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A Guide to Aura Colors and Their Meanings

What can your body’s invisible field tell you about your health and personality? Those who believe in auras say that each human radiates a glow that reveals much about their interior world. Each color represents

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Spring Clean Your Mind Challenge

Welcome to the Spring Clean Your Mind Challenge! It’s officially Mental Health Awareness Month and I wanted to do something different and fun for the Community. I’m a pretty strong advocate for Mental wellness, I

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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I support Spiritual empaths (or Lightworkers) Struggling to Manage their Symptoms of Spiritual awakening. I teach them how to Emotionally heal & Change the way they Think & act, so that they  can confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with


 The Awakened State is a place to help Empower You on your spiritual journey forward. 


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