I had full-body chills after I wrote this today…. I couldn’t help but share it.

Circa 2010. Blonde Hair. Because the guy I liked said I would look better as a blonde – 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Confessions of a Former People Pleaser

Cue – Emo Music.


I’m a Recovering People Pleaser.

My habits include over-compensating my relationships, constantly looking for others validation & their opinion of me so I personally feel okay.

I frequently over-give and over-gift advice along with my time, energy and space to other people.

I spend my time often putting my own personal needs last, often starving myself to the point of feeling dizzy so I can feel beautiful for a minute, before i fall down another streak of beating myself up with self-criticism about my body.

As a Result for this, I never focus on my desires or dreams, I am always focused on everyone else.

I never spend time communicating my dreams in my relationships or friendships.

I bite my tongue in my relationships & Let others decide for me because I just don’t have my own voice – I let others speak for me – and unfortunately

Because of that – I’m secretly brainwashed by guilt from others, emotional manipulation and unconsciously trying to control my relationships in my free time – this easily pushes away people who are interested in me at first.

When i’m not of course over-working to the point of BURNOUT to prove my worth – so that i don’t feel useless or that I don’t matter.


A Very Emotionally insecure Open Empath, who was struggling with her unconscious intuitive gifts daily… Who had no clue a year later she would be going through the most transformative YEAR of her entire life.


I burned it all to the ground and transcended out of ALL OF IT.

And I never went blonde again lmaoo 😆

If you can remotely relate to ANY of the above, you may be asking: Well, what happened Ash?

Energy Work, that’s what happened my friends.

After discovering spiritual awakening & freaking out about what was happening to me, I discovered the Chakras.

The Chakras and Learning about Energy work completely healed my emotional damage I was constantly experiencing due to my own Past conditioning.

My Life was FLIPPED upside down –

But I?
Never felt more FREE, Emotionally Fulfilled, Confident, owning my Power and Voice, Unleashing my Self-expression, & most of all Believing in my self again.

Yesterday I shopped for a bikini – 5-10 years ago there was NO WAY I would let myself do that.

My Confidence has Grown.
My boundaries are solid.
My Standards are Raised.
I have more acceptance on who i am than I’ve ever had.
I don’t look for validation anymore –
and I have So. Much. Joy in my Life
Creating, Expressing, building the business of my dreams and having a beautiful supportive partner and children to share it with

I really believe – none of that would be possible if i didn’t do the internal energetic work.

I would of been struggling with my body, hating myself, not feeling lovable. beating myself up with negative self-talk in my head all the time.

I would of been feeling unsafe, anxious, low boundaries in my relationships, SETTLING all over the place,

I would of been Ungrounded, struggling with addictions and obsessing about things – not connected to my body.

I wouldn’t of understood my intuition or my gifts –

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to grasp how to tell you the REAL TRANSFORMATION – that can occur from Energy Work.

Because it’s honestly hard to put into words how much transformation can occur when you begin to clean up what isn’t serving you anymore.

What I wrote above is from my journal reflecting on how much my life has changed since I started doing energy work in 2011 –


I can’t tell you exactly how energy work can change you –

your experience will be unique to you & your own alignment.

what i can do is show you, how much it’s transformed my life and my clients who have already done this work.

➡️ Have you done energy work before? Do you have Questions about Energy work or how to get started? Drop a Comment Below and let me know – I love hearing from you all.

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