Let’s look at the Energetics of Gratitude and how it influences not only our manifestations but the way we are showing up to life itself.

As the holidays roll in, It’s a time to honor the Attitude of Gratitude! While Gratitude lists can sometimes get an eyeroll for its sense of ‘fake positivity’. I think it’s time we talk about the benefits of Gratitude, being Thankful and How Energetic Vibration influences the state of Gratitude.

The saying “Where Attention Goes, Energy flows” or how about “What you focus on grows” or even “where your INTENTION goes, Energy flows.

This is how we can begin to recognize the power of Gratitude and appreciation.

My First understanding of Gratitude came from a time I was deeply struggling in my life, on maternity leave and I was honestly, sleep-deprived and very angry about my life at the time. This was BEFORE I even had a daily spiritual practice or even a journaling habit in place. I stumbled on a book that was a challenge to be grateful for 28 days,


To this day, my mindset has been altered by this simple concept. The Art of Being Thankful holds a lot of power.

The Energetics of Gratitude are a secret ingredient that you may or may not be using to your personal advantage.

Since that time of Gratitude challenges, a lot has changed in my life.

So let’s Talk about why Gratitude is so special.


Whenever we are facing resistance, such as feeling negative, upset, or simply stuck we have lowered our vibration to only see from the level of the problem, not the solution.

Gratitude can act as literal elevation to move your energetic focus away from the problem and back into seeing possibility. We can enable ourselves to see opportunities and solutions the moment we turn our focus back to gratitude.

In the law of attraction world, we have what is known as our ‘current point of attraction’ and we can say this is like a COMPASS or an Arrow that you are using all the time. This arrow is showing you the current focus of your point of attraction.

As I explain in the Video, We can Shift our mindset to begin shifting our arrow out of the problem and elevating it to see the solution.

This is such a powerful conversation, enjoy!

Does this change the way you see gratitude? I’d love to know your thoughts about this topic, drop a comment and let’s hear it.

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It all begins in the Heart Space.

The Heart Chakra is the Bridge between the Spiritual Self and the Physical self, therefore when we learn to bridge the gap between the Heart space – We Begin Naturally Allowing in more Receiving as the connection to the Spiritual self and the physical self are now Free-flowing as ONE – aka Alignment ?

So What does it mean to really tap in fully to this space?

It means going BEYOND the Healing and into the Empowement of the Heart Chakra Space – which honestly feels delicious

As the Heart Chakra unlocks our natural ability

To feel The Full Acceptance of Ourselves

To Love more deeper who we are and our spiritual self –

To Feel more Self-Empowered – What would that look like?

To BE more Encouraged, To keep dropping layers and layers of Ego, as you walk forward in more Confidence and Certainty

To Believe Deeper in yourself than ever before and allow yourself to be Self-Led

When we’re in the energy of Self-Love – We don’t even begin to realize there’s a CASCADE, a RIVER FLOOD of Unapologetic Receiving, Upgrading and unleashing as we continuously drop ego, drop the noise, drop all the heaviness we are carrying to the point where it begins to UNLEASH, ooze out of you LOL and basically

The Flood gates are now open as abundance, receiving, knowledge, insight, solutions, creative epiphanies to your problems suddenly become available – because you finally got it – you finally stepping through and leaped

You finally said yes I am available for this because I love myself and I Accept myself fully –
Therefore the cascade opens and Floods of Truth come pouring out of you as you open up

To Unapologetic Receiving.

Or you can continue to feed the bullshit that is stopping you and sabotaging you…

I know because i did it repeatedly lol Until I got it…and I continue to apply it,

It’s always only a choice away –


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I am grateful for you!



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