Hello beautiful souls, 

Yes you read that right in the title – I’m just going to tell you something – I believe the spiritual community has the view of  alignment really fucked up – we have all these rules for what makes us special like Human Design, what makes us high vibe and what makes us Be “spiritual”  

And I find a lot of these things over the years to actually just be a choice. They are what Is known as “Identity Markers” or “Rules” or “conditions”

If you want to believe them, sure have fun! But make sure they actually serve you and they just aren’t simple RULES you’re telling yourself to justify how to feel good about yourself – this is the TRAP 

Don’t fall for the complexities of something that is actually as natural as breathing! Some people believe that they have to have 6 rituals in place to activate Alignment, build on a Flow State and create a perfect Morning Ritual as their spiritual practice   Don’t get me wrong – I love me some solid rituals – What I don’t agree with or I will blatantly stand against with a  megaphone  is the fact that

Most people are telling you to box in your Spiritual Practice and how to get Aligned & in flow with a set of rules, conditioning and Force yourself to be Present.  Honey it doesn’t WORK THAT WAY – That is the opposite of alignment. Whenever you are stuck forcing something, pushing something, or feeling you need to shove shit up a hill It’s time to wake up and realize something. That is the opposite of alignment. Even if its a spiritual practice – Welcome to the awakening. If your spiritual practice is a “to-do” List of 5 plus items so you feel spiritually aligned and feel good enough for a moment before the WIND takes you over. 

Then you’re really missing the point. 

And Higher self may be tapping her/his foot in the process…. Don’t you get it?! 

Alignment is about what naturally makes you feel good and the most you. It’s not about positive vibes only – It’s a conversation of being the most YOU of YOU so you tap in fully to your quantum expressed nature of who you are. 

It CANNOT be accessed from: 

+ Excessive to-do lists
 + Thinking about How it can happen
+ Forcing yourself into a vibrational state 
+ Controlling the outcome 

+ Restricting yourself of your own natural pleasures
 + Denying and Deflecting your own Highest Good 

Alignment is achieved when you activate what makes you naturally happy, What brings you into a state of natural excitement, play and fun. It’s about what brings you deeply into the joys of life.

 Like you might not know this but I LOVE baking! 

Beyond writing or making content/products/programs, I seriously love baking.  I just recently made a strawberry torte and I tell you what – I had some serious knowledge bombs pop in from baking that cake. 

Now, It wasn’t “If I bake a cake, I get aligned then I receive knowledge bombs” 


It was more like – I activate my natural flow and natural alignment – I feel Pulled into Alignment

The Messages come naturally. 

I find pinterest to be amazing for my well-being over facebook. It’s probably why I do next to nothing on pinterest and I have over close to 1M viewers popping onto my account.  I do it for FUN.

I am finding the same joy in reels lol. 

It’s because it’s NATURAL. 

Alignment is like the undercurrent of the river – it’s always there flowing, ebb and flow – but it’s not a matter of Forcing ourselves there, pushing ourselves there or Triggering ourselves to be positive to get there. 

 NOPE – Eckhart Tolle got one thing right – IT’S a matter of Being Present to it like  a breath of WIND that takes you away, you become one with the music you sing, you become one with the words you write, you become one with the Flow of Nature herself – Kinda like that Pocahontas shit. 

 The Spirits are all around you and alignment is the undercurrent of life itself – but are you listening to it.  or are you still the flower – FORCING ITSELF TO BLOOM 

Do  you really think the flower sits there and goes: 

Gosh I am not good enough yet i don’t have petals. 

Gosh, What do I need to heal today so i can grow?

Gosh, How do I force myself to be high vibe enough today so i can Stay Aligned so I get positive enough to receive my goodies from the universal Santa?  

It all sounds a bit absurd and comically, naturally when you start to look at it from the lens of Nature.

  No – Start with this – What the fuck makes me feel so naturally good that I enjoy doing, that makes me happy for being me and Brings me naturally into a state of Pleasure, enoughness and Present awareness? 

Then take action from there. 

You Decide what you choose to Believe

Repeat after me: 

I Decide what I choose to Believe about my Reality

The End.  

And remember, 

The Universe is inside of you, so you are more than enough to know,
 You hold the power to design your life, 

Go There 😉 


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You put your NEEDS & DESIRES FIRST unapologetically  knowing when you need to rest and when you need to take action by balancing your masculine & feminine energy 

You cultivate Healthy Boundaries 
in your + relationships full of connection & support
.+ Begin to Have More love, Acceptance, fulfillment, joy and flow bringing more Peace of mind into your life

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, focus & direction
+ Experience a stronger Connection with Spirit, your guides & higher self

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