal development work, THEN i can receive.

It’s a Toxic cycle that needs to STOP

Repeat after me:

I am worthy of what I desire, because I am. I am deserving of what I desire, because I am.
I can receive because I can. I am worthy AF and Choose to expand my worth. I choose to operate with my worth turned all the way ON and begin to take action from that place.

Here is a Powerful Meditation to Expand your Worth.

I call this my Worthiness Manifesto


For the Moments when you feel you’re not enough, you’re not doing enough, you’re trying your best and it’s not enough, This is your friendly reminder.

From my Heart to yours,

You are so enough, What you do is enough, who you are is enough,
you are more than enough, you’re the f*cking universe expressing itself, don’t forget how worthy and deserving you truly are

You Matter.

It’s time to elevate & Expand your Worth.

P.S. It’s time to Own your Worth

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