How do we bridge the connection of our Spiritual Self and our Physical world?

In the mists of Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Awakening, Ascension Symptoms, how does Energy work through them?

I often get this question since I started talking more about manifestation:

Why do you talk about manifestation when you’re an expert on Kundalini Awakening?  What does Manifestation have to do with Kundalini? 

The further i’ve explored into my Awakening journey, i’ve learned that Healing, Manifestation and kundalini are 100% an Interconnected conversation. 

Kundalini energy is LIFE FORCE ENERGY. 

It is purely a Manifestation Current. 

the more you understand your energetic patterns you can easily begin to understand Kundalini  

Because it is dominating the show around how you are: 

A. Healing 

B. Manifesting. 

C. Your Giving and Receiving Dynamics that are creating how you are healing and manifesting in your life. 

There is not a separate container for Kundalini and enlightenment

A separate environment for Manifestation and the Law of Attraction and then another one for healing your past karma and wounds.  

Nope, these are all working in tandem simultaneously 

The more you see how they are connected it becomes a hella lot easier to understand what is actually going on within your Kundalini/Spiritual awakening. 

Rather than focus on freaking out about symptoms or excessively trying to cope with the symptoms. 

This is the real conversation and question you should be asking yourself: 

How does the energy work? 

In today’s video Let’s explore how we can bridge the gap between our Spiritual Self and our Physical Reality so you can see the interconnection that is occurring. 

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