Our Perception of the Ego has been distorted in the spiritual Community. It goes a little like this:

“I must get rid of my ego to feel spiritually enlightened, happy, & free”

“I must completely suppress my negative emotions and force myself to be positive so I can feel Spiritually enlightened, happy, free”
“I must constantly focus on romanticizing my past shadow self, hunting down everything that is wrong with me, digging it up, looking at my past life and then work on healing it first, before I can be spiritually enlightened, happy and free.”
“I must focus on doing all the rituals, journaling sessions, lighting the candles, and excessively focus on my intentions so I can enter the state of Alignment, where I can be spiritually enlightened, happy and free”

No Honey No. This is about Smashing Duality in the face of Oneness – This is about walking with duality and realizing you are both.

If you ever drank the new age kool-aid at some point you digested the above to a degree and something deep down kept poking at you in your soul, that you knew, this wasn’t the right way… It never quite sat right in your soul that THIS is the way to feeling truly ALIGNED, WILD, ABUNDANT AND FREE.

It never quite sat right because you KNEW, everytime you were in misalignment, it never quite felt like you were actually there – because you’re missing the point.

There is HERE – and Here is the Now.

Where you are already Spiritual enlightened, happy, wild abundant and free because this part of you already exists inside of you.

It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and remember who we are. 

An ALCHEMIST who is capable of Transcending any situation back into a place of Personal Empowerment. 

Misalignment feels like a quicksand you can’t escape from, it feels heavy.

Do you ever feel like you frequently are Going after the constant grind, hustle, excessive do and feel exhausted overwhelmed or even trapped by circumstance?

Or Maybe it’s the seduction of the personal development world telling you every tuesday there is something wrong with you – ugh makes me exhausted just thinking about it… 

It’s time to wake up and do things differently. 

Embrace your inner shadow alchemist, Lightworker you were born for it. 

You know in your core – things can be different and you feel it in every bone that you are OVER this misalignment in your life. 


Misalignment doesn’t feel good on you, like a bad sweater you worn for your grandma to make her happy – you know it doesn’t feel good, look good on you…

because it is NOT YOU. But you wore it anyway….

that is why it often feels so heavy, so convoluted, so overbearing like a big scary monster we must defeat to feel the satisfaction of moving through – all a lie. you bought into and served on a platter called Your Life.

It doesn’t feel like you, because it is not you – You know who you naturally are, Your Ego is not to be ignored, suppressed, dissected put under a microscope so you can find the access portal stargate to finally get into the State of what you actually want aka alignment.

No no no.

Alignment is who you are already, you just don’t see it as already there so you keep trying to search for how to BE instead – because you’re too busy flying through life, jumping through hoops of repeated patterns dominating the conversation like a case of Repeat Reality – Deja vu Mind Trips and then we don’t even stop to question WHY –

Why does this pattern keep showing up?
How come every month I somehow digest the same conversation and get into the same conflict?
Why is it I decide to eat the same comfort food over and over so i feel wrapped in my comfy blanket?
Why do I keep falling in love with that same type of man/woman over and over?
Why is it Even if i leave my job, I fall into the same repeated problems at the new job? What gives?

That’s because you forgot – to change the pattern that the ego keeps telling you to look at

So it gives you another message and hopes you get the hint this time.

And meanwhile Soul, higher self is over here tapping their foot, going ‘Isn’t it time yet, haven’t you figured it out yet what you’re actually missing? ”

Hint, It’s you.

Wake Up to Who you are and start Choosing differently.

It is never a conversation of getting “rid” of the Ego or transversely Romanticizing the Shadow to the point of drastically pushing yourself out of misalignment.

IT has always been about enabling a conversation of learning how to Alchemize and Transcend the Ego

and that’s all it ever will be about – forevermore and then some.

The Identity Activation is You.

The Portal is You.

You are the Alchemist and your Job is to always alchemize it all into the fire

so it’s reborn in your ultimate desires –

As you release repeat reality and start anew

Then higher self goes: “Alright then, NOW we finally got the picture this time,
what do you really desire to create now?”

Let’s Go.

After all – the more you look at it – you either repeat the same story arc

or you start deciding differently

What is it going to be lightworker, changemaker, co-creator, Revolutionary Leader?

Don’t forget,

the universe is inside of you and
you hold the power to design your life.

PS. Sometimes you just have to admit you want to Burn it all to the Ground and Start creating a new story, a new story where you remember who you are and alchemize anything in the way of that. That is why you need to welcome in the Activation.

Introducing a new class at The Awakening School: The Lightworker Activation Bundle. A 15 Pre-recorded Training Bundle touching on 5 different Activation Topics to help you learn how to transcend your negative stories and welcome in new levels of Receiving in Abundance, success, freedom and your desires –

It’s time to start manifesting whatever the fuck you want and remember who you are – Lightworker.

You were born to Alchemize your Ego stories – you know this but perhaps you’re not LIVING IT.

It’s time to change the channel and wake up your alignment.

It’s time to work your energy, reclaim your co-creative power, live from Alignment and start manifesting in a Soul-aligned Life.

It’s time for the Activation.

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