As the experiment of the Mind-body Revolution continues, today i am sharing my insights, progress, what i noticed about changing a habit and my feelings on the experiment at Day 10.

In the second half let’s talk about Intentions and affirmations!

Step 1. Set Potent Aligned Intentions for your desired three goals.

When it comes to setting Intentions, we can use our language to naturally amplify our affirmation so it’s EXTRA potent and aligned.

In today’s video I talk a lot on:

+ how we can use Intention setting correctly so you don’t unconsicously stay in lack mindset
+ different ways we can use intention setting to help us support our goals.
+ How to play with our language to create super charged intentions that support your desires automatically

Step 1 of the process is actually the most important, you want to get this part right for maximum success with manifesting and achieving your goals!

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