Before I even knew what the Law of Attraction was, my intuitive mind always had a certain idea about how I really believed you receive what you want. I remember it so vividly – right around the breakup, I was so upset and yet my friend kept telling me, “don’t be surprised when he rolls right back into your life Ashley…”

And I said something that day, that STILL impacts me.

I looked at her and said, “You’re absolutely right because I don’t need to Chase the man, the man ALWAYS comes to me” I had a smudge satisfaction look on my face that my soul just deeply knew “Of course, what I desire always comes to me”

Granted there was a lot of dismay, heartache, and angst around that ENTIRE situation – deep down my soul always knew, Magnetism existed.

See we do have half of these energetic conversations BACKWARDS, MIXED UP, TURNED UPSIDE DOWN – Because your mind strives on asking “How?”

“How do I get” – “How do I do this?” ” How do I have that” “There’s no way in hell its possible, so How can I possibly do this” And So forth…

But the energetic conversation we must begin to see is

I don’t chase the desire —- The Desire comes to me.

What you seek IS seeking You.

What a breath of fresh air to release the wild ANGST and madness rolling around in your mind – when you simply stop and recognize, What you see inside of you, exists for you and not only does it exist for you – it IS trying to make it’s way to you.

I Don’t Chase the Message – The Message flows through me. I don’t chase the desire – the desire magnetizes back to me.

The Vision, The Desire is always seeking to be met.

As we fall down the pathway of Resistance, feeling like quicksand, we stop progress, we slow down the pathway and we forget to see the answer soo obvious we miss it –

It is still seeking you. It is still desiring to be met.

Like a Magnet seeking its magnetic pull, the gravitational pulse just wants sooo badly to be PULLED forward

But we have created the opposite, we affirm the opposite, we strike our shadow and only see the limitations around the desire.

Not the Possibility that the Desire is merely desiring to be met

No, we see the threats, we say no energetically I’m not available for this.



We see all the ways it can’t possibly be – we feel disconnected and separate. We never thought for a minute – When i stop PUSHING – The Desire wants to come to me?

INSTEAD – We Repel, we Deflect, it rebounds and ricochets off of us like a bubble shield just keeping it ever so slowly – out at arm’s length…

and we simply forget, we already placed the order.

We don’t need to chase the desire, analyze the desire, focus heavily on how the desire will occur, no no no –

The moment you decide to activate the Vibration – that Desire is trying to make its way to you.

Whether it’s over 2,200 miles across state – it will be pulled magnetically

Because you finally declared,

it Already exists for me.

OR you will simply allow the resistance, to consume you.

It can be as simple or as complicated as that.

You Choose.

Remember, the universe is inside of you and you hold the power to design your life,


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