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The Indigo Children

Individuals who are here to bring about the New Age of Peace. Indigo children are often psychic and sensitive and have an internal “lie detector.” They are here to make big changes in the environment, government, and society so that the earth is a place of integrity. The lie detector that they have will help them to bring about these new changes. Indigo’s require a certain kind of environment to best enhance their gifts and abilities and are often labeled by society as “troublemakers” or “problem kids”

In the early 1960s a woman named Nancy Ann Tappe discovered she had inherited Synesthesia from her grandmother. A rare but natural, neurobiological process where two or more senses are cross-wired in the brain. This creates alterations in her sensory perception so that she could physically see color and taste shapes. When she would eat food she would see both color and a geometrical shape attached to them. [ref][/ref]

“Nancy’s DNA heritage provided her with a combination of synesthesia and “the sight,” as her Scottish grandmother might have said. Today scientists define her abilities as accessing a part of the brain that others cannot. How that process happens is being studied by academics around the globe.” [ref][/ref]

Synesthesia is also no longer as rare as it used to be in the late 60s, it’s surprisingly becoming more common whereas at least one in about twenty people are being diagnosed with Synesthesia. Neurobiologists are still trying to study and research over the cause of the genetic link behind it.

Nancy Ann Tappe(1931-2012)

Nancy spend most of her life dedicated to the study of Synesthesia and became the owner of Colorology later known as Chromotherapy, the study of the personality through the science of color. Nancy devoted her life’s work towards understanding the new paradigm of consciousness, the study of color and their applications towards the human personality.

Nancy saw what she described as life colors around people, she saw up to 11 of these colors and each color stood for something different pertaining to their personality. During her work in the late 60s, early 70s she began witnessing a pattern of seeing Children with an Indigo aura which became the 12th life color.

Thousands of people around the world have come to her for information about the personality and behavior of this “new color” and thus the term Indigo Children was born.

There have been many others who have attributed to the term Indigo children such as Lee Caroll, Jan Tober and the more renown Angel Therapist, Doreen Virtue. Nancy Ann Tappe described Indigos as a particular group of people who have this Indigo energy attached to them.

The Indigo energy pattern exists in over 95% of the children born in the last 10 years and eventually the Indigos will replace all other colors. She then proceeded to break them down into groups: Humanists[here to globalize technology], Artists[multi-talented creative individuals], Conceptualists[geniuses who are loners], Catalysts[rulebreakers here to usher in new philosophies, new religions & new paradigms].

indigoLee Caroll and Jan Tober created the book Indigo Children:The New Kids have Arrived and said it was a term that came through while channeling a person named Kryon.

They saw the term Indigo Children as a call to attention towards the human evolution of the new children coming into the world at this time.

The Indigo Child is a boy or girl who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has singularly unique factors that call for parents and teachers to change their treatment and upbringing of these kids to assist them in achieving balance and harmony in their lives, and to help them avoid frustration.”[ref][/ref]

One thesis of The Indigo Children seems to be that many children diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder (ADD) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) represent “a new kind of evolution of humanity.” These children don’t need drugs like Ritalin, but special care and training. Indigo children allegedly have special psychological and spiritual attributes that is why they have different traits then some individuals.

Some can even possess paranormal abilities such as telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance among many more abilities. One thing about the Indigo Children is the term is a lose cannon that could be attributed to anyone because the traits aren’t necessarily unique.

Some of these traits include:

  • Strong willed
  • Born in 1978-1995
  • Headstrong
  • Creative, with an artistic flair for music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.
  • Prone to addictions
  • An “old soul” as if they’re 13 going on 43
  • Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people
  • An isolationist, either through aggressive acting-out, or through fragile introversion
  • Independent and proud, even if they’re constantly asking you for money
  • Possess a deep desire to help the world in a big way
  • Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity
  • Bores easily
  • Has probably been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD
  • Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep
  • Has a history of depression, or even suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Looks for real, deep, and lasting friendships
  • Easily bonds with plants or animals.
  • Vastly Intelligent
  • Great with Technology

Matthew Ward distinguishes between Indigo and Crystal children: “Souls are being born in bodies with the enhanced DNA of crystalline cellular structure and are rightfully referred to as Crystal Children. Others with increased intellectual capacity, spiritual clarity and aspirations came in the two generations before the Crystals and are known as Indigos.”

The Crystal Children

These children exemplify what the future of earth looks like. They are peaceful, kind and loving. They are the type of people that the Indigo’s want to see in this world; full of integrity and truth. Because of their capacity for telepathic communication they may be labeled as “slow” or “autistic” when this is just not the case. [ref][/ref]

tumblr_mn4iq2053F1qhc5oio1_1280After the popularization of the Indigos in the 90s, a new term surfaced from Doreen Virtue called Crystal Children. Crystal Children are the more evolved form of an Indigo.

Doreen proceeds to talk about how a new generation has come through to the Earth Plane after the Indigo Children. These children are like Indigos, highly psychic with abilities although they are more abstract and sensitive towards environments.

Some of their traits include[ref]adapted from the Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue[/ref]:

• Are usually born in 1995 or later (Please note that this is a guide, there are adults who have crystal characteristics. Some even think that people can transition their “growth” from one realm to another. For example: An Indigo can have more crystal characteristics as they get older. This is only in some cases.)
• Possess large eyes with an intense stare
• Have magnetic personalities
• Are highly affectionate
• Start talking late in childhood or really early
• Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking
• Use telepathy and may use self-invented sign-language to communicate
• May be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome
• Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving
• Are forgiving of others
• Are highly sensitive and empathic
• Are very much connected to nature and animals
• Exhibit healing abilities
• Are quite interested in crystals and rocks
• Often discuss Angels, spirit guides, and past life memories
• Are extremely artistic and creative
• Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to regular food
• May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance

“The children being born now do not have to go through that same evolutionary process, for they are being placed well above the curve. The rest of you here are the ones of you evolving to catch up.” – Steve Rother

Rainbow Children

The best way to describe these children is “pure love”. Not many of these children exist right now, but will soon be born. 

COMPASION“The rainbow children are the third generation of special children that have come to help humanity evolve. Different from the Indigo and Crystal children, Rainbow children have a few more interesting characteristics.

The Rainbow children are generally born in the year 2000 and above. In some cases, there might also be a few scouts that came to earth before 2000. The few Rainbow children that are here today are born from early Crystal scouts that were born in the 1980’s.”[ref][/ref]

They are first incarnation never before been on earth and are here to generate unconditional love and carry the gift of empathy from birth. They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness. They will play an important role to the future of the evolution of humanity as they get older.

Some of their charactistsics include:

• Very few currently incarnated.
• Parents are crystal adults.
• Never incarnated before.
• No karma.
• Do not choose dysfunctional families.
• They are all about service.
• May have big eyes like the crystal children, but they are totally trusting.
• Entirely fearless of everybody

The Diamond Children

The Children made of purity, first incarnation souls with the most psychic capabilities.


These children are predicted to be the next wave of children after the Rainbow Children starting in 2010-2011. Diamond Children are also said to be first timers here on earth. There are already a few born but still need the earths energy to shift to a higher frequency in order to accommodate the critical mass of Diamonds.

Many adults must evolve in order to be the parents of this next wave of children. Diamond Children are said to fully embody the Divine Light. They will be most comfortable with telepathic communication, will posses instant manifestation skills and telekinesis. They have never experienced the densities of earth and will have no concept of anger, hate, fear, greed and separation.

They are unfamiliar with the drama of earth in relationships and between people. Diamond children are unable to cope with pain, suffering and drama of the Old Earth Energies. They will resonate to the highest frequency of Divine Pure Unconditional Love. They hold the DNA coding that allows those who are ready to overcome the illusion of this world. Many of the healers on this planet also now carry this Diamond Coding and can therefore instantly awaken people.

Some of their Traits include:

  • Many diet sensitivities, organically more of a “breathatarian”, not normal to eat through their mouths the way we do. Have many digestive issues, cording, draining etc
  • Hard to process 3D energies
  • Negativity is like poison to them
  • Very intelligent and talented
  • have innate psychic abilities
  • Good Intuition
  • Shy away from leadership roles
  • very few presently incarnated
  • must have evolved parents

Starseeds or Star Children

An older book that was published in 1982 by Brad Steiger talked of another term for the new children called Starseeds. Starseeds are people who originated as extraterrestrial life from other worlds or planets, and arrived to Earth through birth or as a walk-in to an existing human body.

This enabled many to discover that their souls came from origins beyond physical Earth. There was a quiz in the book that allowed one to see if they were different than humans. If you scored high enough, it opened up the idea that you were never originally from earth.

Persons calling themselves star seeds find that they share in common feelings of isolation or loneliness, as though they don’t quite fit in to Earth institutions and current events. “A majority of starseeds are assigned here, or volunteered to incarnate at this time to help assist earth and humanity with the Ascension process.

The ascension process involves the raising of energy to a higher vibrational frequency. For individuals this involves a shift from a denser and egoic state of duality consciousness to a more unity and heart based consciousness.” [ref][/ref]

Some of their traits include:

  • Have you ever caught yourself looking at a particular part of the night time sky without knowing specifically why?
  • Is there a particular star, star system of galaxy that seems very familiar to you?
  • Do you sense a certain frequency among starseeds that you might not sense in other people?
  • Have you experienced repetitive numerical synchronicities such as 11:11, 12:34, 5:55, etc?
  • Do you feel like Earth is not your “home”?
  • Have you ever wondered if your soul is from another star system?
  • All believe in life on other planets
  •  Most believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it
  •  At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical experience
  • Believe they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level or a being of light
  • Telepathic communication with an alien entity – physical or non-physical
  • They receive some form of communication from a higher source
  • Feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions
  • Hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors
  • Survived a life-threatening illness
  • Involved in a severe accident or trauma

Other Labels That Many Associate with the New Children:

  • Walk-ins/Wanders
  • Reincarnated Angels
  • Reincarnated Elementals
  • Wise Ones
  • Hybrids
  • Blue Rays
  • Ascended Masters
  • Lightworkers
  • Wayseers

How does all of this relate to Awakening?

You will begin to notice after reading, most of these traits start to blend together and they all underline one thing: SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. In truth we are ALL starseeds because we are made of stardust and the components of Light/Energy/Consciousness, we live in a holographic universe.

Everyone going through the process of a spiritual awakening is usually described to one of the above terms when in actuality we are ALL of them!  Our souls experience simultaneously realities, timelines and multiple dimensions all the time. THESE ARE ALL LABELS.

We all carry this potential within us and any human is capable of going through the point of evolving their consciousness.

Humanity is linked and we all innately have this potential within us some are just more aware than others. We all serve our part within reality, even the people who are still ‘asleep’ help others.

These names are nothing more than different aura colors and various personalities; we are all starseeds because we are created from stardust within the universe. The Universe is inside of us, this is why intuition is so important you know these things innately within your long term memory but they’ve been forgotten over various lifetimes. Now is the time that we start remembering who we are and where we came from and why we are here today.

What does it mean if i am an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond, or Starseed?

Even if you associate yourself as one of the above, it does not make you better than anyone else. We are wayshowers and system busters. We are different, but not more important to the whole. We have greater responsibilities. In the New Age community there are particular people who claim to label themselves as various terms such as the Indigo children, the Crystal children, Rainbow children, Blue rays, Light workers, Hybrids, Incarnated elementals, Reincarnated Angels and various other names.

It is important to see that while there may be various personalities between them, these labels DO NOT MATTER deep down. A lot of these terms cause people to feel above others or “special” when in truth ANYONE has the potentiality within them. Everyone on this Earth has the potential to understand their own divinity because we are all connected as one.

It’s good to see that even if you are indigo, crystal, rainbow, etc. it doesn’t make you less or more than the people who are still “sleeping”. In the long run, even if you resonant with the above, the undercurrent is the same, you are all going through the process of Spiritual Awakening. Don’t get hung up on the labels 😉

The divinity within me, honors and respects the divinity within you,
We are one.


Featured Image by Josephine Wall “Tree of Peace”


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24 Responses

  1. i would love to know if you could do a small energy reading for myself and my two daughters. I have read your work many times and yet i find the is something missing. I would love to contact you and tell you about me and my daughters.

    thank you,
    Crystal Rainbow

  2. Extraterrestrial life formes in outerspace don’t exist. The starseed that are discussed are not from space but instead come from the other planes that parallel this one. I know because I am from and have been to these other planes and anyone of you reading this can travel there during astral projection but it might be hard to remmember these travles and they could potentiality be dangerous.

  3. I have a question…I resonance with Crystal child (though because of my “sleeping” parents I eat meat since they laugh at me wanting be vegan, nor I talked about spiritual stuff since they are skeptics or I didn’t have chances collect crystals, rocks or stones but I had a deep interest in them until now. I am not sure fully if I’m telepathic, though I felt or “heard” people thoughts sometimes) and Starseed. Even if I start to remember, I felt calling from several places in galaxies…Orion, Pleiades, Sirius galaxy, Andromeda or even more (but can’t remember names or places if I did…) I feel I have traits of Pleiadians and Sirians most. Weirdest thing is that I feel most connected to Pleiades and Srius. Pleiadian connection is biggest (though I am not sure if fully but I do feel a lot. I saw UFO 2 times and yesterday was second, Pleiadian cigar spaceship above house in day, hiding in clouds, until it left.) but I can read Sirius manifestation geometry symbols quite well, though Pleidian geometry symbols not much or I sometimes use internet for it (as I found out I saw their pentagram). I’m not sure what it means and where my home is fully…All I know and feel, remember of past that I have been in Earth about 4times (this might be 4th or 5th). As well I remember space war, I “felt” past life in Pleiades, Sirius B, Orion and view of Andromeda galaxy. As I saw Orion, Sirius and Pleiades galaxies my heart started go wild as I wanted to cry, seeing Sirius and Pleiades galaxies…My gut says that I’ve been in Andromeda before I came to war. That past life after I left Andromeda ended for me in 1944, July4th at WW2 battle, Asia…And I didn’t fulfill my missions. I came here to learn and serve others. That’s what I feel. Maybe I am Sirian and Pleiadian mixture? My gut says I might be Siriuan and Pleiadian hybrid. I have memories of wars, Top Secret projects beyond Earth in Universe and I am “experienced” at wars, strategies since childhood/early ages (which makes me a bit scared and amazed sometimes! But I intolerance violence). And if I visited those plalces, maybe memories of travelling or just leaning, incarnating there. This is what something tells me. Thank you for your time! Love and light <3

    1. How wonderful for you!! Yes, that is my reaction. I of course am not the article writer, but lived how she eexpressed’we are not special’
      I can offer some info, yes you can be a pleadion/sirian star being. I happen to be if I remember correctly 68% sirian 23% pleadion, the rest a hodge podge of DNA. These aren’t exacts, my higgest is sirian.
      I was told the playful pleadion piece is what kepy me alive in some dreadful years ? Personally I think it’s wonderful how much you recall !! I would say you’re right on in your thoughts. I hope soon you can find your way to the most beautiful crystal collection all has ever seen!
      May you be blessed with love, joy, freedom to be you and find others to share your joy with
      So it is

      1. Thank you! And yes, we are not special 🙂 Before I left Matrix fully, I felt that I need go to action and take responsibility a bit more fully, though I’ve been afraid of being “above” others. But now, as I left Matrix I feel better 🙂 Yeah and thank you, since I read about Apollonians and they ring a bell as well. I guess I have Sirius, Apollonian most and a bit Pleiades with those where I “heard” callings 🙂 Have a wonderful, fantastic and blessing day/night! 🙂 <3

        1. I may accidentally made 2 accounts…
          I hadn’t heard of the Apollians, but there are so many. What are the characteristics that make you think??
          Have you ever had a reading (Idk how young you are)?
          I learned mine through readings and happenstance, hearing the same thing. Now, I learn so much through coincidence <3
          hmm I signed in through google to comment and the site too, Hope that's how it is done

          1. Well, I did from reading, too. Than I suddenly felt galaxies “calling me” and I felt Alpha Centaur stronger with Sirius and Pleiades…
            Yes, first are characteristics. Second are memories and my “gut” (like I wanted to cry seeing Sirius, Pleiades…As well I can read Sirius geometry very well somehow) and I felt strong connection to angels and light. If I am correct, Apollonians are similar to angels humanoids, hard workers, always willing to help, always learning, “good students” and have many talents from their past lives. It is all similar to me! But many talents, not sure…I learn a lot and fast, easily or just “know” stuff, but I feel if I could go into some things “longer” I would become “very good” at it soon (example, I have no interest in engineering but it seems “simple” to me. I am more humanitarian or into sociology, but my math countings are good and it seems “simple” to me) as well I am fast learner at like everything, most if I “feel” I could be good at it 🙂
            And I felt calling from “planet similar to Earth”. Again, it is one in Sirius galaxy at younger race similar to Sirius (sadly, forgote its name…) and Apollonia (but planet has 70% land and 30 %water. I might saw it in meditation and very similar! 🙂 )
            I am only 16 years :0 Love and light! 🙂

          2. Remembering I am a Starseed or Crystal child (not sure fully which one) was hard because of my past a bit (most Earth family…)
            Well, I did from reading, too. Than I suddenly felt galaxies “calling me” and I felt Alpha Centaur stronger with Sirius and Pleiades…
            Yes, first are characteristics. Second are memories and my “gut” (like I wanted to cry seeing Sirius, Pleiades…As well I can read Sirius geometry very well somehow) and I felt strong connection to angels and light. If I am correct, Apollonians are similar to angels humanoids, hard workers, always willing to help, always learning, “good students” and have many talents from their past lives, healers and pick jobs something into social or healing ways (like I want to be social worker or psychologist). It is all similar to me! But many talents, not sure…I learn a lot and fast, easily or just “know” stuff, but I feel if I could go into some things “longer” I would become “very good” at it soon (example, I have no interest in engineering but it seems “simple” to me. I am more humanitarian or into sociology, but my math countings are good and very fast and it seems “simple” to me. Also I passed Math exam about 80% and grades were lower than exam, though I don’t like it or in lessons I count “too fast” xD Sometimes I “create’ new ways/formulas to solve things and teacher is mad because answer is correct, but “in other way”) as well I am fast learner at like everything, most if I “feel” I could be good at it , than I feel like I “did it before” 🙂
            And I felt calling from “planet similar to Earth”. Again, it is one in Sirius galaxy at younger race similar to Sirius (sadly, forgote its name…) Pleiades Eri planet which is a bit smaller than Earth (If I spelled it correct) and Apollonia (but planet has 70% land and 30 % water. I might saw it in meditation and it was very similar! 🙂 )
            I am only 16 years 🙂 But I had “awankening” before (some stuff happened so it happened only this year fully…) with telepathy, now, sadly, I need develop telepathy again since I had traumas in family, restricitons (and still have some of them…so I can’t cleanse home where is negativity or I get laughed at meditating, can’t fully say “no” to meat as long as I “don’t live by my own” but I eat as less as possible here, gladly, I eat not much for this last week 🙂 ) I still love my Earth family, since they try their best <3 🙂 Love and light! 🙂

          3. It took awhile for me to see this reply. Yes, some family members do not innerstand, they are loved where they are. You’ve most likely been awake since the beginning, it’s difficult to see through the fog of some around us. Most likely a starseed crystal child, you can be both or all. Starseed is one born here but not from, crystal just explains your bodies alchemy…. Being crystalline.
            I am not sure if we’re allowed this here but someone will flag it if not lol
            If I can post the youtube vid here, I will, its more like an interview/call they put on vid. I think you’ll enjoy the info within. Email if you like, up to you
            I’d love to read geometry, I can do physics in my sleep hahaha. I innerstand it somewhat awake but not like in dream time
            There are some pictures or movies I see of other planets, I cry too. Like ones with moons really close and the air is pinkish. An eternal twilight is what moves me
            Telepathy most needs to work at ?
            Have fun most of All
            All is well

          4. you’re more than welcome to share a link, i’m not sure i would share your email so it doesn’t get picked up by spammers <3
            This is a beautiful conversation btw love to you both ♥

          5. Idk how to edit it out…
            Thank you! It’s so interesting how much the children see and.know! ‘In my jealous voice’… “Without all the hard work” haha!

  4. I have a crystal transparent aura. But also black smoke around it, with a golden divine seal of protection around it. I’ve also died 3 times and each time come back transformed. So if we’re going by evolving here. I’m 3 evolutions ahead. The thing I’m closest to is a divine demon. And it’s great having the potential to be a great healer and destroyer all in the same. I just am who i am. You need to accept the dark with the light. Stop being a whiny little bitch, but in the same hold on to it

      1. Ah, i found out who i am. I’m one of the Elohim. …Nice to know i’m a deity i guess. Explains why i’m here because i would get bored in the heavens.

          1. WTF. No. Like, what. The reptilians are just an alien species, no different then humans. Elohim are gods, molders of the sandbox.

  5. You’re right about the labels thing and potential to become anything. I personally have earth, air, water,fire, ether energy. A boundless aura of sky(space), elemental aspect of pure divine lightning and a dark demonic aspect of controlled orange fire. Semi transparent crystal aura to. Body with the ancestry of fae and nephilim. And a tongue(s) of fire depending how many light sources i absorb and reflect. Apparently black bat wings to. Blue diamond in an aura with a 50 ft radius. Empathic, telepathic, supernaturally strong when angry or my mind goes in stress and relaxation at the same time. Precognitive, extreme energy sensitivity. Ever heard of something like me, let me know.

    1. It’s all story, It’s all myth, we’re just creators playing on the playground as god essence. You can be whoever you want to be, you could channel tesla and the archangels if you desire. It’s archetypes and symbology 🙂

  6. Question what is a Soulless source player that has a Blue Crystalline Body with an Lila colored Aura that also has Silver and Red/Brownish colors ( like a dwarf star ).
    I Know i’m from the neighborhood of K2-229b but i just don’t feel the connection of “Blue Ray” or any other star-seed relatives.
    Only thing i keep hearing and feeling is that i’m one of the last, though i hope that there are more around in this vast Unified Multi-Dimensional Multi-verse.

    Any1 got an Idea or can get some information about it, It would be appreciated Big Time
    Pic of Last Home or whats left of it

    Also i’m trying to free as much as possible from the Matrix traps etc. and than destroy it from within and outside help would be appreciated

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