Welcome to the Spring Clean Your Mind Challenge! It’s officially Mental Health Awareness Month and I wanted to do something different and fun for the Community.

I’m a pretty strong advocate for Mental wellness, I teach it for a living and one of my passions is helping people Empower Their Mindset so they increase their self-esteem, confidence and begin believing in themselves. In fact the Planner I recently released: The Spiritual Awakened Life Planner is built around Helping you with your Mental and Emotional Wellness on the pursuit of going after your own Goals.

Why Am I so Passionate about Mindset and Mental Health?

I used to struggle a lot with my Mental and Emotional Health. I had a lot of self-projected hate towards myself where I lacked severe compassion, kindness and encouragement to myself. I would more likely criticize myself, beat myself up and be incredibly hard on myself when it came to well anything, creative projects, chores around the house, being a parent, being in college, etc. etc. I’ve done sooo much work in this area. While i still have bouts of Self-doubt or negative self-talk, i am WORLDS APART from who i used to be.

What was the start of it all?


In this Challenge I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes taste of what it’s like to start making small tweaks to your Mindset for your personal Wellness.

Maybe you already do some of these exercises, awesome!

A lot of people though, shy away from their Mindset especially when it comes to going after their goals or even manifesting. Society often teaches us to ‘work hard’, physically exert ourselves and push past our limits as long as we reach our goals. In the same regard, we have personal development teaching us that growth is about ‘suffering’ and ‘digging into your pain’ to find the healing that’s necessary. I don’t think it’s necessarily about ‘not doing the work’ but it can be a slippery slope if we’re not careful, to have these two concepts damaging our Mental Health without us even realizing it. It’s sneaky and creeps in!

But what if, there’s a whole other side of Mental Health that we’re missing?

What about the space where instead of focusing on how we need to fix ourselves or do a lot of shadow work – we also realize that naturally raising our vibrations is about Emotionally Empowering our Mindset with Absolute Encouragement and Self-Belief?!


Your Mental health should be your #1 Priority. However, it doesn’t have to be such a drag to do this type of work of personal development and growth. Growth is a lot more than just ‘pushing through pain’, it’s also about backing yourself and building yourself up by honoring where you’re at in the moment.

Instead, it should be FUN, Focusing more on What naturally helps you raise your vibration, Gets you Back into your Body, Empowers you to Stay Present Minded and Grounded in Who you truly Are. ✊

And that’s what this new challenge is about.

Welcome to the Spring Clean Your Mind Challenge!

Did you know that having too much physical clutter mentally affects your health?

Also Sometimes too much physical clutter can even LEAD to more Mental Clutter! When we feel more Mentally cluttered we tend to feel more fear, stress, overwhelm or general exhaustion. We are more prone to be inactive or less active in our body which unfortunately makes us live less in the moment. This mindset shift can have us more fixated on our Past and Future rather than being Presently Aware.

This overload on your mindset can stop you living your best life!

So Let’s Start Cleaning up your Mental Clutter over the course of 25 days this upcoming Spring. (Or if you live in the Southern hemi – Make it a Fall Detox hehe 😉 )

The Spring Clean your Mind Challenge is focused on Helping you detox Your life and Mindset for less stress, overwhelm and smashing out the fear-mind 🔥💪

It’s time to reduce your Mental load and Feel Lighter, raising your vibe and start creating space for new growth in Spring 🌱

How it Works 👉For the Next 25 Days – Pick one Goal each day to do for the next 25 days to boost your dopamine and Mindset for better mental health.

These Exercises are Rooted in helping you:

+ Get More Present and Consciously Aware

+ Shift Your Mindset Easily

+ Focus more on the Good in your Life

+ Nurture both your Mental Wellness and Your Body Awareness

+ Get you Back into your Body where you surrender the monkey mind(ego 🙈)

+ Teach you about the Subtle power behind Mindset!

Also You may need some reinforcement that’s why Some Days are marked ** You can resource back to the Youtube or Podcast for More lessons on mindset and Meditations to help you!

You also can Share the Journey with us in our Mighty Networks Group! Or Tag us on Social media at @awakenedstate777 with hashtag #springcleanmymindchallenge

Most Importantly – Have fun!!!

Here’s a Video Introducing the Challenge, my thoughts on Mental Health & Personal Growth:

Are you in??! Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Desiring More Support with Mental health? Check out The Spiritual Awakened Life Digital Planner! Most People Don’t realize the MASSIVE power behind Tracking, especially when it comes to building up your self-Awareness and Becoming more Conscious of your Mental health. ✍️

Over the Years I’ve really brought my spiritual practice outside of the box and I think Mind-Body Rituals while keeping in check with your Mental Health is incredibly nourishing to your self-esteem.

I think it’s funny we don’t see that taking time for these SIMPLE things instead of Mindlessly scrolling are the BIG THINGS that fuel our Awareness and Mental Wellness.

Such As Checking in on:

+ your Spiritual Practice – Is it nourishing you or is it a chore?

+ Your Self – Care – Are you making time for pause, rest and revitalization

+ Your Mindset – Do you process your thoughts, emotions by journaling, venting in healthy ways or typing them out on a computer? OR Do you also look at your negative thoughts and look at how you can reframe them or Recognize what you’re putting out to the universe?

+ Your DAILY JOY – Do you take the time do things that naturally make you happy, give you inspiration, empower you, give you confidence or simply because you love them, like i love decorating!

+ Creativity – Do you express yourself authentically?

+ Do you get enough Sleep?

+ are you drinking enough water?

+ Are you Active with your Body on a daily Basis?

+ Do you have mental health walks or Movement breaks?

+ Do you know what you’re eatting?

In the spiritual awakened life planner there are different sections on how you can track your mental wellness through your holistic health and your Mental/Physical Health.


While it seems insignificant – most people are not CONSCIOUS of their repeated habits/actions.

One of the easiest ways to build up conscious awareness is to get more CONSCIOUS of your day-to-day actions and ask yourself: Are they healthy? Are they fulfilling me? Am I happy? and if not,

then it’s time to reroute, reinvent and review 😉 (mercury retrograde style 💃🕺👯)

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The perfect compliment for Mental Health Awareness Month.

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