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A New Series on Youtube I will release periodically

I invite you on a Journey to witness your own Transformation over the course of 30- 60 -90 days with a free challenge hosted on Youtube. 

Can you really change your life in 30 – 60 -90 Days? 

I see a lot of change your life in 7 Days – and I contemplate how unrealistic that is,

In the personal development world we are often taught to look at life from the lens of Quick Fixes, bandaids and *change your life in 7 days* instant gratification – seeing celebration highlight reels 

But it takes 28 days supposedly to create a REAL habit. 

It takes 30 Days to break an old habit. 

It takes 60 Days to see REAL progress

It often takes 90 Days to really Embody new concepts into the Identity and see a transformation. 

The thing is – It really IS about the Journey and trusting the unfolding. 

In the Mind-Body Revolution we are learning to Witness our Journey while creating rapid perspective shifts towards our goals and Intentions to get out of our own way and get results. 

Why 90 days, Why 60 Days, Why 30 Days? 

Momentum. Builds. Results. 

I believe in what is known as the Compound Effect. 

change occurs from Compounding over time. 

When you learned to drive a car for the first time, I bet you weren’t on the highway the second day, were you? 

It took time, you had to compound your result of learning to drive. 

Same with learning to read – The mind when manifesting, going after goals, and magnetizing intentions 

Is literally no different. 

In the Mind-body revolution – we work on:
1. Your Focus

2. Your Mindset

3. Your Body & Energy Awareness 

I invite you into an Experiment  –

I call it the Mind-Body Uplevel Experiment 

What I discovered with this process is how many of us live from a place of the body disconnected from the mind due to our experiences.

Many practices only focus on using the mind to create goals or we strictly use the body to hustle through our goals creating a disconnection between our Mental Understanding and the Physical Interactions we create with our body.

When we merge the two together, we naturally create a new form of Alignment where we are now working with our body, not against our body(This is connected to the subconscious mind).

When we begin to create body awareness, we are now Unifying our Perception with our Mind and Our Body’s Emotional Interaction with the physical actions we take. This is where the magic happens!

What I am inviting you to is a MISSION to Witness your own Transformation with the Mind-body connection through a 30 – 60 – 90 day journey.

This 30 – 60 – 90 day journey is about learning how to create rapid perspectives shifts as you begin to reconnect back the Mind to the body 

If you are Ready to go after your Goals

Create Rapid Change

And Manifest 

You will love what I am about to share today, 

Here is the Free Youtube Training that talks about the challenge:

You can grab the free ebook and complete low down to join the journey with me by heading to the Link below:


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