I feel like this entire year so far I have really been getting to the Root of My Procrastination Habit and part of that inspired today’s video drop. 

Let’s be humans together 🙂 

As I mentioned in last week’s video, I really wanted to pause and talk on Incongruency aka creating Mixed vibrations with the universe, and how this occurs in the mind-body connection. 

It felt like a perfect continuation of the conversation we’ve been having with The Mind-body Revolution Experiment. 

So  If you’re new:

we’ve been talking about what makes the Mind-body connection work and how it can be so powerful in our life for getting things done – so today let’s talk about the opposite! 

What about the Mind-body DISCONNECTION happening and why this is screwing up your life/and or stopping things in their tracks. 

It can look a bit like this, perhaps you are one of those people who may be:

Saying you’re going to do something, but instead, you do the opposite, stay in inaction or do something completely different?

For instance, I really want to commit to exercise BUT –

i’ll wait until next week to start. scrolling fb is more fun. 

I really want to start that new class but I’m going to hesitate. 

I really want to buy that thing that I want but — I have to contemplate if it’s actually going to be worth it, i have to analyze why its good for me and i have to read 20 reviews before hand because you know…analysis paralysis is better than committing. 

I really want to do the thing – but my lack of motivation, drive, and inconsistency is giving me no umph to actually get up and DO IT. 

Or Maybe the worse bit is occurring, this was me for a long time with fb lives, video, projects, you name it. 

you wanna do something… but you’re too afraid to do it? 

So you have all the excuses you can possibly think of to AVOID doing it. 

My favorite is always when I suddenly decide its the perfect day to clean the entire house…instead of getting done what needs to get done – Sound familiar? LOL 

It’s okay, you’re human. but I can teach you how to shift this because I personally overcame this and continue to overcome this

It lives in your vibration. 

Let’s Explore the Mind-body Disconnect because it is creating mixed vibes which is creating mixed results in your life. Let’s go.

This Video will explore:

+ Why we cut ourselves off from magnetism

+ Mixed Vibes like a bad date with the universe

+ Powerful analogy and scenario to understand mixed vibes

+ Easy practices to start reversing this process (This will help you shift if you listen closely)

Tune in for the full download of this week’s video and learn to Shift it all: 

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Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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