There has been a lot of shadow activity these past few weeks with multiple retrogrades in action, It really took me by surprise. I’ve actually been finding myself in a more negative place and really kinda being in that limbo state of push and pull energy.

I often post a lot about positivity and why it’s important. However it’s also great to make peace with our shadow side and realize that negative emotions can/will happen to all of us.  In fact, resistance is actually pretty normal because what happens is our mind  feels threatened that we have to get rid of the comfort blanket we hold.

Take my own situation:

I ended up taking this course on productivity and getting really clear on what has been holding me back. So I started stepping back, decluttering my home, free writing and witnessing my fears surrounding it.

I came to the conclusion – I have TOO MANY PROJECTS going on at the same time and I wasn’t even conscious of this until I decided to step back and do some personal self- evaluation.

Doing personal evaluations are critical for our expansive advancement because it lets us become aware of our habits. I realized as a dreamer I have a tendency to believe *I want to do it all* within the same instant, I wanted to do video, then finish my ecourse, create the forum, create new products and challenges, finish up the website, then start working on questions oh and I took up yoga at the same time, plus manage my home life.

It sounds confusing just writing it down.

Anyway suddenly I got sick which hasn’t happened to me in 4 years roughly! I’m usually very healthy and balanced so this really flipped me inside out.

But I started witnessing my patterns:

  • I have a folder of videos unedited
  • 5 notebooks and a few binders just sitting there.
  • A half finished ecourse
  • A half revamped website.
  • Graphics untouched.

I honestly had a moment where I said to myself – “What is the matter with me?”

I reveal this to say – It can happen to all of us.

My situation is the equivalent of making cookie dough and just forgetting about it on the counter(who WOULD do that?). I was half-baked!

So What was my problem?

I hit a wall and came to terms with I was a bit of a hot mess mainly because I was afraid to move on to new things in my life. I kept turning towards the old comforts rather than moving forward with the new ideas – video, ecourse, stepping into coaching, etc.

Even worse – I started all these projects already but they are half-ass done. It’s a bit ridiculous. So I had to come to this point of acceptance within my life that something has to be let go of and fast. Naturally I had to step back…

I also ended up learning something wonderful called “parking your goals”, this concept helped me start breathing easier. It’s okay to park something and come back to it later when the vision is more developed.


  • If you’ve ever started a project then left it in a corner
  • Started a book you never finished…
  • Discovered an excellent idea but quickly abandoned it after the resistance hit…
  • Had someone tell you the cold truth but you defended yourself anyway…

Our mind likes to be safe, it’s the primitive tribalist part of ourselves that our ancestors gave us to survive. It will hold on for dear life to what is familiar in our lives.

That safety, conformity, or daily routine otherwise it feels very threatened. This is what creates resistance, stress, burnout or even causes our energy  to react and enter into a state of dissolve.

At the heart of it, resistance can actually be a good thing because it’s teaching us to step back and allow the new energy to unfold. Your stress, overwhelm, anxiety or fear is teaching you that it’s time to move forward and let go.

If you may be feeling  any of the common shifting symptoms:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Stressed
  • Anxiety
  • Vertigo
  • Half- baked projects 😉

Or any form of resistance you’re definitely feeling the change in the latest energies surfacing which is saturated in subconscious work. This means that our shadow and the Right-brain in general is being highlighted during this time. In this way we may feel an increase in friction within the energy – a resistance building and pushing what is vulnerable to the surface.

I recently hear something similar to what I’m talking about from Michael Beckwith. It’s called:


I actually never heard this term before so it was funny It randomly came to me.

Kensho is the slow and deliberate unfoldment of letting go  of that which hinders us.

In other words,It’s the process of letting go of the resistance in our lives and realizing that it’s fundamentally a good thing. It’s tough love. What Kensho does is it slowly creates the unfoldment for you to move into the next chapter but you’re so caked into the resistance you don’t see it happening before your eyes.

For instance, say you got fired from a job you hated but in return you’re still upset because you have to look for new work even though you hated it. This is Kensho illustrating that this event needed to happen in order to see the light again. Eventually you’ll end up attracting an even better job that you love because your soul released the old one.

In this beautiful outlook it means everything is spiritual deep down because you are experiencing life in it’s fullness.

Therefore if you’re being pushed into the realm of resistance – it’s probably for a good reason.”

I can actually attest to this, If you’re about ready to experience a breakthrough, you may feel:

  • A headache  ( an energy pressure ready to burst into clarity)
  • Grumpy/irritable
  • Just plain angry
  • Have a fight with someone
  • Experience an ending
  • An illness
  • Heart Pressure/Heart opening
  • That feeling of Vertigo or the walls moving
  • tons of synchronicity or deja vu

This is because behind the scenes your energy body is getting ready to break a wall and experience a breakthrough.

When we have those emotional downward spirals, our emotional breakdown will create a breakthrough within ourselves.

This means that in many ways we need to realize that how we see negative energy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a process of unfoldment. It is Kensho.

The unfolding creates this profound openness that teaches us to step back and acknowledge the big picture.

Your Weakness is your strength, your wounds are your wisdom and resistance is creating the threshold of your divine breakthrough.


It is within this state of dissolving that we detach and inevitably let go. And sometimes that means the energy has to blow up in our face to see it dissolve. In my case I had to declutter my entire house and get sick for a few days to witness this pattern.

When we decide to step back if it’s either through detox, meditation, physically stepping back from our work or projects, this is where the creative flow can begin to breathe again.

Detachment opens up our energy to create new space in our lives.

We create the new space to allow the law of vacuum to open up our energy to the new vibrations coming through us. It’s really empowering to look at it this way because it begins to show you that all is sacred and spiritual. It’s an unfoldment of your spiritual essence dissolving and rebirthing into itself.

We begin re-establishing this flow within our lives when we allow our energy to just step back and practice detachment.

Detaching teaches our mind to really let go of what is hindering us and create the openness through surrender.

My point is if you’re having a energy battle with yourself, you gotta think in opposites.

You have to give up and give in.
Stop the cycle and do something different.
Go out shopping, watch a movie, or do something fun

You must detach from the thought itself.

Instead of obsessing, over-analyzing, over thinking or even over-working it, we must let go to receive.


The openness we experience can guide us to have new experiences. It creates a state of allowing. When we experience that feeling of kensho we’re often in a state of resisting the flow.

Therefore an openness to receive the flow creates an allowance to open up the energy (Imagine your hands opening up the energy from your chest) to new possibilities and opportunities.



Take 10 minutes and declutter a drawer or  a shelf. Pick a room that’s been bugging you and just go crazy. When we symbolically declutter our lives we’re getting rid of what is cluttering up our mind. After winter – I think it’s critical to set up a decluttering party. Maybe even have one every season.

Meditation or Creative Visualization

Get into the Dreaming space. If i’m ever tired of the overthinking, i’ll go into creative visualization and just play in my own energy for awhile. Sometimes that’s all we need to pop us back on track. Often when we’re facing resistance we’re in spinning chaotically – all we need to do is sit still to experience the shift.

Surrendered Writing

Do a free write session with a power question: “Why can’t I move forward and let go?”
you may surprise yourself with what comes through but just becoming the witness to what we need to see will help create that momentum for change and new possiblities.

Sitting in Nature

If you’re ever stressed, overworked, or just plain bleh go talk to nature. Nature’s energy lives in simplicity, often we as humans over complicate everything when in reality we need to strip back and get back to basics. Beauty in simplicity often creates instant clarity.

Give up & Give In

Surrender. Admit defeat and step back from what you’re currently doing, thinking or working on. Think in opposites. Maybe you just need a trip to the park or a good movie. It’s crazy but sometimes I find my spiritual aha moment doing bubble with my kids. haha You never quite know until you’re willing to get out of your own way and breathe new air.



I decided to share this message because resistance happens to all of us, it’s natural and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. We should learn to question it and ask ourselves – what is the deeper lesson here? Or better yet – what the heck is going on?

That friction is your teacher putting you on the threshold of a new reality.

When we practice Kensho and learn to detach with a willingness to see what’s really going on underneath, our energy will automatically start revealing the clarity we’ve been needing to receive.

Sat nam.

What are some personal breakthroughs you’ve made from the concept of KENSHO?
Leave a comment & let me know 🙂



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