This week i wanted to talk about a common theme that is expressed in my new Book Awaken Your Power to Manifest, the power of Self-Belief. 

I could seriously talk to you all day about the power of self-belief. But the main thing i want to bring up today is this. 

A common mistake I see happen a lot when people go to manifest is they are not actually working on Changing their beliefs – they are only focused on ‘feelings’ or they are only focused on visualizing.  

Self-Belief is at the heart of all of that. A long time ago my previous mentor gave me a quote that has stood with me to this day and its this: 

“If the mind doesn’t believe, the feeling can’t live in the body.”  

Sooo What comes first: The chicken or the egg?
the feeling or the belief?

Many will argue – feelings are first, I need to feel good, i need to raise my vibe, i need to feel the feelings, but are they really?

If the mind doesn’t believe, the feeling can’t even live in the body where our magnetism occurs…So in this regard – Let’s look at it like this: 

If I don’t believe i’m worthy of the thing or that the desire is possible how can i possibly *feel* worthy? 

Or If i don’t believe i’m enough as i am or i’m in disbelief with the desire existing for me, how can i possibly feel *abundant* with the desire?! 

No wonder its so hard to feel abundant when believing abundance is impossible – 

But if I feel the feelings of it already being real but at the same time I don’t know if i believe that it exists and is available for me…what occurs then? 

The mind-body disconnect. 

Its a conundrum! 

Does anyone else’s brain think like this? lol 

So in this week’s video drop, let’s talk about what actually makes an affirmation work like magic 

When it comes to learning manifestation techniques you soon find out that affirmations are a bit of their own art form.

We have to ask ourselves questions like ‘Does this word actually serve me, how could I word this a little bit more clearly?”

Am I unconsciously using words that promote lack or an inbetween state of desire?

I am soo not the person that is rote writing the same affirmations down on repeat – It’s a stream of consciousness practice that allows me to look for supportive beliefs that help my manifestation process.

Today i’m sharing with you some of my top favorite affirmations to work with to help you believe.

Let’s dive in, tune in and watch the full convo below: 

(Sidenote; Anyone watching WandaVision? That show is soo cool, it really displays the power of Manifestation and thoughts create reality) 


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Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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