Imagine for a minute if when you took action to pursue your goals – you actually just got up and DID IT – 

no fear was necessary,
overwhelm was a thing of the past, 
and often when you felt doubt creep in, you decided to give it the middle finger and
slide back into encouragement. going about your way – kicking booty and getting things DONE.

That’s all possible for you when you start to work with the system i’m sharing with you FOR FREE on my new training: The Mind-Body Revolution 

It’s time to witness your own Transformation so you can blow your own mind and be sooo proud of yourself, I mean that 🙂 

Yesterday I was a little tired when I explained this New Movement, let me give you the behind the curtain explanation today: 


I’m on day 15 myself since using The mind ritual and Body ritual experiment. And I am BLOWN AWAY by how simple this is and how easy it is to create rapid perspective shifts to pull you back into action aka results. 

So let’s use the example of what I originally started this experiment on: Getting back into Pilates.

Since fall I stopped when I sprained my ankle and was a little afraid to do it for months because pilates is low impact, you use a lot of ankle strength for many movements.  So I knew I had to kick it back into a habit if I really wanted to start it again. but i decided to marry it with mindset to make it easier for myself. #gamechanger

This is where the magic started to unfold…

Since that time, I started an experiment:

Merge your classic goal-setting process with manifestation principles  with a sprinkle, okay an overdose of using mind-body rituals together. 

It worked a little like this: 

Mindset + Encouragement + Feed my mind the right information + Pulls into action = result. 

What happened so far: 

Week 1. I picked my 3 goals and started to focus on them. I felt so much resistance to doing it but I started to notice EVERYTHING – that just simply wasn’t working anymore. I saw the misalignment for what it was and the feedback of where the behavior needed to change. 

a. I saw where i was struggling still – hitting some solar plexus wounds not committing, wavering on decisions. really flaky and not really IN IT. b. I easily noticed what habits were out of alignment. my time management especially.

Week 2. I had a reality check with my goals/intentions i set – I got curious on Okay – Integrity – How Can I do this? Let’s get more Practical. Measurable. and specific. I started to look at: what is a realistic starting goal to getting back into my pilates habits – 7 days a week isn’t practical, that’s fantasy when just getting back into it. but I could do 3 to 4 days a week – that’s practical. then i got measurable – I told myself to make it real. I picked days of the week i would do it and a time i would show up. my mind now felt possibility, before it felt not really committed and wavering on deciding to do it. – that’s an energy shift right there. 

then i also got COMMITTED – I chose to lock it in as done by embodying the person who already lives and breathes that reality. 

Week 3. The mindset shifts were real.  I notice the more I use the mindset work before i get into action – i started to see massive shifts in action, movement, and magnetism. The mindset fuels the doing. THIS IS HUGE. 

I also noticed a flood of new ideas for the #2 goal i set on systems – I remembered a guidebook i bought on business systems i forgot about until that moment – I suddenly had the awareness again to go check it out. 

(this is how aligned action really fucking works, its often random AF ) I also immediately had a sudden shift to pause all misaligned habits i was doing in that area and start looking at changing them. this was big – I saw the way i was doing systems weren’t sustainable for where i was going –   

I started doing Pilates 3-4 times a week just like i said i would do ( solar plexus empowered) 

And this is week 3! 

In Summary –

The Transformation lives in:

The Mind Feeds the Body, then they work together in harmony to create change. 

Not The Mind feeds the Mind(Ego)
or The Body just goes for it and tries to do it with current habits and conditioning (example losing weight without any commitment involved)

So my intention here is to not geek out and share my pilates habit with you, lol

my intention for you is to understand: 

The Power of Witnessing the Journey of Transformation. 

And Merging the mindset Rituals

To the Body Rituals To Activate our Natural Attraction Power(magnetism alignment, fancy term) 

And see How giving the mind the right information Slowly changes the direction of the results you are creating

This happens for one reason and one reason only:

you’re not just working with the body. And you’re not just working with the mind

You’re giving the mind the right information, so the body believes and naturally feels safe to take the action. 

and this is the movement and mission I am here to create. 

The Mind-body revolution experience. 

Are you ready to try it? The Power lives in the journey 

Here’s the Low – Down: 

A 30 – 60 – 90 day Journey of Witnessing your
Transformation and Accelerating your results.

+ You’re ready for change and Willing to Change
+ You have an open mind about trying new things
+ You are willing to Write & record
+ you’re okay with learning a new habit with
consistency, persistence and practice!

WHERE:  Wherever suites your lifestyle! This is about you and your alignment. 
Extra Series: Mini youtube series periodically on the mind body connection and the experiment progress update videos with insight and education. 
Weekly Check-ins:  Hosted IN The Awakened Network

Reconnecting the Mind to the Body helps us use
Mindset work with Embodiment Practices to easily
accelerate our goals & Intentions. Also helps us
create new habits.

The 30 – 60 – 90 Journey. You can do this on your
Timetable of 30 – 60 -90 Days.
Pick how many days a week you want to do it.
Pick a time. Pick a Place. Use Phone Reminders to help!

I explain in-depth in the training below. 

Create one daily Mind ritual (the 3 step mind body
uplevel) and
Do Body rituals: Movement & Body Awareness to help you achieve your goals/intentions you desire to manifest.

I invite you into an Experiment  –

I call it the Mind-Body Uplevel Experiment. 

My Question for you is – Are you feeding your mind the right information of what you actually want to tell it 😉 

Join us below and enter into the revolution


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