I recently started a new challenge for myself and its been hitting up against the edge of my comfort zone a lot. Like a lot….As I study this, I find it fascinating to explore why it’s been occurring and as a result I’ve been exploring my belief of “I am a procrastinator”. Specifically how noticing my habits around procrastinating haven’t been serving me and what resulted from that is the moment I remembered the POWER of a Challenge.

And created this video for you 🙂 

If you have trouble with following through, stopping and starting, inconsistency, and lack of motivation, this video was totally made just for you.

Let’s talk about what makes a challenge powerful for our minds, how we can Bootcamp our minds for success, and realize the key to procrastination is often defining Commitment for ourselves.

I’m going to tell you something that can shift your entire perspective on Procrastination. Procrastination is nothing more than indecision while inconsistency is often a resistance to change.

When we are forming a new habit or going after a new goal, simultaneously we are meeting up on the edge of our dynamic opposite of that goal – we are breaking an old habit. This means the fastest way to kill procrastination is to learn to work with your energy and create Firm Decisions for yourself to commit to! I explain more in the video.

In today’s video let’s talk about:
Why I Bootcamp my mind and so should you
Why a Challenge is so powerful for manifestation
How Mindset is making or breaking your manifesting
How understanding Habits influences your results
Why not following through keeps you in a loop of inaction due to lack of decision and commitment

(Also I’d like to mention, the journey of a challenge is really tuning in and listening to your body. there will be some days where the inconsistency is necessary to rest and recharge. While commitment is key, excessive doing CAN lead to burnout. The journal of a challenge is to honor the process, the integration window and understand that success often lives in the journey, not the end goal 😉 )

Alright, Tune in this week to learn all about challenges and procrastination below: 


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If you suffer from inaction, not following through or are a fellow procrastinator, I sincerely hope this video helps you. hugs

Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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