This week on the blog I am sharing with you a piece of the Manifestation Challenge I hosted this week called Magnetic Manifestation. And Day 1 is all about how to set your own potent Manifestation ritual.

This Challenge was all about Learning to strip back the layers of manifestation so you can step into activating your personal sense of magnetism.

We Covered things such as:

  • The foundation of Manifestation
  • Understand Magnetism from the Quantum Level
  • The difference between Activating a Vibration vs thinking a thought
  • How to Set a Potent Intention & make it into a Ritual

You can tune into the Video Below or check out the full transcript by continuing to read.

When we think about manifestation I want you to think about it like this:

manifestation is built around your natural ability to be a magnet in your life.

So if you were to think about it like this: your energy is naturally magnetic already like you are literally walking around like a magnet in your life.

However, a lot of us were taught we never got the rule book for this, so we never really were taught how to manifest.

As a society a lot of us grew up with this belief that manifestation is weird, it’s too mystical, it’s woo-woo, it’s really out there, it’s witchcraft, it’s really aloof and spiritual such new age jargon. it’s just really out there it’s really bizarre and so what we do is we have this innate belief of really looking at manifestation from this lens of well that’s abnormal.

It’s not always normal to manifest and that’s where I’m here to tell you, you’re actually wrong because manifestation is always occurring for you.

The problem is most of the time when we don’t know how to do it consciously, we’re doing it unconsciously and when we’re doing it unconsciously this is how a lot of us grew up.

So a lot of us grew up with this understanding of manifestation from a lens of unconscious awareness.

If you think about it like this zero to seven is when you downloaded all of these programs into who you are that essentially taught you how to become a human. It’s like you downloaded all these programs into your computer and that taught you how to be a human.

so if you think about it like that you’re basically downloading all of this conditioning from your parents and their parents and their parents and their parents and their parents and you get the point, so essentially we have generational programming installed in our software.

When we look at it this way we can start to see why manifestation is so difficult because we’ve been instilled all of this programming that essentially is going against our core nature of who we are and instead we’re seeing manifestation from this lens: That this is weird, this is abnormal, whoa that’s like magic…

when we’re in that space we’re not realizing that we hold a natural organic almost supernatural-ness to who we are because manifestation is a part of our natural core essence of who we are.

It is literally a part of who you are! It is not something weird or abnormal it is a natural part of you.

That’s the number one thing you really need to really lock in because it will make manifestation so much easier for you the moment you are ready to decide that it is easy it is natural and it is a core part of who you are. That is what this is all about, owning your magnetism is about coming back to that place within you your authentic self where magnetism is easy and natural.

It’s in this space where it’s almost like automatic because you have to realize that if you’re always manifesting all of the time, what you see around you is your current evidence of your manifestation.

You have to look at it like this: your past thoughts, your past feelings, your past habits, your past associations of memory, everything that you are is what created this current moment right here, right now, with you sitting here watching me. That is the accumulation point of your manifestation.

What you see around you, where you’re at, that is all just an accumulation of what you’ve manifested.

However a lot of us are not doing it intentionally nor are we doing it with clarity.

We’re doing it with a problem focused energy that is based on our past programming, not our co-creative power, not learning to co-create in the present reality.

Ultimately not learning that we can use the law of attraction, the law of vibration, the law of energy, law of polarity, to our personal advantage where we can start to work manifestation from a conscious place instead of an unconscious place.

So if you are new to manifestation, the hugest thing I want to say to you is startlooking at manifestation as a conscious choice. It’s a conscious intentional choice of you getting intentional about your life, about your reality and inevitably learning to co-create your life.

In this way, manifestation is not a passive thing. It’s not a do once and you’re done kind of thing. It’s we’re co-creating every day, every moment of our lives and this is a co-creative conversation that you’re personally having with your reality, with life, with the universe, with god, with higher self, with whoever you believe in of a higher power. That is who you’re co-creating with and it’s important to realize that because it will help you understand that as you are learning about manifestation, it’s a co-creative process. You are literally in a conversation, in tandem with the universe because everything is a mirror and everything is reflective of that mirror. That mirror is showing you, your current manifested thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, & choices.

Are you Ready and Willing to Set New Intentions for your Reality?

However we can stop in any moment and make new choices and that’s what it’s all about: Are you ready and willing to set new intentions to activate your true desires and start creating a new story? Are you ready to create a new channel, a new momentum of energy where that becomes your new past thoughts, feelings, habits,& actions because that’s all it is and when you start to look at it from this lens of i am the one who can decide.

I am the one who can make the choice to start creating intentional choices to literally change my life. That is the core essence of manifestation. It’s not always just about a surface level desire, it’s about you are actively choosing to intentionally create your life. That is what i believe the core foundation of manifestation truly is about.

When we think about manifestation we have to go back to the basics because this is literally the easiest way to understand it.

You have to go back to the law of polarity, you have to go back to what is absolute clarity, such as what do you truly desire and want? What do you really really want for your life?

However a lot of us are taught well i can’t really focus on what i want, desire is bad, desire is wrong, desire is too ego.

When we go at it from that lens, we’re not being true to ourselves and we’re not being true to our authentic self.

So we need to really look at well what do you truly want like what do you truly want beyond the conditioning?

Start asking yourself that deeper question of what is beyond the surface level desire?

yes i want money but why do i want the money? Do I want money for safety? Do I want money for support? Do I want money because it’ll make me feel more supported and financially secure?

What about I want the boyfriend? okay why do you want the boyfriend? Do you want the boyfriend to feel more accepted? do you want the boyfriend to feel more loved?

i want you to dig a little bit deeper here than just looking at well this is what i want period the end because here’s the thing we can be taught very easily to focus on the external things that are cool and obvious.

I want you to go beyond all of that and i want you to focus instead on looking at how can i activate the true desire within my heart? How can i truly go beyond that so i want you to ask yourself:

if i did fully know what i wanted unapologetically no one was mad at me and i absolutely knew in my core was meant for me i would love to receive….

i want you to answer that and i want you to look at how can we start to bring in this energy of activating our desire. I want you to look at that question and then i want you to go beyond that and say well why do i actually want this?

Why do i deeply desire this? I would like to feel supported, feel more happiness, feel connected, there’s always a reason why we have a desire. So when we look at desire from this lens of our desires are a gift from the divine.

They are ultimately a gift from the divine because they are activating the core part of who you are so they are literally like a blueprint locked inside of you that you are tapping into almost like excavating, you’re pulling it to the surface and uprooting it.

The more we start to look at the true desires of our heart we start to really kind of peel back the layers of who is the authentic you and what do they desire for their life? what is your unapologetic desires because that will show you ultimately what is unlocked within you?

When we think about activating our desires i really want you to think about this from this lens of when we set an intention it’s like we’re placing an order to the universe.

Okay when you think about an intention from a restaurant, when you go to place an order at a restaurant, we are usually sitting at a table, we’re picking out our food, we’re gaining clarity over what we want and then we pick our food and we tell the server. When you think about it like this, what do we do?

We’re gaining clarity, we’re picking what we want from the universal menu and then we place our order and wait for it to occur. We are aligning for it to occur and we pull it from the quantum into our physical reality.

Now when we look at it like this the universe is made from quantum reality and the quantum reality is full of limitless possibilities all around us.

However, when we grew up we only have one set paradigm of rules, habits, associations, behaviors, and programs. All of those beliefs became your limited paradigm of how you decided to see reality but that was only one level of awareness!

One level of who you are, it was literally one narrow perception of who you are and when you think about that, it was only one level of perception of who you are, so in this field of limitless possibilities that you exist in, you are choosing only one set idea, paradigm, belief, and association of how things can be.

Talk about mind-blowing! When you think about it from this level of, are you willing to look at the possibilities?

Are you willing to fully look at the possibilities and see that you are in a paradigm of limitless possibility but you are only choosing one set paradigm of how things can be?

So when we order from the menu of the universe, we’re essentially claiming an intention from the quantum. So this is really cool when you look at it like this, you’re setting an intention for what you deeply desire and want.

I want you to think about what is something that you want?

what is it that you truly want and then when you’re claiming this from the quantum what i want you to realize is you’re activating a vibration.

So if you were to just visualize for a second: you are energy and your energy is expanding and expanding and this energy is expanding deeper and deeper and deeper beyond the room around you, beyond the state around you, beyond the city, beyond the entire universe around you, it’s expanding and expanding and expanding this is connected to the quantum reality.

You are always connected to the quantum field of limitless possibility and probability. When we think about circumstance and how circumstance occurs, it’s possibilities that we are tuning into from a state of our past programming and our associations of how we believe reality is around us.

So it’s exactly like the thought of you, when you believe that people are out to get you all the time so then you go around with your reality and you start to see that in your reality.

So it’s the same concept if you were to believe that you know life is always here to support you. Life is always here to guide you and so you know you always walk around knowing that people are literally supporting you, you notice that someone holds the door open when you are walking into the grocery store, thank you!

You notice that someone is helping you with your car because your car accidentally stopped, thank you. You start to see that there’s a different lens of reality, when you’re feeding a different lens of reality.

I know it’s a little trippy but think about it, when you look at reality from this place: Are you tuned in to what you want or are you not tuned in to what you want? You’re in a space of looking at well, am I focused on what i want or am i focused on what i don’t want?

We can start to look at well am I in a space of clarity with what i’m placing to the universe? Am I in a space of activating that desire of what i truly want or am i focused more heavily on what i don’t want? Am i in a space where i actually believe it can happen for me?

or am I in a space where: i’m uncertain, i’m unclear, i’m afraid, i’m doubtful, i don’t know if it can happen, I don’t know if they’re gonna have my food today.

I don’t know if salmon’s on the menu today, I don’t know if they’re gonna chop the carrots correctly, so i better go back in the kitchen and chop those carrots. i just don’t know if they’re gonna have everything i want on the menu. you know i don’t even know what i want to eat today, so shoot i can’t even develop the clarity to place my order to eat food on the damn menu!

When we look at it from the space of:

Are you in the kitchen chopping up carrots to get your dang manifestation?
Are you in a space where you can’t even pick your meal off the menu?
or are you in a space where you’re just so confused that you don’t know how the order is going to get done,
so you’re in the kitchen trying to make the dang meal?

Where are you on the manifestation process? because when you look at it from this lens it’s so much more simple than you think because we’re simply activating a vibration.

Take this visual of we’re in the quantum field and we are in a space where we are activating a vibration, so when you set an intention you’re hitting play on the movie. You’re allowing a vibration to be activated within you, to be pulled by the quantum reality.

We cannot do that when we’re only dominated by past programming or we’re only allowing ourselves to be in a state of lack of clarity because we have not fully activated the vibration that is claiming it from the quantum reality.

So look at it like this: when you set an intention you are literally activating a vibration from the quantum reality,
that’s it!

I want you to think about that, it sounds really out there but when you think about it from a practical standpoint, you setting an intention of what you want from the menu of the universe, you are claiming that intention from the quantum reality, the moment that you step into believing it is possible, you are now activating that vibration in your body creating the magnetism of what you want and that magnetism is going to pull you forward towards what you want that is true magnetism because you’re allowing yourself to say I choose this.

I have fully decided this. I have fully decided that I desire, fifty thousand dollars, I activate that intention, now what’s going to happen?

What do you think’s going to happen? So from that space we have opened the channel, we set the intention the vibration is activated.

When you think about activation, it’s like turning it on, it’s like a light switch, you know you’re turning on a vibration. So you’re turning on the vibration, now your energy is going to literally do this thing, where it’s like you are a magnet, it desires to be met.

So now it’s going to start bringing you circumstances, evidence, steps, everything that you need to fulfill the desire.

This is the easiest way to understand manifestation!

You have to see it like this you’re activating that vibration, now once it’s activated you hit play on the movie.

Now you’re going to watch the movie play out in your reality, so the evidence will build, the steps will come, the moment that you believe they will come.

There is no reason and no there’s no reason at all for you to step into the energy of, it’s not there yet, it’s not coming, where is it? i don’t know where it is, it’s just not here! Why? because you activated the vibration.

It’s already done you’re watching the movie play out, you pulled from the quantum.

In this space, you start to naturally be pulled into the magnetism because well what do you think really happens now?

You’re given the feedback of how to align with the desire you start to activate that vibration within you and the intention allows you to see the evidence, the habits, the actions of who you need to be to naturally embody this desire as already real.

Therefore activating your desires is the first step because when you don’t have clarity and you don’t even know what you want on the menu, you’re completely out of luck here. You have to have intentional clarity and certainty on what you actually want because that is the moment that you are declaring to the universe and pulling from the quantum what vibration you desire to activate into your life.

When we think about this in terms of a manifestation challenge i want you to consider there are things that you deeply desire. There are things that are attainable and then there are things that you believe that are completely unattainable. There are stretch goals where they’re sort of attainable but they’re a stretch outside of your possibility and then there’s goals that you can hit like the back of your hand like the pre-work i just gave you in the FB group.

You claiming an intention is you choosing, actively choosing so like i mentioned manifestation is not passive it’s very intentional. I believe we can only activate intentions of the highest good. If you really think about it because what we’re doing is we’re activating that intention as a conscious choice within us.

So basically when we decide, we’re setting an intention so let’s move into setting an intention now.

so i’ve given you a really good framework of how to understand magnetism at the quantum level. Now
when you think about setting an intention what we want to do is we want to make sure it’s clear because we want our energy clean and clear.

We want to make sure we’re like very certain on what we’re manifesting and we want to make sure that it’s present tense. This is one thing i want to touch on is when we set an intention, we don’t just want to say like: I want money or i want a boyfriend or i want a fancy car because what we’re doing is we’re acting from the state of desire not the embodiment of the desire.

there’s a huge distinguished point between understanding if you’re creating an intention from a space of the desire the state of the desire or the embodiment of the desire.

Think about it like this, the state of desire itself is like the starting point, the inkling moment where you’re like i deeply want this, i feel in my heart this is meant to be mine.

Now here is where people really mess up their manifestation because they go into the place of staying there and they stay there and that is not the place where we want to take action.

The reality is is if we take action from a space of the state of actual desire, we’re in a space where there is no solution.

We’re in a space where we’re just kind of activating the vision on repeat and if you look at it that way it makes sense because if you’re only staying in that space of i desire this. That is the root of all suffering because you’re constantly in a state of wanting, you’re constantly in a state of craving, chasing, hunting and fixating.

Instead you want to set an intention from the level of embodying the desire as already real in your reality.

So to go back to what I mentioned, we’re activating a vibration, we’re claiming it from the quantum and we’re embodying the desire is already real.

Think about it in terms of when you have something in your house, that is so real it’s already yours. So i just recently got a nice dresser but i’ve been wanting a nice beautiful dresser for a really long time and before it was like i really want the dresser i really want the dresser but it’s just not here yet it’s just not here yet.

Now the dresser is literally right in front of me, the dresser is literally right there, it’s so crystal clear that i can physically see it, it is so real in my mind that it’s already done, it’s already here it’s already normal. It’s literally so normal i can go pull a drawer out, it is so normal that i embody the desire.

When you look at manifestation to truly have what you want you have to go to the place in your mind where you feel it as normal where you feel it as a state of possibility that it’s already done and it’s already in existence for you.

When we don’t do this that is when we fall into traps in manifestation because we have latched on to the idea that we have to hunt, chase, fixate and obsess.

When we enter that space we are in a space where we are not in the embodiment of the desire, we are in the state of the desire. It’s a huge distinguished point.

So when we set an intention we have to embody a space of being in the desire itself. S

To set a Potent Intention you want to:

1. Make sure it’s clear
2. you want to make sure it’s present tense
3. You want to state it as if you already have it

For instance Let’s manifest money.

You can say i choose to manifest or you could even say i am grateful and happy that i already have all of my needs met that’s a really basic one but a really good one i am grateful and happy that i already make over to 20 000 for the highest good of all evolved.

i am grateful and happy that i already i already have the car that i deeply want.

i’m grateful and happy now that i am fully taken care of and financially secure.

i am grateful and happy that abundance is my absolute birthright.

so we can do this over and over and over again now this is the space of affirmations.

All of us are probably for the most part familiar with affirmations, however affirmations when they’re done properly are beliefs so what you’re doing when you say i’m grateful and happy that blank this is what i desire what we’re doing is we’re saying this is my new belief.

and now what a lot of people will do is they’ll just depend on the affirmation alone and that will move them through.

However that’s really a very very slow path to manifesting because when we only depend on the affirmation we’re not stepping into true magnetism.

i want you to focus on what is something that you deeply deeply want and then i want you to create an intention around that and then after you create your intention around that your challenge is i want you write the same intention 10 times and then your challenge is start looking at possibility.

i want you to move forward into possibility and start looking at the evidence of where this belief is already true.

Start to look for the evidence where that is already true, where can you look for evidence where it’s already true in other people’s realities? maybe it’s tv? maybe it’s online? maybe it’s Instagram?

Maybe it’s just finding seeing the number fifty thousand dollars.
maybe it’s just random it can be anything, what i want you to do is i want you to start looking into possibility because that will show you the energy of looking at well this can be true for me.

What you’re doing is you’re stating that affirmation but what you’re doing is you’re looking at how can i train my mind into possibility?

so when we are in a space of possibility we can start to see that affirmation differently because now it’s not just i deeply desire money or i deeply want the boyfriend.

Instead you’re seeing that’s actually possible that can be possible, it’s possible over there, it’s possible over there, it’s possible over there.

instead of seeing it from this lens of possibility what happens we see it from a space of limitation and seeing it from the lens of limitation keeps us limited instead of expansive.

so when we set that intention we’re activating the feedback but what I’m teaching you to do is I want you to look at how can you change the feedback.

so how can you start to change the feedback you’re getting and lean into possibility over the problem. so instead of looking at limits i want you to look at possibility.

Your challenge is to pick an intention and then look at possibility so i want you to get really crystal clear on what do you want if no one was mad at me and i knew deeply in my core this is what i deeply desire and want

i want you to focus on that and see what comes through and then write this intention 10 times. Why 10 times i mean you could do 5 but what happens what i notice if i write this intention like a few times either over a course of couple days or if i just write it all at once what i’m doing is i’m honing my focus on it.

so what happens is i’m honing my focus on this intention we have something called our reticular activating system this is scientific.

our ras will look for the evidence of what we’re feeding it.

Our subconscious likes to prove itself correct and because our subconscious likes to prove itself correct, we will literally look for the evidence of what what we believe. For instance if you want to manifest red cars, this is something you could literally go out and do right now.

Here let’s make it even weirder um yellow cars okay so say you want to go and manifest yellow cars all you have to do is focus on yellow cars and then once you tune into yellow cars your res will literally go and point to yellow cars.

okay in terms of understanding manifesting how does that change how you see manifesting?

i’d love to know what you think because for me this is an easier way to understand it because it it helps you lock in the concept of true magnetism.

all right any questions okay so to summarize your challenge Soul Work:

Challenge DAY 1 Soul work:

If I fully know what I wanted unapologetically, no one was mad at me, and I absolutely knew in my core it was meant for me, I would love to receive…

And WHY Do I deeply want that? It would feel…

We have Clarity –

Write your Intention In present tense – a variation of: I am grateful and happy I already have… x 10 times.

Then Spend your Day – lightly focused on looking into the Possibitlies where this belief is already real and true in reality. Bring in your observer consciousness on noticing what messages, signs, conversations, people, are brought up after doing this ritual ❤

How can you lean and move forward into possibility over limitation? because our limitations are just our past programming so what we want to do is we want to start leaning into possibility because possibility is what opens us up to expansion and limitless possibilities.

Catch the Full Challenge on Youtube here for the Full Series:

I’d Love to hear what insights, aha moments and clarity this brought up for you, Share with me in the comments,

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