Inspired by the following Question from fellow blogger  She wrote to me saying:

“I see that you’ve been really active lately & it makes me so happy! I’ve been following your blog for over two years & I know you’ve helped me out tremendously! I am now seeking some guidance, in the upcoming year I feel it is time for me to act upon my wishes & that consist of getting my yoga certificate. the only struggle I am having with this is monetarily but I feel it in my gut my purpose is to teach. all I ask is for some comforting words, I feel like this new year will be about manifesting”

It’s Mercury Retrograde so I’m sure this one may trigger a few people…but this question has been burning in my mind:

What is the Deal with the Negative Conditioning around Money and Spirituality?

There is so much resistance right here. Just say those words together and the teeth come out ready to bite out judgment, negativity, and especially envy.

Right now ask yourself: What is your first thought when thinking about money?

How do you feel when you think about money or even just look at it? Positive or Negative?

This has been a huge hurdle for me to overcome the idea that money is bad for the spiritual process, this is another form of bad conditioning we have created over the years.

It was just the other day I happened to see a gif image on a spiritual fb page with the words: “I own you, you are my slave”. It was a picture of money, dealing with the Federal reserve/Illuminati stating that we aren’t free essentially we are bound by being a slave to money. Here It is below.

Now let’s be honest…What kinda mentality is that feeding into your PERSONAL experience? That’s a terrible perspective to have regardless if you believe in the Illuminati or not, you are stating that your reality is a prison of your experience and you are a slave towards your financial income.

It is that precise mentality that is hindering so many of us in the wrong direction of Spiritual and financial abundance.

Let’s bust open this New Age Myth once and for all…Money is not hindering your spiritual progress, you are not a slave to your reality, and most importantly it is NOT controlling your reality.

Do you know why?

Because YOU are the creator of your reality, you are the one controlling the ship.

NOTHING external can be in control of your experience because you are the one in control through your own free will and thoughts.

It is precisely these reasons that hinder and block our financial freedom, we believe we are a slave to money.

Money is not evil, vain, conceited, or a rich bastard. Money does not have feeling.

It is a plastic card filled with imaginary numbers. A piece of paper.

We give meaning to money.


Money is Energy. It is a symbol. A Neutral Symbol.


There are numerous negative beliefs that are surrounded around our Money relationships. These are beliefs we need to stop expressing in our reality to transform our thinking patterns from a negative standpoint to a positive standpoint. How can you prosper when you are still expressing negative thoughts towards money? You can’t.



 1. No LOVE towards Money

Yup, I said it. It doesn’t mean be obsessed/addicted to money, no… If you are not grateful for money or you keep saying you “hate” money. You are attracting an unhealthy relationship with money. I learned this trick from Yiye Zhang you have to view money as you do a loving relationship with a loved one. Would you treat your mother or husband this way? You have to see that everything is a physical projection of our inner reality. This means your representation of money is essentially an aspect of your relationship with yourself. I never would have thought it like that had I not opened that door for myself.

2. Feeling Guilty about Spending

Honey, it is already in the past, why are you feeling guilty for a purchase you already made? There is SOOO much guilt about money, why is this? because there is so much negative conditioning patterns around money and the spiritual person. Along with guilt there is also WORRY. What if i spent too much on groceries? What if i shouldn’t of made that purchase? What if…The more you are placing guilt into it, the more you are feeding your own negative expression of money.

3. Money is only for Materialism  and Vanity

Unless you are a Buddhist monk, chances are you are still living a life with material items, some of these items are necessities others are pleasure items. It is okay to have pleasure items. Why is that so awful as a spiritualist? I remember feeling bad about this in the beginning that I would purposely avoid buying new clothes to the point where I put all my energy into everything else, I ended up wearing holes in my clothes. It was ridiculous. I think the human experience is about enjoying life’s simple pleasures, we created this world it was meant for the totality of experience that includes enjoying simple pleasures like buying new clothes, having a video game or a new car. If you have too much material items, give back, release the old to awaken the new in your life.

4. Money is only an object of greed

Unless you are a hoarder, drug lord or con artist, I don’t always think money is for greed. Money is the energy you are putting into it. If you believe money is evil then you will project that in your own life, if you believe money is bringing you security, food,a warm house, clothes on your back and are grateful for it, you will begin prospering.

5. You can’t be rich and spiritual, they’re just in it for the profit

This is a huge one, paying money for spirituality. There is A LOT of judgment and envy right here. I think this is all about perspective. Money is an energy, So is books, writing, a reading consultation, reiki attunements or anything else. It’s an exchange of energy, an exchange of love, an exchange of light from one person to another. There is so much envy towards the rich and spiritual but then you see there are people out there like Doreen virtue, Teal Swan, David Wilcock, Nassim Haramein, a yoga instructor, or anyone else who gives back. It’s not something for nothing. It’s an exchange of energy. So I think many of us believe that you can’t be prosperous and spiritual because it is going against the meaning of spirituality. However it is your intentions behind the energy. Money is just energy. Energy is everything. If you begin viewing money as a tool to your prosperity than you begin changing your relationship of how you are seeing money in your reality. You can be rich and spiritual if you are giving back in a conscious manner. Everyone can.

6. “That’s too expensive”

Our Language Patterns, ohh I am guilty of this one. Our unconscious language patterns of money also dictate how we are attracting money into our experience. I started monitoring how I express myself when we are out running errands, there is so many unconscious little pesky patterns: “But that isn’t cheap enough”, “that’s way too expensive” “We can’t eat there, it’s too fancy” “Why are the prices this way” the more we say things like that we are ATTRACTING them. Oops! I never would have realized my own little comments I make are influencing the flow of abundance I receive.

7. Spending Money on myself is Selfish

If I’m not giving to a. b. c. or d. I am being selfish. When we only spend money on others, we aren’t giving back to ourselves. It’s the equivalent of giving love to everyone around you, except yourself. This is important because we need to remove the idea that money spending is selfish because it is essentially a subconscious relationship you are having with yourself.

8. I can’t start a spiritual business and make money

In the process of making an ecourse and working for free answering questions on spirituality for over five years, I have come to accept people can make money from spirituality. All sorts of people have made money through spirituality. Would you rather pay someone who is helping your spiritual progress through love and passion than someone who is hindering it through worry or resentment? I think we need to get away from the judgment around people who sell their work, they are putting their free time, personal energy, experience and devote passion into something they love doing. It’s an exchange of energy. We need to remove this condition of judgment.

9. I AM NOT WORTHY of making or receiving money

The big one that many of us get stuck on is feeling we are not worthy of receiving money. This is something that happens to just about everyone because there is so many distractions out there telling us the opposite. Being envious of celebrities is an unconscious invitation saying I am not worthy. Let me tell you, there is enough abundance to go around. It is out there and everyone is worthy. You are a beautiful soul linked with millions of other souls out there. YOU ARE WORTHY. OWN IT. You are worthy, you are beautiful and if you don’t believe you are worthy enough to receive, stop making excuses and start owning up to it. You are a beautiful soul who is worthy of receiving financial and spiritual abundance. You are worthy, plain and simple.


It is precisely these bad conditions that block our flow to spiritual abundance.

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my past, I used to be a struggling poor college student that decided between wanting to pay for groceries or fill my gas tank.  A lot of this struggling was due to how I was feeling about my relationship with money on my spiritual progress. I was a big believer in someone controlling my reality over me and I often said “I hate money, money is the root of evil of man”. It wasn’t until I started expressing divine gratitude and changing my perspective of money that I was able to move from a place of struggle to security. Now I’m ready to move into spiritual and financial abundance, I’m sure you are too.

It is our fears, insecurities, Negative thought patterns and especially our relationship of how we view money that orchestrates how we attract it into our life.

Spiritual Awakening is all about removing our old conditioning patterns and one of the biggest blocks we get stuck on is our financial income.

So many people ask me: How do I deal with this world’s money/job fixation?

Find a way to do what you love. 

Money isn’t exactly going away, it’s our economic system for all of our basic necessities and pleasures. Rather than drowning in the above mentality, we need to rise above it. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could change your fear, insecurity and negative patterns about money into creating your dream job?

Are you tired of the fear and worry?
Are you tired of struggling?
Aren’t you ready to start creating your dreams into reality?

The soul is infinitely abundant

If you have spiritual abundance, I think it is time you realize you can also have financial abundance  

your own higher self


What are some of your own negative patterns surrounding money that you would like to change?

List below in the comments, I love hearing from you!



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  1. That I have to work really ard for money. Alot of money attracts alot of problems. That is my old thinking. Thank you so much for making this website. I wish you all the best. Irina

    1. Thank you for your feedback! A good affirmation for you would be:

      I am grateful for money coming to me easily, abundantly and in beautiful ways that make me happy without struggle”

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