The Mind-Body Revolution: 5 Mindset Habits for Manifesting Success – Day 85

We are entering the end of the Mind-body revolution series and I have some powerful Mindset habits to share today.

I am giving you a summary of the 3 habits of the experiment that have been changing my life.

Plus we’re going to talk about how 2 specific habits helped me a TON with Staying committed to following through on my goals.

Can you guess what they are? Tune into the video below to find out.

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What we talked about today?

At day 85 of a 90 day Journey, I have seen both mental, emotional, physical and mindset shifts around.

+ Progress at day 85 How the Mind-body connection influences your goals

+ What it really takes to create a new habit and commit to the follow through

+ My top 5 Mindset Habits from the Experiment that helped the most with manifestation

so much more. 

Tune in for the Full Video Lesson & Progress update at day 85! Below: 

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If you are following along on the Mind-Body Revolution Experiment, Keep Going! I am so proud of you! Sometimes breaking habits are not always easy, but the reward is totally worth it 🙂 

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