It seems like the energy coming through isn’t letting up its only growing stronger and stronger, like a container ready to burst. I’ve been personally been having a hard time processing and navigating these energies until I came upon a deep revelation the other day. We are having a hard time with these energies because the barriers are down and what this means is everything internal is starting to manifest into the physical. Everything you were containing internally is starting to manifest in the physical. We are moving full circle and you can just feel it in the air. This energy is building for a reason! It is about understanding are you playing the projector or the creator of your circumstances.

robert-montgomery-quote-are-you-really-listening-or-are-you-just-waitiI think what this amounts to is we aren’t listening properly. All these conversations we have daily or comments on social media are generated on the fact that most of us are not listening properly to the other person. We are surrounded by barriers, talking behind screens, with endless distractions shaping and forming how we see the world around us. As we negate others opinions and belittle the simplest things such as gossiping, guilt, jealousy, anger, envy or complaining these are all direct channels from YOUR consciousness. When you do this all you are doing is projecting on other people your own internal problems. In layman’s terms when you decide to do this, you are essentially talking to yourself not the other person that you ” consciously” think you are talking to in your head. It’s all illusions generated around how we are not listening properly to individual frequencies.

We have all done this at some point maybe you had a few choice words to an exlover or got into a fight with a neighbor. All this is doing is projecting what you are feeling internally onto people into the external world. The projector is a victim of their circumstances instead of taking accountability for their actions they blame others or perchance even the world for what is happening to them. This is because they feel they are running on a script and are out of control of their own reality which isn’t remotely true. Many do this when they feel the world is out to get them or complaining nothing is going right. We are unconsciously projecting our “junk” onto others without even realizing it.

The-heart-and-brain-are-inextricably-linked-when-it-comes-to-senior-health-_379_388014_0_14084684_300I believe a huge part of this is  learning to heal the solar plexus and link it within the heart center. When the heart links with the mind we learn to concentration the will through the heart. A lot of owning up to our personal circumstances becomes an ultimate resolution of transcendence where we realize the ego is a catalyst towards CHANGE within ourselves and how we view reality. When we begin to question our ego instead of ignoring it we realize it is a symbolic teacher that is helping us transform how we view the world.

Our actions through our will power is creating a realization that we ARE the Creator of our experiences. Now the projecting channel doesn’t have to be negative if we learn to utilize it correctly. If we wield the projecting channel correctly it transforms inevitably into the channel of CREATING.  To understand this further: People are recycling(torus) stagnant energy in a karmic loop or temporal loop because they are stuck in their past memories. These karmic bonds are the ” enslavement” many new age circles talk about(illuminati bullshit, the dark ones, entities) which is basically you recycling the old world, the old thought constructs aka ” playing the victim ” as the projector.

When we stop ourselves from recycling out from the past and future we begin transcending our beliefs of who we are in the PRESENT MOMENT. Are you still with me?

This understanding generates a reveal into the fact that the projection you are producing indicates the revolving mirror reflection of our inner reality. Once we are able to listen and discern the two they transform into one embodied form known as the Creator. The reversal of a black hole is creation not destruction better known as a white hole. It creates the reversal of recycling where we begin to create from the inside force. If we align these thought constructs together it will take form into our reality to a given extend of belief and trust in the concentration of the will.

tumblr_inline_mjm53cpfpi1qz4rgpThese changes are dynamic in form because you are creating something outside of your comfort zone and this will inevitably intimidate people. It will intimidate people they do not understand what is happening to them. Many will begin feeling lost without purpose or even questioning their existence in a dissociative state. This is where we have to step in, go beyond the egocentric thoughts and start listening clearly. We are here to give each other the right steps to help others find the door that we once found upon awakening. We are THAT door. This energy is rampant, it needs a way to process, channel and control otherwise it will enable chaos. This will create a deep cognitive dissonance where many will fight the resistance of letting go of the old consciousness. The old consciousness is dying, which is why the systems all around us are starting to break and even people are reaching their breaking point. We are being pushed to the out reaches of ourselves, outside of our comfort zone(remember eclipse energy is still hanging around too!) And especially being pushed to let go of the old thought constructs. As the old consciousness dies a new evolved consciousness is being born. We are on the brink of evolution and many are blindsided by it as they stare endlessly at screens and playing the victim of their circumstances. Technology is great for connecting however by using it obsessively and compulsively we are disconnecting from our present reality. These barriers are nothing but distractions. We feel lost because there is nowhere to go until we learn to take a new direction. Take time off of the internet by focusing through conscious awareness and see PJ-AY787_bondsJ_G_20110110205751for yourself.  The universe is urging us to unplug from the old system!

We are getting stressed, anxious and angry for all the wrong reasons. Its been starting to get to me because I even noticed wearing my “old” contacts resulted in a minor infection meaning ” what was I not seeing clearly”. We play the victim of our circumstances instead of being the Creator of our thoughts we project out. We need to move on! If we keep blaming others for situations out of our control we are playing the victim by projecting on others. I’ve been so upset that I never have time because I am always dealing with somebody but I realized by not owning up to it I am not trying to go with the flow and surrendering into the present. Everything in divine timing. But the biggest thing about this statement is once we stop projecting on people and begin transforming our thoughts to better serve our reality we begin manifesting that reality instead of being the projector. Had I not had that experience I wouldn’t of  been able to figure it out so clearly.

We are not listening to others clearly we’re thinking over them or not looking into their eyes. Right now people are projecting their problems on others as the cosmic mirror reflection so if we begin listening clearly we stop projecting and find compassion for them instead.
I think this is why the energy is so strong people are starting to face themselves, their antithesis and if not awakened already many will experience the dark night of the soul. It’s just a bit unbelievable but I think it’s really starting to happen…we are getting triggered as others are being triggered.

We need to start changing our thought constructs and what we are thinking!

Maybe it is that simple but we aren’t present enough to understand the only way to stop the old paradigm is to dismantle our old conditioning patterns that LIMIT us and instead begin projecting conditions that EMPOWER us and FREE us.

Your still playing the victim because blaming is a default of not loving yourself. Ahimsa. Meaning no violence towards yourself and others. When we blame ourselves we’re enabling self-pity which is just as bad as projecting on others. It’s a matter of acceptance that you cannot control the past. We cannot stop external things that we cannot change but we can change our perspective of them.

It’s all conditioning

e1f714f7996479bd9f224933ffec4d05What you are projecting is what you are receiving. Regardless because reality is a subconscious projection formulated around your consciousness. But I think it goes beyond these labels we keep creating, it’s the visualization and the intentions we are putting out there. It’s the belief. We live as if in a bizarro world where what we think is wrong is also right. What we are resisting is exactly what we need to let go of to move on and move forward.

If we’re blaming something we’re not setting the right intentions, we’re projecting the same fears, the same bad habits instead of learning to create new better serving habits we recycle the old ones.

Your cognitive dissonance is the key to seeing beyond it.

Intentions and affirmations of the I Am statement. It’s the symbol you are embodying into reality.

Recycling is our stasis but the development of the core self is that we need to encounter the paradox of reality to see we are already on the  other side. The effect of recycling the resistance inside of you is more so a general acknowledgement that you need to face the limitlessness of reality. In other words what many individuals are creating is a building resistance,  the more the resistance exists the higher form of entropy we will begin creating into the earth plane. If collectively we begin PUSHING this resistance it will create ultimate chaos or direction less travel. The mind is a container for consciousness. In other words our mind is like a time machine. We travel to the past and to the future all the time via our thoughts. However many of us are not GROUNDING those thoughts into reality by staying present with them. Everything you see in reality is merely memories of given thought constructs. All this is memories.

This-universe-is-not-outsideMemories themselves are a way to time travel to different points of our Psyche, relive either good or bad times. Although when a memory trigger is strong, it creates something else entirely. It ensues a person to be trapped within a memory which they constantly replay over within their life. For instance a person stuck in the fear of survival will always incorporate their daily conversations and actions with family, financial issues, stress, money, and evoking fear such as death and the unknown. They are stuck in their own temporal loop of old memories. When we begin to see these frequency patterns around others it is easy to understand how many people can’t “move on” instead they continuously project them like a never-ending song on repeat or a never-ending circle. We need to face the annihilation of the ego to realize this cognitive dissonance is a constructive guide map into the mind of what we need to see and heal.

0ac61ac99dd0d58ac31aa33f1168b0edWe can’t do this alone we have to do this together. The cards are all on the table but no one wants to change the direction of the deck to a better reality. The more we evolve it’s going to become easier to see that the past illusions are over. The world will begin turning upside down while many face their own antithesis deeper and deeper the mirror reflection awakens inside the hearts of many. We are one of the many. That may seem like a simple statement but what it acknowledges is that we are creating outstanding ripples just by embodying this new energy, being alive and focusing our concentration of the will.

The mind is urging us to take a new direction. Are you ready?



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  1. I love this series! I just finished Sarah Prout’s Ancient Manifesting Ritual and found your articles as I was looking for a deeper understanding as to what is happening and the profound energy shifts I’m experiencing. The only way to describe it is being in the vibration of my chosen reality and syncing with it as the old way of being dissolves. Thank you so much for this 3 part series.

    1. Olivia that is exactly what it is about, waking up as a conscious creator as the old you dissolves. Beautifully said! Sarah’s amazing, I love her light messages. Thank you for the love. blessings ♥


        1. oh you’re going to love it! I especially like the energy mangement module, that was the real aha moment for me 😀
          She even inspired me to create my own ecourse which I am planning for launch in spring.
          Sending Blessings for your day <3

          1. awesome! I’ll be looking for your course too! Love your insights…can never get too much and I believe between you and Sarah I have found two masters of manifesting 🙂

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