The Reason for Identity Crisis and the symptoms clouding up your energy are simply a byproduct of refusing to Let Go and Accept Change. I will explain to you Why.

Let me take you back to a time where I had to stop and ask myself some deeper questions about my Kundalini awakening…

To a time where I questioned how to apply spiritual awakening back to my life and learn how to properly understand my energy.

I was quite simply afraid of my power,
I knew what energy was – but I didn’t understand it – not as deeply as I do now.
I was consumed with over-active empathy to the point where I couldn’t tell whose emotions I was actually feeling
I often suffered from what call “the symptoms” and continuously contemplated if I was crazy or a mad genius for understanding things the way my mind was picking them up –
I doubted my abilities, my gifting, my self-esteem,
I questioned it all and as a result, I didn’t trust my intuition to guide me,
I frequently let the external influence have power over me and as a result – I put power outside of me – meanwhile Questioning – WHAT DID I EVEN GET INTO?

One minute, I’m determined to get a college degree and the next I’m obsessed with concepts about understanding the structure and fabric of how reality and the mind works….

I felt crazy but enlightened,
I felt smart but ungrounded.
I felt emotionally everywhere and my life was an epic hot mess…

Then I asked a question that changed it all for me.

What’s the point of all of this? So I’m “awakened” Now what? What do I do with this information?
How do I understand it?
How do I bridge the gap between my spiritual understanding of the world and how to apply that back to my physical life?

What’s the point of “thoughts create reality” if my reality looks the way it does?

What’s the point of “love is the only truth and oneness exists” but I’m feeling like absolute shit right now?

So I got Fed up – My Higher chakras were saying one thing and my reality was saying an entirely different conversation.

My Mind and Body were disconnected…This is a common problem on spiritual awakening journeys – because you’re learning how to create identity shifts to live a new way. However, you are Disconnecting the mind from the Body.

The body is saying one conversation and the conscious mind is saying another, therefore we create – Identity crisis until we are willing to get the body, the energetics on board.

Bridging the gap will set you free

I remember it all so clearly, my life was falling apart at the seams, broke, on maternity leave, baby on the way, heavily ungrounded, suffering from over-active empathy and Not knowing what to do about any of it, until I set some intentions. I had a very firm – eff this shit moment and I truly set some powerful intentions to make money come out of thin air, move out of the living situation i was in and figure out how to start applying the spiritual downloads i was receiving back to my reality.

I manifested an apartment in less than a month. Things started to turn around and I know looking back it was simply because I activated an Intention and used my co-creative power to catapult myself out of that circumstance. There was an EMOTIONAL CHARGE and Relentlessness of Decision.

I saw for the first time – I was so much stronger than my circumstance, my energy was stronger and after that moment – I became addicted to find out WHY.

It was in that moment – I questioned it all and set out on a new journey that lead me down the pathway of Manifestation and mind-body healing, creating the website of what is known as The Awakened state. net

I began to notice that I could USE my intuitive guidance system to help my life. I started to become aware of how to control my energy with energy management. I began to sever cords of Toxic relationships and release what wasn’t serving me but most importantly – I noticed The ascension symptoms I once entertained – started to dissipate. I began to see the Gap between my spiritual self and my physical reality closing – They were no longer separate.

The IDENTITY CRISIS exists due to the inability to let go and accept the changes in the identity from Spiritual/ Kundalini awakening. Instead when we encounter is a form of intense resistance and that resistance generates symptoms that influence our chakra system. We start to experience the old self, the old normal and the new normal battling it out – who is going to win?

The Flower doesn’t say “I’d rather stay a seed forever” It naturally decides its better to grow and bloom.

The Reason We experience the intensity of Symptoms and create misaligned patterns in the nervous system is simply a moment to Activate Your Personal Power.

We create these situations so we can heal. We create these upheavals in our lives so we can properly identify them and learn to truly LET GO of What isn’t serving us.

The journey isn’t about Healing. Don’t Buy into the Fascade – This is one step. One tiny BLIP – The Real journey begins when you start to see you are always more powerful than any circumstance.

The Real Journey is accepting all of You – The Supernatual. the mystical. the spiritual. the energetic magnetic quantum nature of who you truly are.

the Real journey is waking up your authentic self and embracing the emotional fulfillment you were born to live.

It’s about learning to Step into your Personal Power, Claim what you want for your life and recognize your ability to Embrace the new Identity – Which is Your Higher Self.

The Separation is what is taking you out – It’s Time to Bridge the Gap

The More You Keep Separating out Your Spiritual self and Physical self, the often the more you will typically suffer or feel misaligned. This is due to one thing: you forgot who you are.

Often as we awaken and we start denying one half of ourselves or the other – we will feel a split in our old identity and our new identity.

As a result – You will live from a misaligned state of consciousness. you will feel the misalignment occurring in the form of where you harbor the most resistance and Future Tripping(running to past and future constantly)

Here’s Why: Every time you buy into the separation – You forget who you truly are.

And As a result from that, You Search to fill in the gaps to get where you desire to go, constantly on a search, a hunt, a mirage in the distance – making you always feel just slightly out of reach of your destination….gasping for air.

You have dismissed your connection to SOUL and Quantum intelligence running through your veins.

And This is why we must Bridge the Gap.

It’s time to Bridge the Gap between where you are now and who you want to Be.

Let’s Bridge the Gap between Your Physical Reality and Your Spiritual Self.

We BELIEVE we Live in a Limited world but as we start to understand Energy, we begin to feel into our abundant, limitless nature.

This all Begins with Bringing Awareness to our Energetic Patterns.

When we start Enabling more Awareness into our Energetic Patterns, we can begin lifting our Limitations on our Physical Reality.

The Reason Why we want to bring Awareness to these Energetic Patterns is This:

Behind your actions, Behind your behaviors, Behind your Thoughts, Behind your emotions, Behind Your seed of a Thought IS Energy.

Energy is Ruling our Life, Everything around us is Energetic, How we see the world around us may be Physical, Dense, solid Matter – But you know better now,

The Real World Is the Energetic World That Creates Matter into Solid Form.

Because of this.

we need to remember we are ALSO Energy – who can manifest matter into solid form – with our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions and habits.

this means YOU ALWAYS HELD THE POWER – The whole damn time – you simply just weren’t seeing it…

Due to the Separation.

Which means – If you want to actually change any aspect of your life, we must go back to basics and teach you to Activate Your Identity to remember who the fuck you are.

This Begins with changing our Energy and Learning how to Change our Energetic Patterns that are influencing our Life.

It’s like when you begin to understand the operating system that the computer is on – suddenly you now have a map and understanding of knowing HOW not just energy, but how manifestation actually is influencing your life energetically. You understand the paradigm aka program you’re operating on and then you can learn that you have the power to change it.

These Energetics are influencing your life, every second of every day. Whether you’re conscious of it or not. This means,

It’s all just a journey to remember who the fuck you truly are…

Which is why – This

ASCENSION! The Live Interactive Workshop Experience – Get Over your Symptoms and Wake Up Higher Self

Let me teach you how to transcend any pattern causing havoc in your life with the power of what I call: The Quantum Shift Code – A Specific process that has been downloaded to me surrounding – How to Shift any Pattern in your Power back into a space of Emotional Liberation, Emotional Fulfillment and Reclaim The person you were born to be.

This Live workshop will be about understanding Ascension from the level of your Consciousness. No more mirage in the distance – this is about ASCENDING ON ALL LEVELS NOW.


+ Receive a Crash Course on Energetic Awareness – How to Understand How Energy works, Energetic Attraction in relationship to Manifesting, How You can use it and How you can Heal yourself.

+ Bridge the Gap of your Spiritual Self: How to Begin Merging your Understanding of the Spiritual World of Quantum Energetics into the Physical Reality of Your Material World.

+ How to Properly Identify what your Energetic Patterns are and how they influence your Negative Patterns and/or Ascension symptoms so you can energetically heal them.

+ How to start changing them stat with my 5 step Alignment Process (secret gold sauce with cherries on top or magic sprinkles!)

+ END The Lack of Clarity or Awareness you feel about Ascension Symptoms rulling your Life and How to Stop them in their Tracks.

+ How to Cultivate a Solid Relationship to Your Higher Self/Your Connection to Soul Guidance so you embrace the Soul Certainty your mind and body has been craving.

+ How to Raise Your Vibration Naturally so you’re no longer forcing yourself to be ‘high vibe’ or ‘fake positive’ (this is cringe and it needs to end stat, there’s a better way)

+ Radical Awareness on How you can Use Kundalini Awakening as a framework for Jumpstarting Your Healing Journey so you can manifest from a cleaner energy than ever before.

+ Learn to create a Mindset detox Plan on your Mind + body to feel Aligned & create Healthy Habits: allowing you to heal, clear your subconscious, break habits and negative patterns. I will walk you through this and you will take away a valuable process for Massive Breakthroughs and shifts in your Life.

+ Tap Into Your Natural Abundance Mindset and Know How to Unlock at Will so you can anchor into more Receiving

+ Step in more Fully to Your Next Level Self By Going into Quantum Energetics, and learning how to Stay Tapped in to Your higher self for More: Ultimate Superflow, Alignment, Potent Intuition & Supreme Trust all by Reconnecting Back to Your Soul Truth.

+ Energy Shifting 101 – Learn How to Shift Energy like a MOFO and Get realigned with what you’re calling into the physical

Potent Mindset Deep Dive Energetic Work to Create you into an Energetic Match for whatever you desire and Prompts to Dive into, Plus whatever Questions come through DURING our Interactive Workshop – Bring your pen 😉

This is all going down Next Month June 11th 10am CST and YOU’RE INVITED to this Potent High Value- Low Cost Workshop Welcome in Summer Sale!

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