What can your body’s invisible field tell you about your health and personality? Those who believe in auras say that each human radiates a glow that reveals much about their interior world. Each color represents something different. 

Whether you go to a seeker or a specialized photography booth, you must know how to interpret your reading. What does your force field reveal about you? Here’s your guide to aura colors and their meanings. 

What Is Your Aura? 

Although the idea that humans have an energy field sounds like new-age mysticism to Western minds, the concept forms a central part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Long ago, their scholars proved that human beings indeed produce energy, a type of infrared radiation. 

This small electromagnetic field is your aura. It can shine in any hue of the rainbow or all of them, each revealing something different — at least according to the readers and seers you’ll find in quirky little spiritual meccas like Sedona, Arizona. Each shade corresponds to an emotional or physical state, but unlike your horoscope, aura readings focus on your present condition, not innate tendencies or future prophecies. 

How Can You “See” Your Aura’s Colors? 

You have three ways of seeing your aura:

  • Find an aura reader
  • Visit a specialized photography studio
  • DIY

The DIY method is simple for anyone to perform. Stand in front of a mirror with a white wall behind you. Rub your hands together to create friction, then see if you can discern a color emitting from your fingertips or palms. 

Aura readers often use specialized cameras to give you a peek at your aura. The Kirlean photography found in many psychic shops captures your aura in an egg-shaped oval around your body. Other cameras use hand sensors that use a proprietary algorithm to match your body’s frequency to a color. 

What Affects the Color of Your Aura? 

Multiple factors can affect your aura’s color. Remember, it’s more akin to taking your temperature than analyzing your DNA — it reflects your body’s current condition, not a permanent state. While you may see repeated patterns, you’ll also observe changes from day to day. 

Factors that can affect your aura’s color include:

  • Your amount and quality of sleep 
  • Your physical activity level
  • Your emotional state 
  • Your physical health
  • Your mental health
  • Your diet

It’s also important to recognize that your aura may not be one even color. Many auras have layers of multiple shades. Some of the rarest individuals have rainbow auras.

15 Aura Colors and What They Mean

You’ve selected your method, and you’re ready to interpret your results. Here’s what these 15 colors mean when they appear in your aura. 

1. Red

People have long associated the color red with passion and romance, and individuals with this color in their auras have an unyielding lust for life. This hue may appear in your glow when you are deeply in love. However, it’s equally likely to show up when you feel strongly about an issue or cause.

Red may even manifest after a tough workout raises your energy levels and leaves you feeling more grounded, not drained. However, it can also appear when you feel angry — get mindful about what’s upsetting you and how to fix it.

2. Orange

Orange blends red’s high energy with yellow’s laid-back, positive vibe. People with this color in their aura are often quite energetic and adventurous but also possess a keen sense of humor and enjoyment of others. Even if they aren’t the life of the party, they’re the ones folks feel drawn to, as their exuberant nature rarely fails to lift other people’s spirits.

3. Yellow

Folks with yellow in their auras are creative and friendly. They can sometimes come off as being a bit too relaxed, but they enjoy going with the flow despite their high energy levels. They’re often outgoing, although more introverted people with yellow in their auras may find themselves drawn to helping professions where they can work one-on-one with people in need.

4. Green

People with a lot of green in their auras are often parents or other caregivers, as this color represents nurturing. Folks with green auras are often natural empaths, with the ability to experience another’s feelings as their own and can usually tell when someone who is hurting needs advice or simply a kind ear.

People with green auras often have a deep love of nature. They may also be the sorts who seek out a host’s pets at parties, preferring the company of furry companions to more boisterous humans.

5. Pink

People with a lot of pink in their aura can see the good in others, even those considered difficult. They’re empathetic and highly in touch with their emotions.

Although they can get quite vocal about social injustices, people with pink auras temper their emotionality with gentleness and compassion toward others with differing views. It’s also common to see this color aura in people in healing professions, like medicine.

6. Blue

You might be a budding yoga guide if you have a lot of blue in your aura. This color represents spirituality, peace, calmness and tranquility. It evokes water, an element that increases serenity among people who live near it. Blue also implies trustworthiness and steadfastness, two qualities desirable in a guru.

7. Purple

Members of “the cloth” may manifest purple auras. Seers associate this color with intuition and the divine. People with this color in their auras have a strong desire to understand the unseen world and profoundly long for spiritual growth. They aren’t content to merely experience life — they must figure out the deeper meaning of existence.

8. Indigo

If your aura color tends more toward indigo between blue, purple and black, it could indicate a journey of self-discovery. This color might appear in your aura if you recently began therapy to deal with difficult issues or resolve past traumas. You might also see it when such events affect your worldview, shaking up once-comfortable beliefs.

However, that doesn’t mean this color only appears during life’s difficult moments. Instead, it often heralds harmony, peace and a period of compassion, including for the self.

9. White

White is among the rarest of aura colors, representing purity and innocence. However, you must examine the quality of the hue to interpret its meaning correctly. When bright and shiny, it indicates a high level of spirituality and connection with the divine. However, an off-white shade shows possible naivete, poor judgment and giving of the self to the point it becomes detrimental to the giver’s health.

10. Black

Black is another rare aura color, but please don’t panic if you see it in your reading. It doesn’t mean you’re evil or even thinking along those lines.

Rather, a black aura represents someone who has put up a powerful wall of protection around themselves. You may have recently experienced severe emotional or physical pain, like an unwanted diagnosis or death in the family. Conversely, you might have profound trauma that you might not acknowledge but affects your daily life.

11. Brown

You can sing the opening lines of the old The Mamas and the Papas tune “California Dreaming” to remember what this aura color means. When brown appears in your aura, it indicates a deep sadness, longing or emotional pain. The shade can also indicate possible disease, so pay attention if a brown spot appears only in one location — for example, a patch over your upper right abdomen might warrant checking your liver function.

12. Gray

Your skies might not necessarily be gray if this shade appears in your aura. Gray represents a balance between dark and light forces, negativity and positivity. It’s inherently neutral, and a medium slate color may simply indicate that your system is well-balanced. Darker tones indicate a more pessimistic outlook, whereas lighter shades indicate optimism.

13. Silver

You might be a leader in your chosen profession if you see silver in your aura. This color is among the rarest and indicates someone with a special gift. You might be a brilliant musician, a genius mathematician or an Olympic-level athlete. If you get this color in your reading but feel quite ordinary, perhaps reflect on your gifts and how you can better apply them in daily life.

14. Gold

People with golden auras are truly treasures. They’re filled with positivity and optimism, shining their radiant glow on all they touch. They’re generous lovers of humanity who are always willing to lend a helping hand. Although they may not strive for money, they often attract substantial abundance in life, thanks in large part to their outgoing nature.

15. Rainbow

Folks with rainbow-colored auras may be the rarest of them all. These individuals have an enormous power to repel negative energies and bestow their strength on others.

People with this aura have an intrinsic need to get the most out of life, but it isn’t for themselves alone. They feel a deep compulsion to help others manifest their best lives, alleviate suffering and find solace and strength in lifting others up. They’re also open-minded and accepting, finding it easy to relate to disparate groups.

Exercises to Alter Your Aura Colors and Improve How You Feel

You’ve interpreted your aura reading. What can you do to improve your vibration? It largely depends on the cause of any distress you feel. For example, investigating a possible physical ailment can lead to early detection and cure, while identifying past trauma as creating present problems provides the knowledge you need to seek therapeutic interventions.

However, the following activities can help nearly anyone receive a more positive aura reading and improve their overall vibe:

  • Get outdoors: Going outside in nature has proven mental and physical healing powers.
  • Connect with the Earth: Grounding now has science to back it, and connecting with the Earth’s electromagnetic field through skin contact can improve your body and mind.
  • Move: Gentle movement improves sluggish energy levels.
  • Feed yourself well: Part of raising your vibration is self-love and acceptance, which includes nourishing your physical body with the nutrients it needs.
  • Socialize: Loneliness can make you feel disconnected and increase your chances of premature death.
  • Decrease stress: Excess tension can make you angry, irritable or even depressed. 
  • Get sufficient sleep: You recover your body’s energy levels during rest.

Your Guide to Aura Colors

Reading your aura colors may sound like new-age mysticism. Yet the human body produces an energy field you can see in special photographs.

Knowing what your aura colors mean provides insight into yourself. You can use your reading as a starting point to make necessary changes that improve how you feel in your body and mind.

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aura colors and their meanings

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