It is our weekly video drop and I am here to share such a powerful manifestation technique this week that perhaps you’ve NEVER heard of, or maybe you have?!

I see all sorts of things on crazy techniques on Tiktok but I have rarely seen this specifically talked about!

It’s time I spill my secrets 😉 

Regardless this is a potent technique on the law of attraction to use on manifestation to help you naturally increase your results and magnetism. So when i Say increase your results what I’m really saying here is this will help you be propelled into action even FASTER. It will also naturally guide you to open up more to possibilities and opportunities. 

This specific technique when done correctly, you will immediately feel an activation in your magnetism as you’re going beyond the desire. 

I explain this in the video. 

So a little bit about this technique… this was actually a technique that I was shown from my Higher Self/Guides as a Vision on how to create an energetic charge when it comes to becoming an energetic match.

Today I am sharing my manifestation hack with you and ooh this is such a good one. Let me know how it goes for you! 

I’d love to know How do you feel when approaching manifestation this way, instead of only focusing on “overcoming”? I love hearing from you guys, just drop a comment!

Tune in to the video Below:  

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Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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