I was musing on this in the car today, Do you ever have those moments where you listen to the same cd, or if you’re on spotify, the same playlist, the same songs on repeat? 

And at a certain point in time – you really did LOVE that song, but after listening to it roughly over 100 times or more because it was your go-to song playlist. 

You almost grew nauseated, listening to that same song over and over to the point where you are now, pretty sick of hearing that song on repeat.  

Yeah that’s what a lot of people are doing with their lives –  They are listening to the same playlist, the same song, the same routine, and they wonder why they are bitching about change daily…

But they wake up and put the same song on repeat – and call it like it is – 

You and me, we’re different – We know that listening to the same song on repeat has never actually been the vibe – ever.

and everytime it comes up you simply grow bored, annoyed, angry, upset, a little bit done –

Your Ego comes out to play it’s little game of Give me attention – because It starts throwing up the red flags of misalignment. 

And Honey, Misalignment doesn’t look good on you….

You know it’s absolutely last season – and the more you continue to wear it, it starts to feel like a bad sweater you wore for your grandma to make her happy – you know it doesn’t feel good, look good on you…

because it is NOT YOU. But you wore it anyway….

You wore it anyway!

It’s time to claim what you actually want, love.

You and I, we’re different, we can’t settle for long, we can’t ignore the pull and calling of our soul for long, 

our soul, our higher self will simply just start to get louder and tell us to pay more attention to what we’re doing. 

Our Misalignment will start to be louder – it will feel like: 

The job we stay at, even though we secretly hate it and know we want to pursue our PASSIONS more. 

The relationship that we’re actually unhappy in – because we’re overgiving and underreceiving. 

The friendship that is toxic for our soul but we continue to lower our boundary and hang out with them – even though we KNOW its toxic for us. 

The dress we keep wanting to buy – but refuse to treat ourselves to – and we settle in our choices of investment….

The thing is deep down we KNOW BETTER and yet we’re still listening to that same song. 

Because it’s safe. it’s comfortable. it’s familiar. 

What is crazy and borderline scary is actually waking up and being willing to go after your dreams. 

What is more freeing is realizing that the limits only exist in your mind and its your choice on what you decide to do with that information. 

The song will only grow louder – until we’re willing to change the dang channel and put on a new playlist! 

An aligned playlist maybe? 
A playlist where you’re actually unavailable to keep settling and you start to do things differently

A playlist where you remember that if you want to create change – you have to be willing to accept that you can’t keep doing the same things, over and over and expect a different result. 

You and I, We know misalignment doesn’t feel good on us, because deep down we know there is a better way…

deep down we know we’re made for more. 

Deep Down we know that it’s time to ask for more and expect more than whatever level we’re settling on. 

Deep down we know it’s time – to Claim what we actually want 

and Activate our Power 

And if I’m hearing a hell yes – Then

let’s get started

This is what you were born for, 


Receive 15 Trainings on Deep Energetic Awareness towards understanding how to Transcend the ego back into Light consciousness.

The Practical Look:

It’s time to understand the energetics so you can start using them practically back into your Life.

1 – The Chakra Activation –  Understand The chakras of your Emotional Body so you can begin clearing up the mind-body disconnect happening.

+ Understand the hidden gems of the chakra system and how to start using them to your advantage in your life.

+ Know what chakras need work and how to start immediately shifting them

+ Gain Clarity on Energetic blocks vs Imbalances so you can start changing how you receive in each chakra.

2 – Activation: Reclaim your Co-creative Power  & Own your Worth

+ the energetics behind manifestation

+ Activating our Self-worth in relationship to receiving

+ cleaning up Energetic power leaks around Desire & receiving

3 – Activation: Creating A Life From Soul Alignment

+ Tapping back into Who you are

+ How to Lead Yourself from a place of Soul Alignment

+  Shadow work vs light work: Why they both matter to Heal, Manifest & move through Blocks

4 – Activation: Wake Up Your Alignment

+ the alignment Triology: Learn how to Activate your Personal Power in the path of Least Resistance for your manifestation

+ The Practice and Follow through of Listening to your Alignment. how to start Acting from alignment instead of misalignment. What to do when you notice yourself taking action from misalignment.

+ Being Magnetically You and How to start working with your natural magnetism (the secret sauce to quantum leaps)  

(this activation is a rare trilogy that is only released inside the alignment reset bonus ) 

5 – The Magnetism Activation: Activate your Magnetism and Start Transcending into Quantum Possiblities

+ How to Move out of Fear-based Thinking and into the field of limitless possibilities

+ Bringing Awareness to Shadow Consciousness and how to transcend the ego with Belief recoding

+ Heart Resonance: The Art of Receiving- How to Use Magnetism with the Heart chakra to Always receive what you want. 

You will Receive 15 Video Trainings. 3 Trainings per Module & Soul Work Prompts for each Video included. (massive value)

BONUS: NEXT LEVEL ENERGETIC INFUSION – This bundle is basically like being in my head and witnessing the perspective shifts, energetic shifts, Energetic principles, Beliefs, prompts and everything that have taught me how to transcend the ego, conditioning into a Place of Personal Empowerment aka alignment. You receive an energetic emersion into what that is like within each activation module.  (over $1997 in value) 

Receive Five Activation Topics to dive into: Energy work with the Chakras, Self-worth and Reclaiming your Co-creative Power with Manifestation, Soul-Aligned Intentional Living, Understanding Alignment and Activating Your Magnetism with Shadow Alchemy and belief recoding.  Never Released this Material all at once together, it’s a Mind trip! 

Are you ready for the Activation? 

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