I’m taking you Behind the Scenes of what’s been going on in my own Personal Development Journey, What i feel about the Revolution in Consciousness blooming around us and I’m sharing my Top 3 Manifesting Lessons I learned this year – that REALLY changed my Life direction in 2021.

If you enrolled in Heart Awakening or any of my newer courses – you know what i’m talking about 😉

Quantum Manifestation. It’s taken my life by storm and I am here to teach it, Let’s talk about it!

It has been such a Fun Year on youtube! Ever since I made the decision to start posting weekly every Friday – It has been such a big part of How I share my Message to you.

It wasnt that long ago that I used to be terrified of stepping onto the camera and Now I busted through my own fears and actually love it!

To Celebrate I am Sharing with your some of my own Behind The Scenes Reflections on my own personal growth this year.

These are the top three lessons i’ve learned this year towards my growth and manifestation journey.

Seriously the downloads that came through while filming this, were completely next level, Enjoy!

Let me know what you think.

Tune in to the video Below:

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