I’m sure by now you may be having the question: what do I do After Kundalini awakening happens to me? I mean this was one of those questions that HAUNTED me for a while.

It was a question I always had in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until my daughter was first born in 2015, I really started to have the slap in the face moment, by asking myself:

How can I Apply Spiritual Awakening back to my life?

I remember vividly this time because I was stressed the eff out with a Newborn and a toddler who was potty training. It was one of the least glamorous times in my life because not only was i sleep-deprived but I was also juggling a ton of things at once. I was starting my website/business, freelancing for a friend with not much pay, I was being a mother of two under two and I was definitely having a spiritual identity crisis ( maybe from sleep deprivation..who’s to say.) So I had a lot of what we call, “fuck this shit” moments and one of the most pivotal was when I really got on my knees and asked the Universe “what is the damn point of knowing spiritual enlightenment when my reality is feeling like shit right now?!”

That was the real question – when i cooled down, it really translated to “What do I do after spiritual awakening? I understand secrets to the universe, I’ve had ego death, this is great and all but….how does this remotely connect to my physical life?!” Have you ever asked yourself this question?

We hear all the live long day about the signs of awakening and the stages of awakening but what about WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?! What comes next?!

And It was in those moments of surviving on hot pockets and breastfeeding, I began to realize, in shock, THAT WAS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT. The whole point of spiritual awakening was to begin applying it back to my life. That was the real evolution i kept searching for…So I started reconnecting to my higher self and asking this question over and over again, until i started to get some clear answers.


I’m starting to write my Kundalini Awakening book and one of the biggest shifts has been realizing Spiritual Awakening is the Inner Hero’s Journey. If you’ve never heard of this concept before, it’s a theory of storytelling by Joseph Campbell where there are pivotal moments in every story that transform an ordinary person into the transformation of the Hero. This concept is written in almost ALL incredible books, media and cinema as we know it, IF you really pay attention. This is what makes any story into a PAGETURNING JAW-DROPPING MASTERPIECE. It’s the Hero’s journey.

Now I hear your ego pipe up “HERO” – This implies “specialness’ which is the EGO’S JOURNEY. Sit down, let me explain. The core process of Spiritual Awakening as I properly explain in my new Series “The Spiritual awakening roadmap” is that Hero is merely an archetype and there are different archetypes that illustrate properly your journey on the spiritual awakening path. After listening to nearly thousands or more people explain spiritual awakening and their own stories, there are SAME pivotal moments that occur on repeat for people.

At this point, it’s safe to say, everyone who has a spiritual awakening experiences a time of being the Soul searcher, who is searching for their path. In the same regard, most people who have kundalini awakening experience Ego death or ego transcendence where their identity shifts and changes. That’s why I wanted to elaborate on each of these core common phases that we each experience. There are core archetypes we experience during spiritual awakening and I created the roadmap to understand them. You can sign up for that series below:

Fast forward from that moment with the baby, I began to realize: every download I received, every message that came to me, every synchronicity that hit me – it was all HELPING ME like silent angelic whispers improve my life. I began to listen to that inner voice(intuition/higher self) and I started to use that to begin creating realignment in my life. It wasn’t always easy but the intuitive nudges started becoming louder the MORE I ignored them, sound familiar?

I began to apply spiritual principles back to my life. In yoga, we call this ‘taking the asanas of your yogic practice off the mat’. It means to take the mindfulness, Self-awareness, and enlightenment you possess and begin practicing it in the core elements of your life beyond just your spiritual practice. If you were to take a memory lane trip and read some of my earlier articles you will see JUST THAT. Articles on Applying spiritual awakening, the art of letting go, how to apply a mindful morning ritual into your life and so forth. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Starseed, from the Orion constellation, or reincarnated Cleopatra….what matters deeply is WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT?! AND ARE YOU LIVING FROM YOUR CORE VALUES?

Are you focused on what matters to you?

Because here’s the sad truth, that spiritual practice means hardly anything if after meditating you didn’t learn from that, period. You didn’t apply what you downloaded, you stayed in inaction or you froze because you received the message to do something wildly different than what you thought you should keep doing – even though you HATE IT and you STILL SETTLE. When I gave up my freelancing VA and graphic design job from my friend, it was HARD but necessary.

I realized if I keep just doing work for everyone else I would be ALWAYS putting my dreams, my business, and my desires last. Looking back it was ridiculous, I was creating her facebook graphics, writing her crystal descriptions for her shop and writing up her copy for her social media platforms. Everything I wanted to start to do for my own work?! I got the download to quit. It wasn’t easy, it broke our friendship and I knew it was my aligned path to get me back to where i really wanted to go – making my own online business. It was my stepping stone to commit to my vision. If i didn’t listen to that nudge, you wouldn’t of even saw this blog today…our intuition is so fucking powerful.

Sometimes we don’t always realize that when we choose to walk away from what no longer serves us, we might not even comprehend all the magic, abundance, and new opportunities that are on the other side of that.

This is exactly the power that occurs when you begin applying the spiritual principles back to your life, you start creating realignment in your everyday experiences.

Onward to the episode!

What I share in this week’s episode is the top three things you can do immediately after kundalini awakening to help you move forward and begin applying them back to your life.

In my opinion, if you’re not focused on these 3 things, you are missing out on vital steps on your spiritual journey that could DRASTICALLY help you. As I’ve practiced these 3 concepts, they have given me more peace of mind, Self-Acceptance, and more Present Awareness on who I am and even my purpose.

Tune into the Episode for a Full Download:

so what do you think? Which of the 3 concepts really pulled at your soul? If you’re NOT new to spiritual awakening, what were YOUR OWN Top three things you’ve applied that have drastically helped you? Share with us in the community comments to help support others!

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