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When it comes to your Intuition do you find yourself Second-guessing yourself or doubting your capabilities? 

It’s honestly more common than you think. One of my greatest pleasures is helping people rediscover their Gifts.

Do You feel like you may be Truly holding back your Intuitive Gifts?

When I’m talking about spiritual gifts or intuitive gifts, It’s often kind of this mixed perception of what’s known as “psychic abilities.”

However, what you’ll find is that a lot of it can have so much mixed, dogmatic, very societal-based opinions that tell us repeatedly this isn’t normal.

For example, even our upbringing of beliefs could have told us that:

it is crazy, abnormal or Too mystical. 

Psychic Abilities are often associated with concepts such as the occult.

In religion, we’re taught You’re going to h*ll. It can be where you’re told you are crazy for thinking outside the norm of tangible reality.

At the same time, this gives us a very narrow and almost Shameful perception of being naturally an Intuitive who has unique gifts.

Instead, you’re seen as the person who’s crazy if you have an intuitive power or an intuitive gift. You feel that…right?

There’s Also a Lot of Media and Movie Influence that reinforces this perception and belief around Paranormal Activity. Movies predict it as abnormal, scary, evil, or demonic. We have all of this bizarre conditioning that teaches us to suppress this part of ourselves.

Then we Also have MANY people who have cognitive dissonance around spiritual and energetic concepts labeling them as parapsychology or pseudoscience.

🎯It is no WONDER we don’t feel safe or want to trust ourselves to explore our psychic abilities or intuitive gifts!

Most of the external world and conditioning give us plenty of reasons why it shouldn’t feel natural or safe to do so. 

As a result, We Start holding Ourselves Back

And What occurs from that is you have inherited ways to Hold yourself back, shut it down, suppress something that comes so natural and effortless to you and as a result?

  • You don’t trust your own decision-making skills 
  • You’re more prone to anxiety or stress due to future tripping 
  • You frequently over-analyze and over-think situations more than necessary causing you to freeze in in-action or procrastinate.
  • You feel Stuck in a Cycle of Energetic and Emotional Overwhelm due to the Increase in Hypersensitivity and Intuitive downloads coming in
  • You feel Lost, Confused, Directionless or often STUCK in a plateau – either confused on your next direction forward, waiting for clarity to arrive or simply stuck due to fear.

👉But What If it didn’t have to be that way? 

Instead imagine that you feel more like this, 

  • You begin Reducing your stress and anxiety by learning to trust your gut feeling.
  • Improve decision-making and avoid costly mistakes due to misalignment 
  • Boost your creativity and problem-solving skills because your intuition is like a LASER BEAM of clarity 
  • Attract more abundance and prosperity into your life.
  • Live a more present-minded and fulfilling life.
  • Know How to take Aligned Action easier than ever 
  • In REAL LIFE – A strong intuition can Help with Navigating Through Life such as job interviews, financial decisions, navigating relationships, or even tuning into your Children’s emotional needs. 

The Benefits of A Strong Intuition are VAST ! 

That’s Why I’m sharing with you the Pre-work from the live Workshop event I’m hosting this week, VISION QUEST. 

I made an exclusive Third Eye Activation Meditation so you can get started with Clearing your Intuition and Re-establishing your Connection to your higher self. 

Check it out by Listening on the Youtube Channel or latest Podcast Episode

This powerful Third Eye Chakra Meditation will guide you on a journey to clear blockages, expand your perception, and tap into the wisdom within. ‍

Open your Third Eye: Experience heightened intuition, deeper insights, and enhanced creativity. Clear Your Intuition: Release doubt, confusion, and negative energies, making space for clear guidance and wisdom.

Connect to Your Higher Self Pathworking: Align with your authentic self, discover your purpose, and access profound inner peace. This guided meditation blends powerful techniques to activate your Ajna Chakra (Third Eye), including:

  • Visualization: See your Third Eye opening and radiating light.
  • Affirmations: Empowering statements to reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • Breathwork: Prana (life force) activation to cleanse and energize your energy field.
  • Mantras: Sacred sounds to awaken your intuition and connect with higher consciousness.

    Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or just starting out, this accessible practice is perfect for anyone seeking spiritual growth, deeper self-understanding, and a stronger connection to their Higher Self.

    Enjoy the Meditation !
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third eye chakra activation meditation


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