It is roughly 48 hours until The alignment Reset 21 day Challenge closes for spring enrollment, Today I wanted to open a discussion on Why Alignment is Powerful for the Manifestation process and why we get in our own way on pursuit of our goals.

If you’ve been doing the Mind -body Revolution Experiment with us – you know the power that linking your Mind with your Action and goals can have the more you get persistent with it.

As you can guess this is part of what makes Alignment so Liberating –

The Moment we Get out of our own way, we Open the Pathway to Receiving.

this is the TRUE POWER of Alignment at work.

There is a reason why we decide to make things harder for ourselves – we unconsciously are

justifying the struggle.

And What occurs is we repeat the same pattern as a deja vu experience – a habit on repeat until we are willing to wake up and get out of our own way.

Alignment teaches us to Get out of the way and surrender fully to the path unfolding.

Alignment is not a fancy buzzword designed to teach you to get your chakras aligned and sing kumbaya

no no


That moment of full on surrender that brings in automatically the money, situation you need to heal, the right teachers, the right resources, the relationship of your dreams, the dream career, the dream business, the dream travel, the (insert what you most crave and desire) here.

It cannot be accessed when we are relying strictly on the PATH of MOST RESISTANCE – and trudging up a hill, jumping through hoops, sighing to yourself – when WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH.

When you Desire something – by Law of polarity that desire is trying to be met.

Why isn’t it met, you ask?

Well you’re the one stopping it – because you’re unconsciously getting in your own way

It’s enough when you say it’s enough.

And It’s a Choice.

We seriously don’t want to hear that – but it’s true.

It’s a choice to be in the path of most resistance vs the path of least resistance because it rides on your standards and boundaries you are creating with life itself.

One of the most powerful exercises you can ask yourself is this + and write this down:

What are my current standards for how i’m receiving right now, what do I expect?

Brainspill your current expectations.

Now How do you wish it would be, what do I desire to Receive right now?

It’s all just a game of Standards and boundaries we are creating for our lives.

Our Job is to wake up and change the game – Flip the table over and Change the rules.

What do you wish your standards are?

Because that’s how it CAN be – the moment that you stop moving against yourself and start activating your magnetism with the path of least resistance.

This is for the person who is constantly feeling:

They are treading up a hill in order to complete their desires

They frequently reach burnout and get sick due to exhaustion from too much overwork

they are overthinking, obsessing, planning it out, analyzing the pros and cons, spouting excuses before leaping into action so the action feels FORCED.

Obsessed with the HOW – you know who you are

They may be resenting something and feel angry about their life right now.

I can tell you why – You’re soul is screaming out the misalignment you are feeling –

Why do I know this?


My emotions were always telling me so much about my misalignment

When i was not putting up boundaries,

when i was clearly going against listening to my body and doing more work anyway – resulting in emotional breakdowns. = not very pretty to be around.

Choosing to Operate on empty, perhaps not eatting (no time anyway for myself) Choosing to put myself last physically, perhaps no longer doing things for myself, only other people.

Or maybe the misalignment spoke in other ways:

In Your Relationships:

Over giver under receiver?

In your Career:
Lack of Appreciation?

In your family:


The thing that they won’t tell you about misalignment is that it will often show up in the standards we have set for our lives unconsciously.

Our job is to wake up and change them.

It will show up in how you treat yourself

& Where you feel the most resistance in your life currently.

It will show up in how your relationships are reflected back at you.

It will show up in What you Do in your Habits & Repeated Behaviors.

If you just want to know where the misalignment is living – Just observe yourself and listen to your body.

Because it’s not really hiding – it’s pretty obvious when you look at:

your emotional reactions.

Your complaints and excuses.

How you are showing up from fear, uncertainty and doubt.

and most of all – If you’re stuck in a fight/flight/freeze response unable to take the action you desire to take to move forward.

Alignment is actually Easy – Resisting Alignment and Change of Perception is not.

You can feel the difference in knowing if its light or heavy

treading up a muddy ass hill to get there

or DROPPING THE FUCK IN, being pulled and led.

The path of Least Resistance is the Alignment

The path of MOST resistance is the Misalignment due to the conditioning you’ve been fed.

And you always carry the choice on how to change it all around and Flip the table of the game you’re currently playing

it’s time to Activate your Path of Least Resistance and Attract in what you most want –

No more playing around –

It’s time to make a choice

What will it be?

Because I know where I’m going!


A Kick your Booty back into Alignment Course designed to give you micro-dose learnings over the course of 21 days to Activate your Natural Path of Least Resistance.

Learn to Naturally Raise your Vibrations

No more forcing yourself into Positive thinking to get there.

Learn to Manifest from Alignment

The short cut to getting what you want and releasing the damn rituals that are so focused on you ‘getting there’ they forget the point is to BE there now.

Learn to deactivate the Fear Response

Get Reconnected to your Souls’ Truth and Stop letting the conditioning stop you – oh yess

Learn to Shift Energy out of Misalignment

Learn Energy management and Awaken your Abundance Mindset – it’s time to get out of scarcity thinking for GOOD and start remembering who you always were.

Sound delicious?

Are you screaming, this is totally speaking to me on a soul level?


Hope it activated something deep inside of you – If you feeling the call, Join us here:

Payment plan options available – made for accessibility for those who need it.

Challenge Closes enrollment in 48 hours for Spring enrollment, this baby will not be back until next equinox 😉

March 31st at midnight CST

If you’re feeling the call, I wouldn’t wait.

Want those Practical bits? I am the same way – what am i getting Ash? I gottchu!

This is a 21 day challenge to Bring in:
Mindset Shifts.
Awareness to develop your relationship to higher self/spirit
Create solid boundaries to stop what you are no longer willing to tolerate
Cultivating body awareness to understand where you are creating fear-led patterns that are perpetuating self-sabotage & keeping you stuck
Learn the easy framework to begin manifesting from alignment vs creating self-sabotage
Understand why resistance stops us in our tracks and how to get out of it
Learning how to begin exercising our co-creative power with more intentional living aka how to add easy manifesting rituals to your everyday experience.
most importantly learning how to raise your vibration naturally working WITH your body vs against your body, slapping those glitter empty affirmations on. (this can be a gamechanger)
and so much more.

You receive:
21 lessons – microdose learning style so you show up and implement immediately!
3 Bonus Trainings: The alignment Triology packed with valuable next level teachings on Alignment and Magnetism (aka path of least resistance and alignment habits)
21 Days of Soul work (prompts, action steps, mantras)
fb group peer to peer accountability if you desire
bonus Journal prompts now added to the Alignment Triology bonus training series.
You get all 21 days built as a challenge, plus 3 1+ hour Pre-recorded training bonuses + soul work + accountability group.

Doors close tomorrow!
Let’s do this!

Join us below:
Alignment Reset 21 Challenge + live trainings + Soul work bonuses >>>

Any questions, drop them below, or reach me wtih a dm on fb or insta.
Love ya!


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