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This week’s episode is all about how to open the Solar Plexus! 🌞 

My Indigo friend and I used to joke that the the chakras are just like carebears, 😆 there is one for every area of your life – and Sunshine bear is totally the solar plexus (these analogies get weirder and weirder lol) 
Totally the chakras right? 

Into the Solar Plexus – What is it?

if you are not familiar with the chakra system, Chakras are energy centers in our body. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the 3rd one, located above the navel.

This chakra is all about our personal power. So this one can be a hard one to really heal because it really can illustrate to us if we’re in our ego or our co-creative mindset. What do I mean by that?

Well, the solar plexus tells us so much about our ego or victim mindset, our shadow consciousness. In the same way, our higher self, or I like to say our INNER co-creator, the person within us that just goes and propels into action from alignment.

Whereas the shadow side of this energy center is more about our ego mentality or negative self-talk. It is literally the space where we create our identity. So This Chakra defines who we are as a person. It has a lot to do with our self-esteem, our sense of worth and value we hold about ourselves. Likewise, it plays a core role in our career or Soul Life purpose(our dharma).

Most importantly, This Chakra focuses a lot on our personal sense of happiness and emotional fulfillment. And as a result, it can tell you so much about how you take action due to who you are as a person. So for example, someone who’s like really egotistical probably has an overactive solar plexus whereas someone who’s really timid or shy, is probably has more of a closed solar plexus or underactive imbalance. For instance, a person who has an underactive chakra may need to rev up their personal power. So you can start to see that there’s a difference here!

My history with Solar Plexus Healing

I am through and through a solar plexus child. I had a very underactive solar plexus until i was older and went on my own healing journey. I had gallbladder disease when I was 15, I had a controlling helicopter mother growing up(not her fault), I had extreme self-esteem issues for most of my teen years and I’ve overcome a lot of ego/resistance patterns since awakening.

It’s not just me though,

The solar plexus is one of the most commonly blocked chakras in our society. Why? It’s home to our ego, self-worth and past self.

Whenever you have issues that come up in your self-worth, career, or Past Identity – It’s always connected to your solar plexus! Crazy, right?

This is why when clients go through the solar plexus module, they are often floored on how EASY action becomes because they start owning their power more. 

This chakra i’ve done SO MUCH LOVING WORK on. I could write a book on everything the solar plexus chakra has given me. 

3 Tips to Increase Your Personal Power

That’s why I’m so excited to share this week’s tips with you 

they mean so much to my own transformation journey. 

Reclaiming your Personal Power is a hidden art. 

It’s one of the main drivers behind the Solar Plexus chakra. 

Want to Increase your own Personal Power? 

Today i wanted to share with you some powerful Tips on how to Begin Reclaiming your Power with this powerful Chakra.

The second Tip I share, this really helped Change it all for me. 

 I did (THIS) one thing and It changed the entire direction of My Self-Awareness around my sense of Worth. How I was taking action, and most important even my CONFIDENCE – began to grow. 

Here’s my 3 tips to start Reclaiming your Personal Power

I’m sharing with you: 

  • An Introduction on the Solar Plexus Chakra that doesn’t involve colors or crystals! 
  • The different self-awareness techniques that can easily tell you if you have an imbalance in this energy center.
  • My fav unconventional look into what REALLY heals our Personal Power & Self-worth. 

>>> How to Open the Solar Plexus Chakra 3 Tips to Help >>>

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