Hello Beautiful Soul! 

Did you know you have a Manifesting secret weapon in your backpocket? 

Because I am cheekily telling you – i’m betting you aren’t using it correctly. And fact check – if you are, FANTASTIC – But most of the time…we’re NOT taught this in spiritual circles, we’re taught the opposite. 

But i’m here to tell you: 

The Ego aka your shadow self is your Manifesting Secret Weapon. 

And it’s actually more simple than meets the eye – Your Ego just reveals: 

+ What is IN the way of what you want

+ Tells you to focus on what you don’t want 

+ And is a tool to reactivate your alignment 

But most of us – are walking around complaining, freaking out and don’t see it for the naked truth it actually is –

A tool towards transformation. 

I remember around 2012 I was gifted a message and its stuck with me ever since that, i make it a point in many teachings, courses, the book, everything, it was this – are you ready for the secret? 

“Question your Resistance” 

That was it. I remember at the time, I was struggling to get by, In a job i honestly was just DONE with, I was pregnant, confused on my path and my mind was doing circles around – how could i keep this up and keep lying about how unhappy I was? 

Meanwhile I was starving, didn’t have much money to my name, poor college student was my motto, I was sooo stuck in overactive empathy and I frequently questioned my place in life – I was also a vegetarian, sneaking chicken, LMAO – Let’s put this in context 

I wasn’t listening to my body, I wasn’t listening to my intuition – I was drastically going against my body…

And I knew I was going against my intuition – because i was just a year into my spiritual awakening. 

I was sneaking chicken because i was protein deficient from starving myself in college, not because i had an eating disorder because i couldn’t afford to eat –  

My Soul was starving for nourishment aka alignment.

I’ve made a lot of shifts during those times and I do believe a big piece of that was – discovering manifestation shortly after in January and that

quote i just mentioned. 

Question your Resistance. 

The point of this story is – I’ve come a long way and it definitely wasn’t because i was positive all the time – 

It was because I sat down and talked with my ego, started to tell it who’s boss and began to understand what it was teaching me.

We started to work together. 

I asked the universe for guidance, 

I cultivated my intuition stronger more than anything so i could trust myself more. 

I set new intentions. I alchemized my own bullshit stories of Money, Career, Love, etc. 

I healed my shit and kept going 

I got up after every failure and kept going. 

And I stayed the course – despite the negative stories because I knew – My ego was telling me, teaching me how to get back into alignment. 

I began to notice something different – Everytime I operate from my ego, my victim story – I stayed there until I was willing to LOOK AT IT and change it. 

See we have this all wrong: 

The Ego is not a monster, it isn’t keeping you from spiritual enlightenment, it’s not keeping you a negative nancy and making you feel powerless over circumstance 

Where maybe you feel stuck in your situation, or your relationship or your current life path 

No, wake up and smell the coffee lightworker or the roses! It’s spring here 🙂 

Your ego is here to teach you things – It’s showing the pathway to your natural alignment. 

It’s showing you the way – but you’re too upset, throwing a fit, freaking out, worrying about such and such and complaining about changes on the planet to stop a minute and SEE IT. 

And This my friends is what I stand for, What I teach and keep on teaching, and learning from and stepping into my own power and truth with – and yes that was a very bad run on 

But my POINT – You can either let your ego destroy you and let it keep running your life. 

Or it’s time to stop, have a cup of tea with your shadow self and start making a pack – 

That  I now know how to Alchemize my negative bullshit, My negative stories, my negative beliefs and BURN it all into the fire so I can: 

Reclaim my Life 

Reclaim my Co-creative Power 

Remember I’m the person that RUNS THIS SHOW

And See it all for what it is. 

We’re all just making it up as we gooo

So Might as well start focusing more on what you want 

or continue to let the ego do its dance 

and never stop to 

see what its teaching you 

Your Choice is only a second away, 

And Remember 

The Universe is inside of you and

you hold the power to design your life



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See you on the inside 😉 



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