I honestly couldn’t wait to share this video drop lesson with you about The Mind-Body Revolution series. 

Step 3. Embody your Affirmation as Truth. 

this right here, is the main reason SO MANY PEOPLE get stuck(myself included 😉 #overit ) 

And This is How we change it all around and begin working the mind-body revolution to our personal advantage. 

Whether you are focused on one tiny goal, an immaterial goal or maybe a big dream – it is all the same. 

Embodiment is normally the answer you are looking for. 

It is often the reason why you are not: 

+ Practicing what you preach

+ applying what you learn effectively

+ Showing up differently

+ Integrating your downloads back into your life (aka having an identity crisis) 

+ getting results 

So If you are new here, we’ve been starting a new series on Youtube called The Mind-Body Revolution Experiment. The Experiment is to pick a 30, 60 or 90 day plan to learn to work with the 3 steps with your goal, desire or dream you wish to accomplish. 

At first, I gotta admit there was sooo much resistance on sharing a behind-the-scenes journey with you but I’ll tell you what, it IS about the journey of transformation. 

And If i’m not sharing WHAT IT ACTUALLY TAKES – I’m not sure i’m being in full integrity with myself – because I do not gloss over the sunshine, rainbows and kisses mentality without telling you that yes – change is uncomfortable. 

But it’s highly rewarding the moment you break FREE and truly transcend the bullshit that is stopping you in your tracks

it is a feeling that once felt, you can’t look away from

because you can’t unsee it either – 

It becomes a journey of evolution from within. 

A journey of Stepping into your Next Level, whatever that may look like to you.  

whether it’s about a simple goal, a manifested desire or a giantic uplevel across all areas of your life 

How you do one thing is HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING. 

Take that in. Your habits stretched through how you use the mind-body connection will display in how you’re doing one thing, you’re doing everything. 

So start bringing awareness to how you’re doing things if you want to shift things 😉 

That journey of witnessing your Transformation is inevitably about your ability to Embody your affirmation as higher truth. 

And that is what Step 3 is all about so Let’s Dive in! 

Tune in for the Full Video Lesson & Progress update at Day 50! Below: 

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Sending love, abundance and blessings, 

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