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If there’s one thing that has always been important for my spiritual awakening, it’s consistent spiritual practice. Do you want to know what are the top benefits of Daily Spiritual practice? Let’s talk about why it’s important to have a spiritual practice in 2024 and beyond! Welcome to Season 3 of the Podcast: Awaken and Manifest your Best Life!

Let’s Start with our Foundation. What I want to talk to you about is going back to the true foundation of spirituality and spiritual awakening. The Heart of what is Spirituality itself that brings us back home to our own consciousness’s true wisdom and power. This is learning about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is one of the best meditative practices you can do for your spiritual journey. Why is this so important for you? Mindfulness is the root of all awareness because conscious awareness comes from our self-observation. When we enter the point of self-observation, we enter the place of non-judgment of self. This teaches us to be more present and embodied in our daily life. This foundation of Mindfulness is what makes up the starting thread of all Spiritual practices. Mindfulness is a big component of a spiritual practice. You’re developing mindfulness as a core goal of your spiritual practice.

Most Importantly a daily Spiritual practice is best done through what is known as a ritual.

What Is a Ritual?

Sometimes people see rituals as more like witchcraft but they are more simple than that. A ritual is a series of actions that you do on repeat that eventually form a habit. A Ritual allows us to take something that was an idea in our mind and make it into a habit.

So you already have rituals in your daily life. However, these behaviors are probably more simple like your morning coffee, brushing your teeth, or how you do your bathing routine in the shower. When we begin applying Rituals to our Spiritual practice, a different goal forms. We are now using our ritual to actively increase our mindfulness and Self-awareness on a consistent basis. This enhances our spiritual growth journey and often leads to a stronger intuition. Plus many other mental and emotional benefits!

Why Mindfulness is Important to Spiritual Practice

We have rituals already, but we might not have a for our spiritual practice. This is where It’s important to emphasize why it’s important to have a spiritual practice and why it’s so crucial to developing your own personal mindfulness and conscious awareness in your own daily life.

We have to go back to how the brain works. For example, when it comes to understanding mindfulness, being mindful means being in the present moment. When we are in the present moment, we are more connected to our intuition, our spiritual alignment and we are less in a place of reactive habit. We’re less in a place of autopilot mode (fight/flight mode) We are more in tune with our body and who we are. This makes it easier to manifest because we are more present and tuned into our intuition. We’re more aware of what we need to Heal or Let go because we’re aware of our surroundings more than normal. It also makes it easier to make decisions because we release over-thinking.

It’s sometimes easy to fall off track.

It can be easy to let life run away with you when it comes to forgetting your spiritual practice. When we find ourselves disconnected from our spiritual self, we’re not as present as we could be. This means we’re more likely to get stuck in our negative mind chatter or even anxiety. We’re less likely to take action on our goals. We could be over-thinking, over-doing, over-analyzing when it’s not remotely necessary, and so forth. Likewise, we might be giving ourselves a ton of excuses or complaints as to why we can’t do something. All of this is coming from simply being misaligned or disconnected from your spiritual self.

So Let’s Dive into the Top Benefits of Spiritual Practice and Why it is important to have a Spiritual practice.

Top Benefits of Spiritual Practice:

Whether you meditate, do yoga or journal, having a solid consistent spiritual practice is going to make your Mental and Emotional Health so much easier in 2024. 

Here is a quick breakdown of what you need to know:

  1. Developing Conscious Awareness
    We’re either in a reactive state that’s built up from our past programming over time, or we’re in a consciously aware state where we’re making present choices with our conscious mind.

    When you are more aware, you are more likely to reach a point where you will change gradually versus hitting that point where you hit, rock bottom and have to change. What awareness does, is it allows you to get out of the monkey mind and enable yourself to go into that place of flow and intuition. Most of all, you make better choices and better decisions because you’re more tuned on to your intuition and you’re less in survival brain.
  2. Establishing a Solid Relationship with Your Higher Self

    When we have a spiritual practice, we’re kind of bridging the gap between our spiritual self and our physical self. What you’ll find is It doesn’t even matter necessarily what you call it, call it whatever you want. You can call it God, higher intelligence, higher self, angels, whatever you work with, but that awareness is what you’re building a solid relationship with.

    The reason why you want to be consistent with your spiritual practice is you’re strengthening your Connection to higher Perspectives of Awareness. In other words, you’re developing a relationship with a higher consciousness. This helps evolve your growth and problem solve easier!
  3. Developing your Consistency to Mindfulness

    When you develop rituals, and I like to call this in our membership, the Soul Aligned Life Academy, we’re calling this: Mindful Rituals. When you start to develop mindful rituals in your life, you will have a consistent practice to rely on to connect to higher consciousness.

    Now, what I learned 10 years ago this is not only crucial to developing my relationship to my higher self, but it allows me to have a sacred space to come back to when I fall off track.

    For example, when you’re more Negative or moody, when you need to heal something or even when you are looking to manifest something.

    It allows you to come back home to something that is so much deeper than just surface level reality and connect deeper to higher truth. higher truth is higher perceptions of reality that perhaps we’re not realizing from our limited past programming.

    Higher truth guides you to look at various possibilities and different solutions that you weren’t seeing before because you were only seeing from one perspective – not higher truth.

    Having a consistent practice to develop your Mindfulness gifts you a new ability to shift your perspective faster and see differently to problem solve.

Are you ready to dive into all the benefits of Spiritual Practice for your spiritual growth this year?
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Do you have a Spiritual Practice for 2024? Have you been using a spiritual practice since you awakened? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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