I admit I had fun making today’s graphic lol, really wanted to emphasize the encouragement part of this week’s video drop. 

Continuing on with the Mind Body Revolution series – It’s time to talk about Step 2.  

Detox your Doubt with Encouragement 

There is a saying I wrote in my new book on amazon, Awaken your Power to manifest. It goes a little like this:

“Encouragement will always drown out the poison of criticism and doubt. Whenever you find yourself falling astray, come back to this truth. Encouragement will always set you free”

Awakened Your Power to Manifest

Do you ever feel like you really want to go after your goals but there’s always a part of you that’s an inner critic, full of doubt or ready to sabotage you?

It’s just so annoying isn’t it? 

Well, it’s time to silence that voice and go after what you want anyway! Let me teach you how.

In today’s video I talk a lot on:

+ My Progress report at day 37 and what happens when we hit obstacles on the path of achievement
+ In the journey of healing, energy work matters a eff ton. 
+ How to start working step 2 in your life and embrace encouragement 
+ Insights that have come up for me since falling sick, recovering and moving on with the mind body revolution experiment. We still going strong! 

When we choose encouragement of our possibilities – everything can shift and change.  this conversation is so needed in the personal development space especially at this time. 

I have currently been going through a massive paradigm shift since we started the mind body revolution, i shared a little on the journey of that in today’s Day 37 progress video. This is very fascinating to me. The journey isn’t always sunshine and cupcakes – but what we learn through transcending our doubts/fears/insecurities can radically shift the paradigm we’re operating on – 

We often think its about going after a goal, an accomplishment – but really it’s about the journey of reclaiming yourself. when we go after a goal or a desire we want to have, we naturally choose to expand into more of who we are.  <3 

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Join the Mind Body Revolution Below and get your free starter ebook guide on how to get started with your own Challenge today!  If you didn’t catch the introduction video, I recommend watching it if you’re curious on the experiment and want to know more check it out here: https://youtu.be/TZJBN2pW8v4

Tune in and Watch this weeks video: 

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Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

P.S. This week only – The Alignment Reset 21 day challenge is open for enrollment!

This is a 21 day challenge to Bring in: 

+ Mindset Shifts. 
+ Awareness to develop your relationship to higher self/spirit 
+ Create solid boundaries to stop what you are no longer willing to tolerate
+ Cultivating body awareness to understand where you are creating fear-led patterns that are perpetuating self-sabotage
+ Learn the easy framework to begin manifesting from alignment vs creating self-sabotage 
+ Understand why resistance stops us in our tracks and how to get out of it
+ Learning how to begin exercising our co-creative power with more intentional living aka how to add easy manifesting rituals to your everyday experience.
+ most importantly learning how to raise your vibration naturally working WITH your body vs against your body, slapping those glitter empty affirmations on. (this can be a gamechanger) 
and so much more. 

Let’s do this!

Any questions, drop them below, or reach me in the fb group.  

Let me know if this message resonates with you, <3 

Challenge Closes enrollment on march 31st 

Get in as low as $99 starting with the payment plan. 

If you’re feeling the call, I wouldn’t wait. 



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