You may not know this, but I am certified in reiki. I learned a lot of the teachings back in 2012. But I actually learned about the Chakras First FROM a reiki master teacher  – #irony. 

My understanding of the chakras has been different from the get-go. I am so grateful that I learned the chakras in such a unique way that focused on the Law of attraction. It’s helped me develop my framework inside of The Ultimate Chakra Academy. 

Chakras are MORE than color therapy

Most chakra teachings are very textbook and surface level. It isn’t unlikely to come across healing methods that focus on color therapy, crystals, doing yoga asanas or god forbid someone saying to go lay in nature to heal your chakras.  – 

this barely scratches the surface of the deep seeded Internal work you are capable of doing with the chakra system. I honestly have to roll my eyes a little…

As I’ve expanded my studies on subconscious reprogramming, I began creating my own system of Merging Limited belief work WITH Emotional healing in the chakra system. 

I distinctly remember when i received the download for this – partly because i RARELY see anyone teach it like this. Most teachings are focusing on surface level techniques that BARELY scratch the surface with the deep seeded internal emotional healing work that can produce such profound emotional fulfillment when you use the chakra system correctly. 

This is part of the reason why I choose Chakra Healing over Reiki.

do not get me wrong here, I personally LOVE both systems but honestly, they are wildly different.

I use them for different things and I find that it’s important to understand WHY they are so different so you can also see the benefit of both. 

It really puts a Name and A Label on what is happening to you

if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what the heck is a light body?’ or “how do i understand my energy?” 

I totally understand! This is why I continuously come back to the chakras. They have especially helped me put a name to what was happening to me in my spiritual awakening. it also helped produce so much emotional healing and helped me rewire beliefs! 

If you’ve ever been curious on how they are different

you gotta take the time to watch this week’s episode! 

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