Yes – Wtf is Alignment really?

I was having an interesting conversation with my mother in law who is also a Law of attraction enthusiast, we were talking about How it often seems like everyone tells you the same things repeated like:
“Just raise your vibration”
“Be the energetic match”
“Be Magnetic and you will activate your power within”
“Focus on being aligned, just get into alignment”
“Activate your Inner Flow”
“Just focus on feeling good and you will be aligned to manifest”

But Not many people are actually saying HOW do we get Aligned,
Be the energetic match, be magnetic, activate our inner flow

But as we were talking, we both agreed Our natural reaction would be – But WTF is alignment really?

If I was new to the law of attraction – This would sound like utter nonsensical jibberish – and I GET IT.

Because my question a few years ago was WTF is MAGNETISM?

Why does everyone say ‘be magnetic’ i just don’t get the missing secret – what is the secret code?!

Have you ever felt that way?

This is why I always try to bring in A Practical Approach to Spiritual concepts as much as I can because if you are new to the concept, telling someone to

“Just get into a state to feel good to manifest”

Is like really saying – Okay, focus on forcing yourself to be positive so you can attract your dream life

AND if you focus REALLY REALLY HARD – Feel those feelings – you will totally manifest your dream life.

But unfortunately…the body doesn’t WORK like that.

A long time ago a coach told me something that shook my soul about manifestation and i’ve lived by it ever since, she said:

“If the mind doesn’t believe, the feeling can’t live in the body”

So how the fuck are you going to FEEL your way into manifesting, if your mind is saying a million contradictions about your manifestation?!

And meanwhile you’re also over here:
Trying to be Positive
Avoiding all possible ways you can be low vibe and negative
and Also – simultaneously
Figuring out “Focus on being aligned, do things to get into alignment and raise your vibration…
Just be Aligned and feel the feelings of feeling good.

I’m exhausted – just typing and thinking about it…

There is an easier way –

Alignment has nothing to do with Feeling Good
and everything to do with Your Beliefs and Authentic Self-Expression

Alignment is the moment you activate the path of least resistance towards your desired outcome.

Alignment is simply:
Your Beliefs influence
Your thoughts, those influence your
Feelings, Your Feelings influence your Actions and behaviors
Actions, Your Repeated actions influence your HABITS,
Habits, Those Habits Produce momentum to SUSTAIN manifestation and accelerate your Alignment activating your magnetism(attraction superpowers)

Now they
Are free-flowing as ONE

In my experience of Manifesting over the last 10+ years, it doesn’t occur from the feeling alone.

It happens with Belief.

It happens with consistency and practice

And most importantly I believe –

the Feeling COMES SECOND, sometimes third or fourth in the manifestation process.

As you can see – The feeling usually occurs in step 3 or 4 in the manifestation food chain

Not FIRST – Why would our Emotional Identity surpass our Conditioned Programming that is influencing the entire car?

That’s like thinking – You can use the radio to drive but not touch the steering wheel LMAO

Because the radio station will change the moment you hit the trigger – but your car won’t move unless you change the programming you’re running on.

I don’t even know – But

I’m sure you’re going, well jee Ashley that’s a nice diagram of thoughts create reality but i will look at this information once, absorb it and forget about it next tuesday…

You don’t realize you are sitting on a goldmine of Potential and it’s staring at you

the moment you stop allowing your EMOTIONS to dictate your results.

Thats it.

Scroll up & Read the process again and let it sink inside of you –

I believe There are about 3 solid things you need to really succeed at Manifesting to cultivate self-belief.

1. You have to practice it – daily. consistently. especially if you’re just starting so you can activately build self-trust and self-belief in yourself.

2. You need Mental Discipline to say eff it to the fear mind so you can deactivate its power over you – and stop allowing emotion to dominate results.

3. You must create safety in the body and in the containers of what you’re manifesting – or you will block and sabotage yourself so fast – you got emotional whiplash.

Here’s what I know – You put in the Internal Work – You will shift.

What they won’t tell you but I will:

Sometimes you need to read the same thing 100 times before you get it.
Sometimes you need to practice it until you Believe
Sometimes you have to decide & recognize – I am always manifesting – so do i now decide to do it consciously and kick my own ass about it?

Or will i continue to settle where its comfortable?

In order to Master the process, I teach and have created in Magnetic Manifestation

I had to fail at this a ton of times to finally get it.
I had to look at what was going on each time I felt resistance,
I started to do things differently, I stopped listening to half of the internet,

And maybe i “cracked the code” or maybe I just read the right paragraph & heard the right words for the 100th time and it finally all just clicked….

Manifestation is a Habit and way of Life – doing it once – or twice or wishing on stars – isn’t always realistic.

I remember the days of writing in my journal about it’s new years eve and i’m sitting by a fireplace, with a 4 bedroom house with a pool and garden outside, I was living at my parents at the time,

On maternity leave,
my love just lost his job,
We had to get on welfare,

A lot of the family ridiculed our choices…
But I had A DREAM, I had a vision, I had COMMITMENT and then I discovered manifestation that year…

My life hasn’t been the same since.

I had to start from nothing and create my way out –

Yesterday we talked about our plans for renovating the house with COLOR, installing a beautiful garden in springtime, fixing up the inground pool and hot tub, last night I read a book near the fireplace in our den.

I WROTE that down with intentionality.

It came true.

I stumbled the whole way – but

I am just getting started…

you always carry the opportunity to start today,

Are you ready to decide?

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