Are you feeling spiritually aligned? Are you noticing signs of spiritual misalignment in your life? Do you even know what the heck i’m talking about?! Maybe you’ve asked yourself in the past “But how do i even know if i’m in spiritual alignment or misalignment? What even is the difference between them?”

Well my friend, thats exactly what we’re talking about today and oooh this one is packed with critical information for understanding your Spiritual Alignment.

Why is Spiritual Alignment important?

One of the things that really shed a ton of light for me personally, was understanding the difference between realizing what Misalignment felt like in my body versus alignment. And I think this is funny because I talk about this a lot in a lot of my courses, but I talk a lot about how sometimes just the fact of defining something for yourself and bringing in that awareness of what it means can shed so much light and just awareness on your perception of that particular concept.

I felt the same about the concept of lack versus abundance. For example, mentally defining Abundance for myself versus lack consciousness helped me really understand how to start attracting more abundance for myself.

So I thought we’d do the same thing here.

Alignment is a bit of a buzzword in the spiritual community, and while maybe you know what alignment is, maybe you don’t know when you’re in alignment versus misalignment! So I thought we’d do a little bit of a polarity dance today of what is the difference between the two of them.

Spiritual alignment is about understanding free-flowing energy with your personal well-being.

Let’s just take a step back here and let me just explain what is alignment anyway?

What is Alignment?

Alignment is the path of least resistance in your body, essentially it feels like the path of least negativity. So if you’re not familiar with resistance, just think of it as the pathway of least negativity and force, because alignment is flowy – it’s the total opposite of feeling pushy.

It has a free-flowing energy.

Now misalignment will feel the opposite!

We’re going to cover exactly what this looks like in this week’s episode,

Let’s Go Over the 5 ways you know you’re spiritually aligned vs the 5 ways you’re not! Tune in and Watch Below or Check out the podcast episode

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