Time and Time again one of the questions I get asked repeatedly is: Where do I begin?
Ultimately it comes down to what resonates with you the most but one of the easiest and most essential ways to start awakening your mind is by Present Awareness. This starts with learning to Meditate!Believe it or not some people don’t know the first thing about meditation especially when they are early on into their journey. When beginning on the Spiritual path you should use and remember Meditation and chakra work like the back of your hand. It is essential to finding clarity and peace of mind on your own spiritual journey.Meditation is the act of quieting the mind by finding inner stillness. Observing the mind takes discipline that most people are afraid of facing. There is NO wrong way to meditate. The only true challenge is learning to silence your mind.
The goal of meditation, like yoga is you want to take it with you wherever you go. The observation of the mind is a practice many individuals have forgotten because our reality is constantly pushing our focus externally by various distractions such as television, gossip and celebrities. The trick is to clear your mind, completely. Everyone should meditate at least once a day to help keep the body, mind and soul in balance. The beauty of Meditation is you can do it anywhere!
“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. ” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
There are many methods of meditation, you want to find the one that works right for you. Some like music in the background, guided meditations which you can find tons on youtube, doing various forms of yoga and settling into a meditative state, lying down and just relaxing is a great meditation, herbal teas are a great way to bring you into a very calm and soothing state of mind, focusing on breathing techniques, square breathing or simply deep breaths feeling the air rising and falling from your chest. These are all great ways to meditate.
  • First you start small by becoming aware of your thought patterns ~ Become conscious of your own thinking
  • Then your own reality ~ Become the observer, notice your surroundings, the people, a bird, the grass, begin watching the beauty of being in the moment unfold around you.
  • Next consciously DO actions. ~  For instance instead of watching TV and eating at the same time, do one or the other. Instead of being on your cellphone while with people, turn that sucker off. Instead of walking with headphones, listen to nature. The simple act of being in a present awareness changes our view of reality. Life is full of social media and technology causing us to over-analyze everything daily throwing us into distractions. When we are caught over-thinking because of these distractions, we lose ourselves within the present.  When we begin to be within the moment with each action, then you will slowly start noticing details little by little. They eventually begin to turn into symbols and even synchronicity!

As the habit grows you will begin to notice yourself starting to “monitor your ego” or watching your thoughts so to speak.
It starts with using your own Internal Awareness that you want to learn to project outward by observing reality to eventually become the silent watcher.

candlesThe trick to meditation is that you are clearing your mind tabula rasa, getting rid of all those worries and anxieties that you built up throughout your day and releasing them. The true way to meditate is by releasing all thoughts and staying in the NOW moment, in the present, Release. Let go. Flow into your breath, move, get comfy, Grab some blankets, hot tea, chill music or silence if you prefer, Decorate with candles, incense, whatever you feel is best. There is no wrong way to meditate, it’s all within you. The main part of meditation is controlling your breathing, feeling rather than thinking, and pure silence of mind. Personally i like doing it after some nighttime yoga but everyone has their particular preference you can do it anytime, any day, or night. There are many techniques out there if you look. The fun part is you use your imagination to help guide you.

Meditation 101:

Meditation may be experienced as free-flowing or structured. The key word, however, is “experienced”.

meditationquotesFocusing on an item may help in the beginning, especially as you learn to shut off the “second brain” or as most people call it our “Ego”. The Ego is that part of our mind that continues to ramble on and on about anything and everything when we are attempting to concentrate. It is also the ego that discourages people as they begin meditating because they are not able to focus. For example instead of quieting your mind, you may suddenly find yourself thinking about your job, a big paper you have to write or your relationship. When this happens you want to quickly bring yourself back to present awareness, again and again. The ego can be a teacher though as what we are usually feeling is what we unconsciously need to work on.  I attempt to make the ego part of the background music – I let it ramble itself right out while I hold a specific item in my mind. Sometimes, I shut it in a closet if it is particularly talkative. 😉

The environment is important as well. Meditation is easier if you are not sleepy or have not just eaten. Sit in a comfortable upright position that allows for comfortable deep breathing. I recommend using crystals if you have them you can tune into one that helps you focus and journey – one of my favorites is blue kyanite.

Things should be quiet – burn some favorite incense – maybe some soft music. Of course, no environment is completely silent so spend a few moments integrating the natural noises into background music of a sort so that you are not surprised when a kitty comes in or a car drives by.

Meditation has been described as a tool in which to manipulate thought in an organized manner. It is also a tool to journey to the Inner Planes and connect with yourself, your Guides, the Goddess. However you choose to utilize meditation, it is rewarding. Not only does it assist in the magickal areas but the benefits extend to physical reality where it will naturally help you become more focused and calm. Meditation is a natural stress buster.

Meditation is also the gateway to deeper psychic experiences. It is through this gateway that you learn astral projection, lucid dreaming, creative visualization, and connection with your Spirit Guides/ Higher Self.  Journey work into Tarot cards and the Tattvas are also achieved through meditative states.

The checklist to remember for a good meditation session is:

icon-check Calm, comfortable environment
icon-check Incense and music that are not distracting
  Good posture
 Deep and steady breathing
 Relaxation exercise
 Idea or symbol that you will focus on
 Remember – Repeated practice enhances your experiences

I also recommend keeping a meditation journal to record your experiences. Sometimes we will encounter a vision, a symbol, an animal totem, image or word that we receive through meditation that does not have a meaning at that moment but will have more meaning in the future when the puzzle pieces come together. The journal will also keep track of how far into the other planes you’re able to go, the visions that influence future outcomes and your progress on your own spiritual journey.


Step by Step Meditation

 “A well-trained, stable, and focused mind is an asset in every sphere of life. The practice below will develop your concentration, clarity, and inner stability, by providing a single object as the resting place for your mind’s awareness–the universal mantra soham. Practice daily at about the same time, starting with 10 minutes, and gradually increasing to 20-30 minutes, or longer.” [ref]http://www.care2.com/greenliving/step-by-step-meditation.html#ixzz1pm66rxMP[/ref]

Step 1. Begin by training your body to be still and comfortable in a sitting posture. When the spine is erect with the pelvis, chest, and head vertically aligned, the breath becomes smooth, and the mind alert and relaxed. Sit on a chair, or cross-legged on the floor with a cushion or a folded blanket under the hips. Use enough support to lift the hip joints slightly higher than the knees. This minimizes the effort needed to keep the lower back from rounding.

Step 2. Close your eyes and mentally draw a circle of light around yourself. The circle separates you from the world of daily life–both the outer world of perceptions and activities, and the world of your familiar preoccupations and thinking patterns. With this intention, see yourself sitting inside this circle of light. It delineates a space in which you can contain your awareness; let it protect you from disturbances, distractions, and mental dissipation.

Step 3. Feel the entire body sitting comfortably still, release any unnecessary tension, and pay attention to the movement of the breath. Refine your awareness as you feel the breath become smoother and more subtle, expanding from the solar plexus into the limbs on the inhalation, and releasing back to the solar plexus on the exhalation. Be aware of the touch of the breath everywhere in the body.

Step 4. Making sure the body and breath stay relaxed, focus your attention at each of the following energy centers, moving systematically through the body and inhaling and exhaling once at each point: eyebrow center — throat center — right shoulder — right elbow — right wrist — each of the right fingertips, starting with the thumb — right wrist — right elbow — right shoulder — throat center — left shoulder — left elbow — left wrist — each of the left fingertips, starting with the thumb — left wrist — left elbow — left shoulder — throat center — heart center — navel center — center of the pelvis — pelvic floor — center of the pelvis — navel center — heart center — throat center — eyebrow center.

Step 5. Now rest your attention at the eyebrow center. Feel the ebb and flow of the breath through the inner space of the whole body, while maintaining your focus on the eyebrow center. Sense the vibration of a slow wave of breath. This vibration is the mantra soham (pronounced so-hum). Hear the sound so on the inhale, and the sound ham on the exhale. The breath is subtle and slow, so let your concentration be fine and sensitive, becoming more and more one-pointed, and gradually drawing deeper into the mind. Rest in this awareness as long as you like.

To finish the practice, gradually return your awareness to the flow of the breath in the body, the physical presence of the body, and the space around you. Remain aware of the breath and your inner connection as you release the body from your sitting posture. You may want to open your eyes into the palms of your hands, massage your face, and stretch your arms and legs before getting up.

Another Good Technique Is Working On Visualizations:

  • Imagine that you are lying on a beach, listening to the soothing sounds of the sea. Feel the soft caress of the gentle breeze and the warmth of the sunshine on your body. Feel the ebb and flow of the sea flowing through your body and float away….
  • Visualize a current of water gently flowing over your body, cleansing your mind and body of all tensions and impurities. Imagine the cleansing that occurs as the  refreshing water flows over your neck, across your shoulders, arms chest and then continues to flow down the length of your spin, over your abdomen and torso, across your buttocks, thighs, legs, and feet. As the water flowers, your body and mind become flexible and fluid. Life is movement; the more fluid you are, the more alive you feel.
  • Focus on your breath: Follow it from the entrance of your nostrils, down the back of your throat and into your lungs. draw the breath into the deepest part of your lungs, completely filling them with renewed oxygen. Feel the abdomen rise as the lungs fill, notice how the abdomen and chest can expand and lift. Now follow the path of breath back together and the chest settles as the breath flows back out of your body emptying the lungs completely. Let go.
Most importantly have fun and enjoy Meditation!
Continue exploring the infinite sea of knowledge and beauty that lives inside of you


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