I want you to know that your intuitive nature is your most powerful asset and natural gift you possess.

What most won’t understand who aren’t awakened (the masses) is that your intuition is the key to understanding your Attraction Power. It is how you Naturally Turn on your Magnetism and use it to your advantage.

your intuition is a powerhouse that goes beyond – just guessing correctly –

Did you know that when you use your intuition correctly you can tap into altered states of consciousness such as Super Flow, the state of pure channeling? This is where you can access what i like to call quantum intelligence – where you pick up information, solutions, and different perspectives like plucking them out of the air – quite similar to what you can experience in states on dmt.

Did you know that when you open up more to strengthening your intuition – you can literally use it as a guidance map system to help you Heal, Re-align your energetic body and essentially manifest?

I know what it’s like to be one of us….

I always used to think something was wrong with me – I would feel too deeply ( emotional authority hd fans) and I would have intense visions that for some probably seem a little bit…crazy – But they always guided me profoundly.

When first awakened – It took me years to process my intuitive gifts – I constantly thought I was crazy, too much, intense, emotionally overloaded, and hypersensitive to environments.

I don’t experience these things anymore.

I remember visiting savannah, georgia which is a very haunted town and I felt sooooo much energy there – my mom thought i was a little nuts as a i was showing signs of claustrophobia which and I quote “you never HAD that before, what is wrong with you?”

I had many ascension symptoms over the years before i learned how to properly understand my energy body and intuitive gifting.

It felt like a combination of thinking you’re a little crazy to believing you’re a genius because information just FLOODED to you – I mean like a faucet you never quite turn off – hence why i journal 😉

What was really going on is I had ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE – How to understand what was happening to me.

I didn’t know that I was an:
Intuitive channeler
Energy Reader
Never learned how to emotionally regulate
Raising my vibrational consciousness

All I knew is i was experiencing what i could only call ‘ascension symptoms’ and I was feeling always an intense desire to learn how to ‘control my energy’

Never heard of works like Spiritual channelers or Life coaches or even Spiritual entrepreneurs like Gabby bernstein – all i knew is that – I had an Energy problem – not a psychological one.

this went on for a few years as I started to spiritually awaken in 2011. That is until I began to understand how to Manage my Energy (you hear this process in my first program, The Energy Management Toolkit)

When First waking up – We are bombarded by intuitive stimuli but NO ONE TAUGHT US WHAT TO DO WITH IT.

I got over the ‘What is wrong with me’ storyline and started listening deeper to my intuition.

Which created a new mission – An Intention:

I will figure out how to bridge the gap between my spiritual intuitive self and my physical reality – which at the time was a full on mess –

See this goes deeper than ‘psychic abilities’ or ‘learning to cope with vertigo’ every time there’s a full moon.

It went beyond that for me –

I started to learn how to control my Ascension symptoms.

I started to give myself a crash course on how to Manage my Energy Body and Understand the messages my intuition was giving me.

Now see this is where so many get it wrong –

we Often shrug off guidance, call it crazy, a coincidence, and as a result – we are literally cutting outselves off from our natural magic – our intuitive gifts and nature.

We may have been taught to suppress this part of ourselves instead of understand it.

Maybe we weren’t taught to regulate so we don’t even understand the emotional complexity of how our emotions direct us.

Maybe we heavily DOUBT ourselves, Doubt our natural talents and abilities because we have succumb to the feelings of not being enough, seeing the lack or feeling that we cannot trust our natural abilities.

It is in this place that we literally are tuning DOWN, like a radio dial our natural intuitive nature that is guiding us to a life built from desire.

Our Intuitive nature naturally guides us towards:

More Abundance.

More Receiving

More Awareness, clarity and healing

More Receptivity which opens up the flood gates of receiving

Our intuitive nature – is so much more than correctly guessing where your car keys are today –

Our intuition is the natural key to unlocking the codes of MAGNETISM

Meaning –

Whatever you are desiring,

More fulfillment in relationship, career, love, self-esteem, spiritual clarity, knowledge, etc.

It all starts with Building a SOLID AF relationship to your intuition.

When you Know who you are – You now carry the ability to embrace Soul Certainty across every area of your life.

Which is why I am inviting you to ASCENSION: The Live Interactive Workshop Experience

It’s time to take your Intuition to the Next Level and Get over the ascension symptoms that are clouding you.

you know who you are – Isn’t it time to Amp Up your Attraction Power so you can Call in Fulfilling relationships, more Success, Abundance, Freedom and Allow yourself to Be MORE OPEN TO THE RECEIVING CHANNEL.

What is Ascension really?

Ascension is about Ascending your Consciousness to the Next Level Version of you – your Higher self.

It’s about learning how to work with your intuitive nature and learn the codes to create a Quantum Shift.

This is called the Quantum Shift Code – My signature process to learn how to shift any pattern in your power that is holding you back and creating misalignment in your life.

We don’t realize how much Power we truly have – We always carry the ability to Shift Energy and because of that:

Imagine what it would feel like when a negative spiral comes up, you now have the tools to shift out of it and feel good again.

Imagine what it would be like instead of having ascension symptoms controlling your life, maybe even stopping you going out in public, to reclaiming your Personal Power and knowing that YOU are the one in control.

Imagine what you would believe differently as you now know the quantum codes to TURN UP YOUR MAGNETISM and Direct it towards the way you desire your Life to Go – Where you officially STOP – focusing on what you don’t want – and you set your internal compass towards what you ultimately Desire

That is what I’m here to Teach and share.

If your future self is screaming hell yes, – then it’s time to join us.


That is why I created this workshop, this is a conversation that is overdue in the spiritual community

How do we Bridge the gap and apply Spiritual teachings back to our practical every-day lives?

Join me for a Special One Time LIVE online Event where we go deep into the depths of Energy Work and I teach you how to understand the Patterns so you can begin Shifting Energetics and Learning how to change the way you are manifesting through them.

I will teach you how to OWN your intuitive gifts and learn how to use them to your personal advantage so you get over:

overactive empathy


end bad habits that influence sabotage

and learn to work with your higher self.


Learn the Details and Sign up info here:


The Ascension Workshop: June11th at 10am CST

Here’s some of the Nuts & Bolts on what we’re covering:


Receive a Crash Course on Energetic Awareness – How to Understand How Energy works, Energetic Attraction in relationship to Manifesting, How You can use it and How you can Heal yourself.

Bridge the Gap of your Spiritual Self: How to Begin Merging your Understanding of the Spiritual World of Quantum Energetics into the Physical Reality of Your Material World.

How to Properly Identify what your Energetic Patterns are and how they influence your Negative Patterns and/or Ascension symptoms so you can energetically heal them.

How to start changing them stat with my 5 step Alignment Process (secret gold sauce with cherries on top or magic sprinkles!)

END The Lack of Clarity or Awareness you feel about Ascension Symptoms rulling your Life and How to Stop them in their Tracks.

How to Cultivate a Solid Relationship to Your Higher Self/Your Connection to Soul Guidance so you embrace the Soul Certainty your mind and body has been craving.

How to Raise Your Vibration Naturally so you’re no longer forcing yourself to be ‘high vibe’ or ‘fake positive’ (this is cringe and it needs to end stat, there’s a better way)

Radical Awareness on How you can Use Kundalini Awakening as a framework for Jumpstarting Your Healing Journey so you can manifest from a cleaner energy than ever before.

Learn to create a Mindset detox Plan on your Mind + body to feel Aligned & create Healthy Habits: allowing you to heal, clear your subconscious, break habits and negative patterns. I will walk you through this and you will take away a valuable process for Massive Breakthroughs and shifts in your Life.

Tap Into Your Natural Abundance Mindset and Know How to Unlock at Will so you can anchor into more Receiving

Step in more Fully to Your Next Level Self By Going into Quantum Energetics, and learning how to Stay Tapped in to Your higher self for More: Ultimate Superflow, Alignment, Potent Intuition & Supreme Trust all by Reconnecting Back to Your Soul Truth.

Energy Shifting 101 – Learn How to Shift Energy like a MOFO and Get realigned with what you’re calling into the physical

Potent Mindset Deep Dive Energetic Work to Create you into an Energetic Match for whatever you desire and Prompts to Dive into, Plus whatever Questions come through DURING our Interactive Workshop – Bring your pen 😉

I am seriously SOO excited for what we are covering!

This workshop is high value – low cost

Save your Seat and Join us on June 11th 2022 by grabbing your front row seat today! Let’s make this a party 💃🎉

Full Details and Sign up Information is Located below: Sign up to Save your Seat below


Any Questions about the live workshop, just reach out.

Enrollment closes the day of the workshop. Save yo Seat 😉

This is going to be magical

Enrollment closes in 5 DAYS



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