Awakening stories came to me as an idea as I began writing my own journey down to create a book based on various experiences of Awakening. I have many stories to share this is only a fraction of one of them that happened to me when I started Awakening but one that I always hold close to my heart.  This is an excerpt from my book I’m writing, hope you enjoy!

Due to a rough year before I was looking for a fresh start. It was my third year at University, the leaves were starting to change color from mustard yellow to crimson.

aug 2012

I decided to live on campus this year to embrace independence as a growing adult but also so I could be closer to the school. It began about a month into the school year when I was looking at their website to see when Spring Break started that way I could plan our Florida trip. As I was scrolling through the calendar, I stumbled upon something interesting, a free class called “Energy Wisdom”. According to the description it’s about “Exploring how invisible energies shape the way you think, feel and live. Understand these energies and how they can benefit your health and well-being.” The timing fit right between my America Literature class.  I’ve been studying Paganism and Wicca since Summer so I figured it would be perfect for improving my study.

The class was held in a small room above the library and there were merely six other people who showed up including myself. A cheerful older woman of 60 years with flaxen hair greeted us and introduced herself as Diane, the instructor of the Class. She gave us a brief background of her history as a Reiki practitioner but what more so intrigued me was how she claimed she was a survivor of Throat cancer. She claimed that through the power of energy, reiki and thought she was able to battle her own throat cancer by healing her Throat Chakra. Diane explained in her past she never expressed herself enough, she always let her husband speak for her or over her. She was never able to actually get her opinion expressed or her general ideas across because she felt her opinions didn’t matter. The more she started expressing herself, talking to her husband and in general being truthful to herself the smaller her cancer began. Eventually she found out she was properly healed. In reality she explained the Chemotherapy did absolutely nothing for her and made her feel miserable. However once she began to seek more holistic practices by discovering the chakras and seeking Reiki treatment her health started to return. The power of the Chakras, the energy of her being is what saved her life and this is why she teaches people about the power of energy. She deeply inspired me.

Now see, I knew energy existed given my prior knowledge in Paganism, I could physically feel the vibrations due to having this sensitivity since I was seven_chakra_02.250182219_stdquite young, however my problem was I couldn’t control it. Over the course of multiple weeks Diane taught me various methods of healing and exercise. She introduced me to Energy, how energy is the basis of life through Consciousness or human thought and that we attract what we are. She taught me about the Chakra System and how we have seven energy centers that help generate healing or illness. These Chakras are ruled by the colors we attract within our daily lives by the oscillation of frequency and tone of vibration very much the same as music. Also not only do we attract colors, we attract symbols, numbers and circumstances to heal these wounded vibrations. Many people in the room were stunned not only by her accuracy with their current issues but dumbfounded by the concept that something outside of us is helping generate health or illness. It goes against everything we were ever taught but yet there was a yearning to learn more. I felt I was brought to this class for a reason, i didn’t even fully understand it myself but I just knew I was meant to be here. Others either thought it was ridiculous or they were still too in shock to believe she may be telling the truth.

One day she had us do a Pendulum test to see which chakras were open and which were closed. A pendulum test is where you take a small object, it could be as simple as a washer tied to a string or as fancy as a real silver plated pendulum, and you hold the pendulum above the person’s body hovering above each energy center. She had us lay down on the table while she used a wooden pendulum attached to a string to hover over our chakras starting with the Root chakra. The pendulum would swing clockwise or counter-clockwise meaning you were either giving out or taking in energy. If it was a blocked dysfunctional chakra it would completely stop. I remember the girl who went before me had a block in her Root chakra and Solar Plexus. The pendulum swung in a fast circle directing us of her open Sacral Chakra but as soon as she slowly descended back to her Root or Solar Plexus the Pendulum would abruptly stop as if an invisible hand reached out and stopped it midair.

Itptg01387592 was incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it and it even spooked some of the students. People were amazed, how did it know when to move and when not to move? It was merely her energy directing the motion of the Pendulum but that sounds like witchcraft or something out of a fairy tale. However it was real all the same. Diane also explained to the girl she had a block in her Root Chakra due to when she broke her arm, the girl looked downright shocked almost to the point of vulnerable. She asked “how did you know I broke my arm, I was seven when that happened?” Diane did a small smile, “It’s because it’s within your energy”. The Root Chakra also regulates the skeleton system along with the circulatory system dealing with our family roots and insecurities. Needless to say that was the last time I saw her show up to the class, apparently the truth is more intimidating than meets the eye.

It was my turn next, I laid down on the table to get my reading done, I had two blocks one in my sacral and another in my Heart Chakra while i also had an overactive third eye. She also checked our masculine and feminine energy by moving the pendulum from our right leg to our left leg. The right leg was dominated by masculinity and part of the left hemisphere of your brain. The left leg was dominated by the femininity and part of the right hemisphere. If you looked closely at the pendulum you could actually see the energy forming around it creating a very light whitish aura. Regardless the pendulum was peculiarly moving in a different direction towards the middle rather than the left or the right. She said this means something different, it means you are starting to become balanced within both hemispheres of the masculine and feminine.

She asked me if I feel a tightness in my chest lately and it was too eerie because I have been for weeks maybe even months but I was checked by the doctor to find I was in perfect health. Before I got up Diane asked me, “Is there someone you need to forgive who has caused you pain?” I instinctively said, “yes I recently broke up with someone I loved very much” Then she exclaimed “wait I want to try something, lie back down on the table for a second” She told me I have a gift and can feel the energy. Closing my eyes she put her hands above my body as if they were floating in mid-air. I could suddenly feel a warmth radiating around me as if heat was literally being pressed into me. My entire body literally felt like it was tingling as I felt the energy floating around me. She said, “sometimes when we are sensitive enough you can feel the energy in either vibration, coldness or heat. It shows a change in the body”

After that day, I started thinking about my breakup a lot. How we both said a lot of hurtful things and how I knew deep down I was still in love with RoseQuartzhim which was making it very hard to move on with my life. Slowly I began to start working on opening my chakras, i feel the words and energy Diane gave me that day caused a ripple within me. I realized over contemplation that part of the break up had to deal with my self-worth issues and how I didn’t love myself for who I am. I began forgiving myself and him for what happened in the past. I started questioning that maybe this was the only way I could move on and heal my heart? Around that same time i was visiting my parents out of town and while cleaning discovered I had a crystal under my childhood bed that I got when I was little from gem mining. It was a very light pinkish stone called Rose Quartz known as the love stone. After some research online I found that the properties of Rose Quartz connects to the vibration of love, self-love, forgiveness and helps heal the Heart Chakra. Had this been a year ago I wouldn’t of even thought twice about this, shrugging it off as coincidence. However having discovered energy and that we attract what we need to heal, I began to question: Do thoughts really control our reality?

The words Diane mentioned to me and everything that came into my reality after that day began haunting me as Adam, my ex-boyfriend did as well. I knew I had to forgive him for breaking up with me but I also had to forgive myself for everything I had done to myself throughout the years of physical,psychological and emotional abuse. I was a self-harm victim and during this healing process, these memories would not leave my mind. I thought I was over it but the break up just brought me further and further into a downward spiral. I thought I was over feeling this way but something deep stirred within me, I needed to find the power of forgiveness.

In my nostalgic contemplation I learned that true healing not only comes from the heart but it also comes from healing our thought patterns. In a moment of pure clarity I began to see myself reflected in him and all he had taught me during our time together. I knew I would always love him and I forgave him. I came to see a deep respect for him considering he not only taught me beauty but Adam taught me to see the beauty within myself which is something I always battled with my entire life. I felt I opened a door that was once closed and felt myself become lighter, more free than i ever felt before. I began realizing maybe it is not just our thoughts that bind us but maybe it is also our thoughts that can free us.

On November 11th 2011 my life was changed forever. It was just another day of going to class and going through my usual routine at college. I went to my energy wisdom class and we were learning more about chakras and how to create the balance of the material world with the spiritual world. Basically until you grasp the bridge between your spiritual self and your material self, you aren’t balanced with your life. When I first arrived there Diane randomly complimented me on how I have beautiful red hair and how purple always looks amazing with red together. I told her purple is one of my favorite colors and we proceeded with the lesson.

While we were talking about how you need to center yourself within the material and the spiritual realm, she pointed out that because each chakra is linked to color she could tell just by my nature and how I adore purple that i’m more of a spiritual soul since the third eye and crown are linked to purple. I felt she was also hinting that the colors red and purple are the aligned chakras starting from the Root to the Crown. After class was over, I thanked her for the inspiring lesson and made my way to the basement to study for philosophy before my next class. I was reading a passage in Plato’s Republic that really struck me:
“If you take the upward journey and sight of the things above as the soul’s road up into the intelligible region, you won’t miss my intended meaning”(VII, 517B).

It connected perfectly with what we were just talking about in energy wisdom about how you need to make the bridge of both worlds to get to a higher intelligence to utilize this energy correctly. I was thinking how it seems like these classes that i picked this semester were meant to be because all of them connect together in some shape or form. It must have been meant to be. Then as I was thinking this out of the corner of my eye, I saw this little orb of bluish white light sitting directly across from me. It was just there one minute floating and then it disappeared. It was very surreal at the time. Throughout most of the day I thought I was either officially delusional or losing it, so I ignored it and went through the rest of my classes for the day. Randomly I decided to google what seeing bluish white light means when i got home because I was thinking maybe it was a spirit or my eye sight seriously needs checked again. The first thing to pop up was this site called “The Blue Sphere”.

beautyvishnuAs it turns out this blue light or sphere is our consciousness manifesting itself into physical form. This can happen at random or during meditation but more importantly when your energy is awakened. Swami Muktananda, an Indian saint who introduced Siddha Yoga practices and meditation techniques also talks about his experiences with the blue sphere and it’s creation. Muktananda referred to the Blue Pearl as a physical manifestation of the soul. He said that seeing it in meditation is like seeing the soul.

“… a brilliant blue light, the size of a tiny seed, that appears to the meditator whose energy has been awakened. The Blue Pearl is the subtle abode of the inner Self.” ~  Swami Muktananda, Does Death Really Exist?, p. 36I )

An Indian Saint born in the early 1900s saw the exact same thing I just witnessed in my college basement?  Intrigued by my new discovery, I decided to write about it on my blog explaining my experience. A woman named Eva who I knew previously from discussing music together wrote to me saying I should look into the Indigo Children because I probably am one. I did a little research into the subject about how we’re “special children with different DNA on a mission to save humanity” and kinda rolled my eyes ignoring it. Shortly after, I suddenly had an urge to email my ex-boyfriend Adam even though we haven’t talked since his response to my letter. Unthinkingly I began typing, “Do you sense the Awakening?” and compulsively hit send before I even knew what I was actually doing. I had truthfully no prior knowledge to what the Awakening was only that it felt important and I knew the only person I needed to talk to right now was Adam.

Naturally I was a nervous wreck after sending the message, contemplating if I sounded like a total nut job at this point and questioning why I would send an obscure message like that to begin with…I started researching what the awakening was and how the procession of the equinox is going to change humanity. The end of the Mayan Calendar will create a transformation for humanity. Some people won’t even feel it but for others it is already affecting them. In astronomical history every 26,000 years our Earth meets a procession with the equinoxes, in particular this will happen on the winter solstice where the galactic elliptical plane of the milky way will align with Earth turning the axis due to the weakening structure of the earth’s magnetic fields. Our solar system is entering the photon band awakening great change in our consciousness and intelligence. As I researched further into the Awakening and what it meant, i came across a post that explained there is also symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening. My mouth hit the floor:

Food intolerances, allergies you never had before”
Changes within your vision, seeing energy and feeling it strongly”
Having out of body experiences”
Dissociation with reality”
Old habits surfacing for clearing”
Amplification of the senses: hypersensitivity”
Skin eruptions”
Events that entirely alter your life”
Anxiety and a sense of impendingness”
Teachers appearing everywhere you go”
Synchronicity patterns such as seeing numbers and deja vu”

The list went on, everything I was experiencing within the past year or two was on this list! I was in shock. That sounds like I’m absolutely insane. At that point I did feel a little crazy but strangely I felt more clarity than I had in months within that moment. There was a book I picked up on crystals back in October when I went to go visit a friend in Southern Indiana. This book also had information on the Awakening and how to align your energy body! Right here, right under my nose was a book about the same topic I just discovered that was happening to me now. It was as if my subconscious knew before I did?! I checked my email Adam wrote me back explaining he knew exactly what I was talking about and identifies as a watcher between worlds also he mentioned in the new age community he would be a crystal child, another new age term I needed to research. He awakened when he was fourteen and has had gifts since he was a child, basically staying in the undercurrents he knew everything I was talking about and a plethora more. We started bouncing ideas and philosophies together about the Awakening and what the implications meant completely putting our past behind us. Meanwhile I was still contemplating my sanity and wondering if this is all a strange dream I suddenly woke up from. I felt like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole, what did i honestly get myself into? After that day, I felt as if i was viewing the world with new eyes.

Colors starting taking on a different vibrancy, the sky looked like ethereal smoke and everywhere I went I began observing not just people but reality itself. I became ravenous for information wanting to get my hands on everything I could find about this hidden world that I discovered. I researched and researched trying to find that what was happening to me was real and not just insanity. I found a page on Facebook called The Indigo Children, remembering what Eva had told me and was in awe of how many people were gathering to this page to express the same feelings and concerns that I was living! It couldn’t be coincidence the same things that were happening to me were also happening to other people around the world.

I began realizing what if everything has been leading to this point? Every conversation I’ve ever had, every interest and fantasy i’ve created was leading me to understanding myself. Everything around us, a symbol towards understanding ourselves, everywhere you go there is something or even someone pointing you in the right direction even if you don’t fully understand it, you feel guided by a mysterious force that beckons you towards where you wish to go on your path.
What if the imagination was more real than we ever thought possible?

This was only the beginning…



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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for continuing the Awakened state community. I do not have any social media, so I love coming on the website to read to your latest posts and I’m loving the new style and layout of the website, I’m really happy for you.

    Last year I asked you a question about studying Psychology and I decided to go ahead with it, which I am so thankful for that I did. Actually, I know that I was meant to find your blog and ask you that question and read everyone stories…. something very beautiful is happening ?

    Thank you for creating the awakened state community! ??

    1. This is so sweet! I remember you 🙂

      I’m glad I was able to help you and that the awakened state has benefited you on your own path.

      Thanks for sharing this, totally made my day. I’ve been working hard on the new site for the past two weeks practically lol. Everything in divine timing for both of us right? ♥

      love and blessings,

  2. Hi Ashley!! I just stumbled upon your page, I don’t even remember how but I’m so glad I did. I read the your experience in your awakening and it was so good I didn’t even break once (I have a bad case of dyslexia and can’t read more than a paragraph or two w/o taking a break). Although I haven’t experienced more than one or two of the huge list of awakening symptoms I feel like this is what’s happening to me… and it’s the most beautiful thing to feel like there’s a safe place to come to. Thanks soo much for creating this page and offering so many the opportunity to learn from those who’ve been through this journey. I’m so excited to read and learn more!

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