the reason why 99 don't see results with energy work

it’s time for another Fresh new episode of the Podcast and Man, I brought the fire with this one! I’m identifying the top five reasons why you might not see results with energy work.

If you’ve ever been confused or annoyed that your Clearing work hasn’t worked for you or you’ve been having half-baked results with your spiritual healing journey.

Maybe you’re frustrated with EFT,
you aren’t seeing any progress with crystal meditations
Or you just aren’t seeing the results you want with
your Abundance block Clearing Ritual, 

You need to drop everything and tune in to this week’s episode. 

I want to just say, Energy Work sometime will get a bad wrap due to the Woo-Woo Nature of these teachings.

At the Awakened State, we are all about bringing in the Practical Edge to Spirituality and this episode is no different.

In this week’s Episode on Awaken & Manifest Your Best Life, I’m going deep into the 5 Reasons Why you may be not seeing results with Energy Work and How you can start to Approach Energy Work Differently than what you might have originally thought or been taught!

How do we start to become the 1%? Find out in this exclusive fresh episode on the Podcast

Number 5 may shock you if you’ve never heard of this concept before.

Episode #68. The Reason Why 99% Aren’t Getting Results with Energy Work 

I really believe that the reason why 99% aren’t seeing results of energy work is they’re not utilizing the mind-body connection properly.

The Mind-Body connection is where true healing really occurs in the body. It’s due to the Mind-Heart coherence we hear about. It’s when the mind and the body are in connection – they start doing something magical to your nervous system. It creates what is known as Deconditioning. When we Decondition ourselves from our past conditioned Mindset and Emotional programming, we free our Energetic blocks and Emotions. The deconditioning process allows both a freeing of the emotions you suppressed and a Releasing of the Old Pattern that may no longer serve you in your life. At the same time, there’s potent work in the repatterning process because this is where the Identity Starts to Change.

As I mentioned in this Infographic, the pyramid of change shows us the most effective way to create transformation in the body (see right)

The Transformation Lives in the Identity

The work is really looking at those identity shifts.

It’s looking at how can you instigate the mind-body connection to create real sustainable results of success in your nervous system mentally, emotionally, and physically. The chakras help illustrate this beautifully because it gives you a beautiful mind-body map. It teaches you to easily Pinpoint: what’s not working?

What area of your life is either suffering, imbalanced, misaligned, or maybe it’s not even so much suffering as just, it’s just a little bit off track.

When it comes to really diving into healing, it’s not just about healing a pattern or emotional wound. It’s about you having to realize there’s a person inside of you who’s on the other side of healing.

That person has manifested differently. They Mentally, Physically & Emotionally have different relationships. Likewise, They may have different values, standards, or even different habits. You Might even have a different hairstyle! Your Transformation will be unique and authentic to you.

It’s so much deeper than just a conversation of freaking go get some crystals, meditate once and hope for the best while you get a clearing ritual done.

Here’s the thing – The real hard truth is you gotta do that internal energetic work. You have to be willing to put in the work. The work is rooted in your Internal State of consciousness. It’s within, Working with Your mindset, the emotional healing, & the habits to sustain that healing.

That is what creates real results with energy work.

It is not a one-and-done microwave oven kind of situation and I think that’s where so many people want it to be. They want it to be the fancy quantum leap, and unfortunately, it’s not! Healing is a HABIT. It’s a perspective and Identity Shift that takes place in your body. You can experience a quantum leap with energy work. I’ve even experienced it myself. However sustainable healing in the Identity begins with really bringing in that self-awareness.

And It starts with doing energy work correctly.

If you’re having a hard time with energy work,

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+ I am stuck over-thinking, and constantly looping with an issue over and over. trapped in negative self-talk. 

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+ You’re getting stuck feeling ‘projected on’ emotionally, or physically in your relationships. 

+ You’re having a lot of hyper-empathy problems when you feel energetically and emotionally everywhere – maybe even attracting narassists 


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But the real benefit? 

Is knowing what’s on the other side of Transformation!  

It’s not about healing,

it’s about who’s the person on the other side of that? 

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More Abundance? 
Better relationships? 
Remove TOXIC B.S. 
Focus on Their Self-Love? 
Internalize their Enoughness? 
Have an epic sex life? 
Speak their truth clearly and authentically? 
Receive easier by being more magnetic? 

The answer is up to you. 

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