When I first started the Mind-Body Revolution Experiment I was inspired from two different angles: 

The Power of the Compound Effect 

And 90 Day Transformations that you often see in fitness. 

Incorporating a Challenge that is both Mental, Emotional, Habit-forming, and Physically demanding – was a really Disorienting challenge for me. However the Mental, Emotional and even physical changes I have seen so far have been really eye-opening in many ways. 

That is why this week, I want to talk about some classic manifestation 101 – Detaching from the Outcome and embracing the pleasure of the journey. 

When I first read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy I agreed with a lot of what was said about decision compounded over time yields results but it felt like so much was MISSING from this theory. 

The thing about goals is we have to also account for our programming, our generational makeup and all the previous behaviors we have picked up that are literally hitting up against the new goal, the new reality, or the new habit we’re trying to create. 

So in the mind-body experiment when we work the system of detoxing our doubt and embodying the person – we’re hitting up against that wall you created every single time. 

And as I’ve learned, slowly over time you begin to create a hole in the wall you created – whereas before it was REALLY REALLY HARD to do! 

But then the more you kept chipping at the wall – you started to feel more like you could be on the other side. Eventually, through the compound effect, we begin to accelerate that momentum, and the wall begins to fall away entirely. 

In the process of the wall falling….we may experience setbacks or feel discouraged on the journey. 

But Those are the moments – where spaciousness is needed. I think this is interesting – rather than continuing to PUSH through the wall – It’s actually better to go take a break or something. Because what you actually need

Is to now create space for Receiving.

That is why we need to create space. 

When we don’t create space – we may be trying to focus on our goals from an energy that isn’t supportive mentally or emotionally of those goals. 

And we do that best by Prioritizing Pleasure. 

So this week we’re going to talk a little on the part of the planner where it says daily ‘personal pleasures’ and why that’s important 🙂 

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