Let’s talk about paradigm shifting, timeline hopping, quantum leaping and all the soul expansion topics!

The concept of paradigm shifting has changed a lot for me over the years.

In the video, I mention I wrote an article back in 2016 on Paradigm shifts and how now I believe it relates directly to Quantum Leaps.

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When we talk about some of these topics it seems like they need to be really out there, aloof and over the top, that is why i’m bringin in the practical spirituality approach today.

Let’s get real, Let’s get practical and dive into some profound mindset talk.

In today’s video I am sharing with you the common signs you’re about to quantum leap, what it feels like and most importantly the process of what it can look like for you.

I want you go deeper into these questions I ask in the video, they can reveal a lot about yourself if you spend some time with them! 

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When we see the signs that our paradigm is shifting there’s often very much a quantum leap in process. So we can apply this to all sorts of things like manifesting & healing. We can begin to look into where are we creating those little shifts in our lives where we are reaching a point of collapsing time?

this is personally a concept that i love so deeply because it’s such a powerful topic to discuss and to look at my perception of how I saw paradigm shifting in 2016 to how I see it now.

When we think about the term paradigm shifting I mean let’s first break this down!

A paradigm is basically the thoughts that you’re thinking, the beliefs that you have, and the feelings that you feel are what creates your core concept of reality as you know it right now.

Your conditioning, your habits, your sustainable actions, what you see around you right now? this is your paradigm

so when we think about the concept of paradigm shifting what we’re doing is we’re literally taking what I just grouped for you that container there and then we’re choosing to literally expand into a different reality a different experience a different habit a different choice and in this space it’s almost like we’re collapsing our timeline and moving into a different experience.

This is one of those concepts we see mentioned a lot in spiritual circles but it often is really kind of kept like you know the glitch in the matrix kind of vibe where I want to bring in more of that practicality because I think that will help you get a better grasp of quantum leaping.

There’s a process to understand that your old normal cannot coexist with your new normal.

So there’s this moment where there are two conflicting paradigms and you have to make a choice.

Do you want to stay with the old normal or the new normal?

Some people will literally Live in the old normal for their entire lives until they die. However other people will have potent shifts, quantum leaps, healing, transformation, and drastic change happen in their lives.

You know drastic transformation such as change in weight, transformation in money, career, or even just their body, in how they see themselves, such as their confidence and self-esteem.

This is all due to that inner work that we talk about it’s due to the the energetic work, the mindset work and the belief work.

When we don’t have those core foundations in place, a lot of times we’ll always stay in the old normal because we’re not allowing ourselves to leap into the other side.


So when we think about this in terms of really understanding energetics we have two conflicting paradigms coexisting together.

The process of quantum leaping is really about looking at: Where are you still holding on to the old normal and how can you start to transcend that into the new experience?

To Begin to move forward, we have to really get gut honest with ourselves and ask some bigger questions here: where are you still settling?
where are you still holding back?
where are you still not being unapologetic as [ __ ]?

about moving forward where are you still holding on to the old stories?

because that is where you have to see you’re kind of like obliterating the old stories as you move forward and I think the thing that we have to see with quantum leaping is it’s this process of really getting gut honest with yourself on where you are still holding yourself back and how you can start to like literally flip the switch!

You have to ask yourself these deeper questions because there’s two conflicting paradigms going on and it’s your choice to choose the paradigm that you want to stand for and allow that other paradigm to coexist but not hold you hostage in your mind.

So when we look at this in terms of energy work, in my older article i talked a lot about the building of friction, everything starts breaking, holes begin showing up, abrupt change starts happening, you pick up hoarding tendencies, there is literally no space, nesting kicks in, emotional baggage starts to show up, sudden endings and closure.

Those are all very very very still much true all of those things will start to happen when you’re in the process of a quantum leap because there’s a point where you’re just reaching that moment where you’re about to break through.

It almost feels like a pressure cooker. It feels like this moment where you have sudden endings. You no longer give a f*c,k you just want to jump to the other side. There’s this interesting shift occurring when this happens because you start to see that it’s like you’re done, like you are cooked, you are done, you have realized that point of realization and you’re just like i’m ready to be on the other side i’m done!

I found the lesson i am moving through and i think it’s such a cool moment because you can start to see it more simply.

The Quantum Leap it is about abrupt endings, closure, healing, moving through to quantum leap.

The Old is breaking down and the New is starting to Emerge

Everything starts breaking because the old is breaking and the new is emerging so it’s like this concept of seeing that we’re literally breaking through. So I was thinking about it like this, this is the the visual I always get:

you have this moment of you’re thinking about moving through but you’re still entertaining the old stories. So it’s kind of like you’re at this point of awareness where you still want to cling to the past but you want so desperately to be in the future. There becomes this moment in the present where all of a sudden the present becomes more powerful and it reaches this tipping point, this head because of the inner work we did.

So when we do the energy work, the belief work, the looking at our emotions, our habits, our beliefs and we start to really dig into that mindset work we start to reach this head point. Where it’s like all of that work just started like building up and building up and building up and building up to a point where it kind of explodes and collapses because there’s this moment where you’re suddenly doing all of this inner work, and all of this work, and all of this work and and then all of a sudden you basically break through.

You basically break through your current paradigm and you arrive on the other paradigm because you’re now created a hole. It’s such a weird analogy but just stay with me here, so you literally took your paradigm and busted through it.

As we know I’m a very visual person so i want you to just think about this in terms of when you begin to notice, there’s certain holes in the story starting to show up.

There are certain truths starting to surface and you’re just like actually that isn’t necessarily true. I can think about other different perspectives around this to make it easier for myself.

When you start to look at things this way you start to see that your current paradigm is kind of malleable, it’s kind of like hmm i can change some things around here…. i can do some different things and so what happens is we start to see that our paradigm isn’t very limited as we thought it was.

We’re like there are holes there’s literal holes in this story so we can throw it away and once we throw it away now we realize that there is more possibility!

There’s more potentiality so you can start to see that the quantum leap was created through those subtle shifts, those subtle changes, those subtle beliefs, those subtle habits, And what really happened?

All those little subtle habits started to add up and add up and add up and then it created a quantum leap because you reached that point where you broke through.

You broke through the current paradigm into a new paradigm and so it’s literally where you’re being on the other side transitioning from the old reality into the new reality

You start to have this moment where you’re literally breaking through.

So what i’ve learned since 2016 around paradigm shifts is it literally is a moment where you are collapsing time.

You are collapsing the past and the future in transitioning from the present so it’s this moment where you’re doing the work so much that there reaches this point of transformation where the lesson is learned. the moment is had and you start to really quantum leap because there’s no longer any lack to hold you there.

There’s no longer any reason to be in the old paradigm anymore because the old paradigm was simply your past. It was simply a choice, a moment of deciding.

It was simply a moment of seeing the lessons you needed to see to heal and then once you realize that, now you can step onto the other side. Now on the other side of course there’s going to be more growth, lessons, and healing.

It’s an endless journey of becoming but when we look at it from this place of stepping through we have to see it as simple as This:

you had to take that moment of changing your mind,
you had to take that moment of questioning your current paradigm
you had to take that moment of deciding well what is my truth?

and am I willing to step onto the other side?

So it’s doing that energetic work and this is why i love the chakras for this reason because it’s kind of like a plug-and-play system of looking at well what’s going on with my money story in my root chakra?

what’s going on with my self-esteem in my solar plexus chakra?

what’s going on with my my communication style with my throat chakra?

For example if you haven’t noticed I’ve been doing video more consistently its because i started working a lot on my throat chakra.

What I’ve been noticing is it’s all a result of the compound effect that is what’s easily creating these shifts because I’m taking the leaps, i’m taking the steps, and I’m taking those moments of:

what is my mindset, what are my beliefs, looking at my energy, looking at my feelings and I’m starting to create that system for the mind-body connection to Thrive and create that connection. Then I’m starting to take the action.

many in spiritual community are all about meditation and doing the deep feminine work but we also have to realize that there is the masculine components, like you have to have the action.

You have to be taking that action from a beautiful aligned intuitive place, not a hustle led, fearful, or forceful place.

You have to look at at your habits, you have to look at those boundaries,
you have to look at your standards, you have to look at what are your habits currently and are they serving you?

Are they serving your personal healing journey? Are they serving your manifestation journey? Where are there gaps?

Where are their holes still appearing because as I  teach in daily habits daily flow it’s about really cultivating those habits to a point where you are sustaining the energy.

So you want to get to a point of awareness where you’re sustaining the manifestation, you’re sustaining the energy so much that you reach that head you reach that point of bam I’m breaking through!

I’m pushing through i’m creating the hole I’m creating the hole to get to the other side because in that moment you are no longer in the limited mind. You are no longer in the limited paradigm and instead you’re stepping into the limitless potential of who you are and you’re starting to create from a different energy through the habits you established.

Those habits begin to snowball and they begin to snowball and snowball and then eventually it creates a quantum leap because you thought you had to do a 0 to 60 turn but reality is it’s happening all the time, it’s happening automatically naturally and simultaneously as you’re stepping into the healing as you’re walking forward.

So many people teach this backwards, we say that you know i need to clear all of this, i need to heal all of this, i have to grow through all of this and then i get what i want. Then i get to be healed. then I get the money. Then i get the boyfriend. Then I get it all.

and that’s not actually how it works at all because you cannot wait to heal nor you cannot wait to feel the feeling.

The feeling occurs when you take the action, the feeling occurs when you’re in the process, the feeling occurs when you’re literally in the transition of the leap.

i’ve been really focusing a lot on moving and reaching this point where it’s like we’re in a cramped little apartment and I’m just like we’re reaching that point where there is literally no more space for us in this place.

This is also true with how we paradigm shift.

It’s this moment of there’s literally no more space, things are breaking, things are falling apart and it’s this moment where you have to look at it’s because I’m ready to be on the other side!

i’m ready to literally move through and in the process of moving through we grant more space.

We move through, we move into more expansion, more limitlessness, more possibility, more limitless choices, and more limitless perspectives.

You can start to see if we only are looking at the lens of one limited paradigm, one limited world, one limited thought, even one limited feeling and we’re letting that dogmatic system or strategy hold us back, we are cutting ourselves off from so much possibility because we’re not willing to quantum leap.

The quantum leap is about realizing that you can be on the other side.

You can step into different paradigms you can stand strong in the paradigm that you desire while allowing the old one to slowly dissipate and i think that is one of the most profound shifts I’ve been experiencing because it’s this moment where you have to see that the old normal cannot co-exist with the new normal. s

So that means you have to get real gut honest with yourself about what are you unavailable for?

What are you no longer willing to tolerate? where are your boundaries at?

and are you willing to step into the new boundary? are you willing to step into the new standard?

so this is some of the work that I powerfully teach in a lot of my programs. It’s something to dig deep into understanding how quantum leaps can occur on a practical level rather than only the spiritual aloof – or energetic level

When we look at a paradigm shift what is going on is our ego is transitioning into a new normal.

So our ego, our identity is transitioning into a new normal.

so I want you to think about these questions I mentioned and just kind of let this topic really integrate and allow yourself to feel into what I said about how when you want to be on a different paradigm when you want to be in a new normal, I want you to think about this from a different lens of how are you still holding Yourself back from stepping through like it’s such a powerful way to look at it like seeing yourself on the other side.

Where do you still need to let go and release and fully let go to accept being on the other side?

okay so your awakening tip today is to really feel into these concepts and like I said feel into:

What do you need to let go of to be on the other side?



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