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The new year is all about a fresh start and inviting positive energy into your life. This mindset can require quite a significant shift for some people. However, the good news is that you have months to work on keeping a more optimistic attitude for the rest of the year.

Curious about how you can achieve a positive outlook this new year? While the steps can vary for each person, this guide will fill you in on tips and tricks that are tried and tested.

1. Change Up Your Lifestyle

A positive attitude starts with healthy habits. If you’ve always wanted to change your lifestyle, the beginning of the year is always a good time to start. You can use yourself at the start of this year as a benchmark for your future self at the end of the next 12 months.

Have a Healthy Diet

Are you a fan of junk food and soft drinks? While these are nice treats occasionally, you may want to explore good food like leafy vegetables and ripe fruits. They can be quite delicious when you know how to prep them with carbs and protein.

On top of that, veggies, fruits and foods with fatty acids can chemically improve our mental health in the long run. Research notes how they increase mental well-being over a year with happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

Try More Physical Activity

Regular exercise is also a great habit to build up. It’s not necessarily about being capable of 100 pushups or losing weight, but just getting movement in daily. Whether it’s a quick walk outside or a personal yoga session in your office, give yourself time to stretch and relieve stress.

It can be challenging to engage in physical fitness when you don’t want to, so try to find some activities that motivate you. If you love seeing scenic places, maybe you can give hiking a try. When you feel captivated by music, sway to the music and dance.

Dedicate More Time to Sleep

It can be tough to stay positive if you’re sleep-deprived. Prioritize getting more shuteye this year. If you feel there’s not enough time to get those winks in, look at your schedule and block the hours out.

When you’re well-rested, you’re less irritable and angry. You get to think much clearer throughout the day. You also get to be wide awake for all the happy moments that will happen throughout the year.

2. Shift Your Mental Demeanor

Building healthy habits can go beyond your physical well-being. Mental fortitude is a key part of keeping yourself positive, so it’s essential to work on it. It’s natural to experience some initial resistance, but only the mind is capable of changing itself.

Focus on a Growth Mindset

Challenges and setbacks can occur through different stages of your life. It can come in the form of a university rejection letter or a supervisor comment. Having a fixed mindset means accepting that all those events are simply the way things are.

While it’s important to come to terms with these aspects of your life, it’s equally essential to have a growth mindset. Know that you can learn from that feedback by honing your mind and abilities. Rather than staying stagnant, aim for self-improvement.

Express Gratitude for Last Year

As human beings, it’s natural to express regrets over something in the past. It’s almost instinctive. However, it’s time to avoid lamenting the past too much. Instead of focusing on what didn’t happen, think about what did.

What was something that made you happy recently? Was there something unexpected that actually changed you for the better? Ask yourself these questions and change the lens for how you see the events. You’ll start to realize how fortunate you really are.

Utilize Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are one of the quickest ways to be more upbeat. Find various encouraging words or statements that you can use to improve your mindset. You have the freedom to choose specific affirmations that encourage you to be more positive about subjects that may feel a little touchy.

For instance, when you go on social media, you often see people using all sorts of slimming filters. This can trigger poor mental health and insecurities about your own appearance. During these times, try to practice changing affirmations. Here’s an example:

“I am grateful for my body’s ability to change and adapt. I embrace the natural fluctuations that happen in my shape and weight. I fully know where my worth comes from — a scale number does not determine it. I love and accept myself in every stage of my journey.”

3. Build a Network of Positivity

As you enter the new year, looking at the people you surround yourself with is important. Negativity spreads like wildfire in groups through different forms. Gossip, fake relationships and the like can be tiring and may hinder you from being more positive.

While these toxic environments may seem impossible to escape, you have to believe that you can. And there are other positive people out there, some already in your life. Make an effort to grow closer to them and foster these relationships.

4. Actively Try to Be Kind

Forming positive relationships can be a great step toward practicing greater empathy for other people. Be actively kind to other people around you. Whether it’s giving a compliment or offering up a smile to brighten someone’s day, try to perform at least one kind act a day.

It’s paramount to do these acts of kindness genuinely and wholeheartedly. Without authenticity, positivity does not come naturally. It can also create some personal disparity in your intentions. Sort out your feelings so that you can extend goodwill freely.

5. Wear What You Want

Clothing is a form of self-expression and reflection. Try to wear something that manifests a positive outlook for you. White clothing, along with orange and yellow, can attract positive energy. Aside from bright colors, you may want to explore empowering designs.

There’s also the matter of jewelry and other accents to add to the look. For instance, pearls symbolize accomplishment and power in Egyptian history. Choose a stone or crystal that reminds you of your goals, and keep it with you wherever you go. 

6. Collect Crystals

Speaking of gems, try to get crystal jewelry if it suits you. While there is no scientific evidence, cultures in China and Greece believe that crystals offer healing properties for the mind and soul. For instance, rose quartz is a pink stone that helps improve connections and trust.

When it comes to positivity, clear quartz is a must-have. This clear power stone helps with regulating your energy field. It’s also recommended to look for obsidian, which is believed to protect you against negative energy. It also promotes strength and compassion.

7. Listen to Feel-Good Songs

Ever felt adrenaline when you’re listening to “Happy” by Pharell Williams or “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars? You aren’t alone. A recent survey of people finds that 71% see music as an influencer on their mood. When they’re sad, they use it to cheer themselves up.

Upbeat music with a higher tempo and brighter sound is usually categorized as happy songs. However, individuals can react to songs differently depending on their preferences and experiences. Just try to build a playlist that makes you feel good.

8. Create a Vision Board

A vision board helps you outline your mood and goals for the year. You can choose different images and quotes that resonate with your aspirations of how you want the next few months to go. It can also serve as a tool of inspiration that you can stick by.

Creating your vision board is entirely personal. While there are various examples online, you must create one that reflects your goals. What exactly do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Have an introspection session with yourself and channel your desires.

9. Make a Way to Stay Accountable

It’s no secret that people fail at their New Year’s resolutions quite easily. However, studies showcase that people who set up ways to stay accountable are twice as likely to accomplish their goals. Find a way to keep yourself amenable to your objectives.

Writing down your goals and updating your actions through paper can be a good technique. If you want support from others, let a friend or two know about your hopes of having a positive outlook. They can check in with you about how you’re feeling and point out moments when you come off as negative.

10. Think of How You’ll Handle Challenges

In an ideal world, positivity will be enough to get you through the year. However, there will likely be challenges that will show up. No matter how much you fortify your body, mind and soul, the unexpected can often throw you off course.

Think about what you can control in those tough situations. For instance, you can let yourself be emotional when going through different events in your life. Bottling up your reactions can often harbor negativity, so it’s best to air it out early. Try to practice letting go of your negativity after a certain amount of time, too.

Practice Positivity for The Year

Staying optimistic throughout the year can seem idealistic to other people. However, the reality is that it takes genuine work and commitment to keep a positive mindset. Being aware of the dedication and following through sets you up for success. If you need some direction, follow the tips above to start the year with a smile and vision.

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positive mindset in the new year

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