Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: Did I have a Spiritual Awakening or Kundalini Awakening? 

I’m sure you’re like, “But Ashley, Aren’t they REALLY the same thing?” 

I used to think so! but now i’m not so sure, after talking to tons and tons of people on the Awakening Path – they are different! 

We can have various experiences as we wake up. For example, Kundalini Awakening is WILDLY different than the process of Spiritual Awakening as a concept.  

So What is Kundalini?

In ancient origins, the mythology written down is that Kundalini rising is essentially what produces Kundalini awakening. Kundalini is located in the sacrum. It’s coiled at the base of the spine in the root chakra and for many people, it’s asleep. Basically, it’s DORMANT ENERGY.

For Example, how most people live their lives, as the story says, that Kundalini is asleep at our sacrum, and due to this, most people are only living in those lower chakras. During an awakening, We have what is known as “Kundalini Rising” or Kundalini Ascension”.

Now when we have Kundalini rising start to happen, something triggers our Kundalini awake and it starts to rise up through the chakras and turn on all of this dormant energy that’s been asleep for possibly years or lifetimes.

It starts to open up all of this energy that was dormant in our nervous system. As a result, all of this New Energy starts to flood into our consciousness and our personal awareness of who we are.

We Begin Activating the Subtle Energy Channels

This is why we start to turn on all of these subtle channels and subtle ways of looking at the world begin to open up our perception. So all of this energy starts to turn on like a light switch in our brain! Like Pop! Then, all of a sudden we have access to, what Bob Proctor calls “the higher faculties of the mind” and they start to turn on.

This is what most people know as “psychic abilities”. We have Heightened intuition start to show up. Likewise, we have more of that Clair-sentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and all of these different types of psychic abilities start to turn on. this is Due to we’re tuning in more to the subtle frequencies of the world around us that a lot of Muggles or “normies” are unconscious to.

When it happens with Kundalini awakening, it’s suddenly like everything’s flipped upside down.

And you are like coming at it from the energy of being a newborn, who never learned how to walk yet… Where all of a sudden you have to navigate through that and this is what makes Kundalini awakening so jarring it’s due to the activation of those higher Faculties in the Mind. You begin to “turn on” or activate your higher chakras.

Now here is where we feel like we’re insane, life is crazy, or we feel like our entire relationships are flipped upside down as we begin to raise our consciousness. Then we have the dark night of the soul occur, and we have all of these experiences start to happen because of that Kundalini rising energy.

Now Spiritual Awakening is an Entirely Different Experience than that because of how it occurs.

and i’ll tell you why in this week’s episode.  😉

Here’s a preview,
In this Episode, We Cover:

1. What are the key differences between Kundalini and simply having a spiritual awakening

2. My personal opinion about Kundalini awakening

3. Understanding the origins of Kundalini vs A Spiritual Awakening Experience

Don’t miss out on this important information about your spiritual journey!

What do you think?

Are you having a spiritual or kundalini awakening? 

Are you still uncertain if you’re even awakening? 

Maybe this episode will help clear it up for you! 

let me know in the comments!

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the difference of Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Awakening


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