The more I show up for my Goals in the Mind Body Revolution Experiment – there have been some hardcore lessons on Moving Past Hesitation – and stepping into the Energy of the Initiator. 

My human design is actually a Manifestor so I guess this makes sense on multiple levels. go first and initiate is ‘supposedly’ my mantra.  It lead me to think about the many times I wanted to start a project, but often  was in hesitation because I let fear overrule me Like, Awaken your Power to Manifest (out on amazon 😉  )

The hesitation killed this dream for YEARS – because of my excuses. Like the time I stumbled through video for YEARS – before fully committing to it. Because of my hesitation. 

Or the Time It took me two years to complete my first ecourse – because I wanted to ‘make sure i did it right’ so I researched extra hard like a college final paper LOL 

The reality is hesistation is just EXCUSES and a lack of commitment to Change. 

If you really want REAL change, you have to commit to it like a mofo and get serious with yourself #handonheart I BELIEVE IN THAT SO MUCH. One thing I love about the Mind body experiment is not only is it helping with committing to change but it’s also helping me see when i Initiate I am in the WILD FLOW of Alignment and getting stronger every day with this process.  

Our true Power lives in the Energy of Initiation. 

This leads me to ask: 

Do you Believe you are Living in the Hesitation or the Initiation?

Let me tell you a story, its a simple one. 

You suddenly get this immense download, the moment you have the idea, goal, dream pop up, and then something happens, fear pops up, with its hand out wide and says no. Hesitate. Overthink. Overanalyze this. Ask ME permission first.


The Hesitation will KILL the dream, the desire, the goal, if you let it… Let’s play a game of How many times will you allow yourself to put it off?

IT being whatever desire you’re going after

Is it due to the Hesitation?
The fear?
The insecurity of it going wrong?
The lack of ____time, space, energy, I just don’t have enough time. Or space. Or energy. Or Presence.

I’m pretty intimate with my excuses. I know their secret codes. Mainly because they all sound the same after a certain point – usually disguised in a different outfit that usually says

“Oh you’re not enough to do that, Not pretty enough, smart enough, capable enough, can manage it, Not Good enough surely…” Keep trying to be good enough. Keep trying to BE. 
So we continue to live in the HESITATION over the INITIATION.  Yes – Where are you living in the hesitation or the initiation?

Mmm yes very simple to ask yourself, easy to pin point what is going on.  You’re either consciously initiating, or you’re unconsciously hesitating in the Fear, doubt, and insecurity from your past saying nope change isn’t happening today.  Nope safe in my comfy bubble, yes –  I’m going to be honest with you – this path often makes me Bored AF.  Because i was born to be an Initiator – An Activator – A spontaneous revolutionary Leader – but then…

We hesitate in our decisions, in our actions, in our thoughts, so lost in our heads – in that moment the seduction occurs and the ego comes in, Rebelling – putting up a fight you see  Like a whiny little toddler saying ‘but i don’t wanna change’ Kicking, screaming, flailing its little feet on the ground, – sometimes its a little disturbing, like a possessed demon person or something… But in that moment you have to be much stronger than the fear and see it for the ant on the ground it actually is.  Your past. Accept it so you can move through.  The ultimate journey is to push past your own resistance And initiate  Will you let yourself be in the energy of Initiating or will you allow the hesitation keep you in limbo?

For this moment, for next week, for the next month, for the next year, years…. You decide.


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 It’s time to Initiate.  

Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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