Wednesday morning, I woke up, sipped on coffee, flipped my computer open to find, my internet stopped working…After hitting refresh multiple times. I gave up and decided to work on some of my creative projects. The next day, the same thing happened and the next…We also lost the cell phone during this madness.  I guess something happened to our apartment wifi  and we lost the phone in the car {love it Mercury} which meant I was forced to encounter a New Perspective.

Removing all Distractions, instantaneous communication, gratification, and endless stimuli for about a week, it was completely eye-opening. During this time, I couldn’t respond to my growing stack of emails, submissions, my creative graphic design projects, the gratitude challenge I was in the process of finishing, my friend’s crystal project I was working on online, look at the constant notifications on various social media, no scrolling,no netflix, no googling up a question, I couldn’t think of quirky statuses or blog posts…I had a million things to do and each one, got Xed out because I couldn’t connect to the digital world. I had to Give it all up and surrender to my Present reality.

I just realized The universe was forcing me to be unplugged.

life unplugged

Internet addiction is real and It’s almost creepy how consumed and reliant we are towards technology. We carry so much unnecessary baggage. After the crazy Internet withdrawal and angst worn off I realized how LIBERATED I felt.

I was suddenly productive, I cleaned my entire house, I baked, I read books, I spent time playing with the kids, I wrote my butt off each day which was incredibly inspiring for the ecourse, my mind was CLEAR, I had so much clarity,  and best of all my mood was peaceful. I was happy! I am much happier than I was merely a week ago. A week ago i was stressed, anxious, a bit overwhelmed with various projects going on at the same time…

I didn’t see how CONSUMED I actually was until I was forced to raise the white flag and let go of everything.


The Internet is an amazing mechanism of endless information, communication, connection and outstanding knowledge however it’s filled with so many distractions. In the process of going through your facebook feed, you got on to check something and 4 hours later you’re looking at Cat pictures and playing a fb quiz on what mystical creature you would be…How does it happen?

Because frankly my dear…The Internet is a vicious Black hole. Unless you are ridiculously focused and have a strong will power, you’re going to get sucked in.

What does that mean for us Spiritually Sensitive? I-just-need-some-time-in-a-beautiful-place-to-clear-my-head

I think this was quite an eye-opening experience where I need to be careful and use more discernment with what I am doing online. I also think it’s vastly important to spend some time unplugged throughout our daily routine. I have also learned to be entirely more appreciative of technology and how we take it for granted. I couldn’t even call anyone or google lol. As a sensitive, spending ridiculous amounts online is about a similar equivalent of staring at TV for 6 + hours of your day. It can be brainwashing if you’re not careful. While the internet provides tremendous connection towards others across distance, it also disconnects us from our current reality.

Taking Time to Unplug throughout your Week may be the crucial hidden secret towards Peace of Mind without even using meditation daily. Why is that?



It Pushes you outside of your Comfort zone into a New Perspective. The lack of constant distraction frees the mind to contemplate deeper issues. Suddenly you may find yourself saying I should watch what I eat, read more books, take up more creative pursuits, or spend more time with my family.


When we are more present it allows the mind to process and store new information as if by magic because the body is more relaxed. This is crucial towards our mental skills and development. With the distractions of technology, our brains have been trained to completely miss small details, the subtle designs and simplicity of the moment. Being present changes this completely.


It will start increasing your empathy naturally and allows you the ability to directly communicate through the eyes. Instead of looking all over screens constantly, you want to engage with individuals directly, looking into their focal point and being engaged with connecting. You will begin listening and hearing better, which is like a cosmic wink from the universe. It’s beautiful really.


Aside from your withdrawal symptoms, Your mood will start elevating and stabilizing. As your body becomes very present, your mind is able to let go because the resistance has NOWHERE to escape to except in yourself. So you’re able to let go of these ridiculous insignificant concerns such as “what if no one likes my status” “how many views did I get” “I need to answer X amount of people today” it all starts to fade away and you begin to see, it’s all flowing as it should. Happy Dance 🙂


But I have to do This, This and This before 9pm today! All of that disappears when you are suddenly present with yourself and unplugged. I don’t know what it is about these screens but I swear the fear of time disappears when you stop looking at barriers and electromagnetic devices. Psychological Time will become Present Reality Period. It will put you into a realization of self-acceptance, that everything will get done when it is meant to because it is happening as it should. I will take my time because patience is a virtue. You don’t rush Art. Let it Flow Yo


This one was interesting, Not only did I notice my own Body’s cues a lot stronger but I was really able to observe my children in a new way. i saw that my toddler only acts out when he is ridiculously hungry or tired whereas before that line used to get blurred between his desire for toys, tablet or snackfood. Being unplugged puts you into a conscious awareness of yourself. Tuned In. Connected to who you are, you may suddenly eat better, sleep better, allow more fun into your life and just general well-being merely by listening to your inner cues.

ENABLES CONSCIOUS AWARENESS8431837944_3d052e21aa_z

Conscious Awareness is Mindfulness. When we’re able to be mindful of our actions, thoughts, feeling and what we are projecting into the world, we see the world with a new light. When you are unplugged, this becomes the norm, those subtle, synchronicity patterns will be pushed into your face. You will find beauty in the mundane, laughter in the simplicity, fun in the silliness, and happiness in the joy of just being. It’s a breath of fresh air on a gloomy day which is what all souls truly need anyway, am I right?


What I really enjoyed during this experience is I had a very hard time developing writer’s block, everything was flowing beautifully as if the barriers were lifted. It created a field of daydreaming, imaginative wonder, I felt colors strongly, I began working on new projects like creating a tarot deck for fun. Unplugging allowed me to liberate my creativity and all those ideas I was sitting on came flowing out like a rocket for liftoff. More progress was made in the course of a week than I have accomplished in a month. Imagination is your secret superpower.

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What I learned from this experience is that the Ego can take numerous forms as a teacher. In this case I saw it like this,

Your Computer is your Conscious Mind:


Realize a lot of it is illusions. Use your Time wisely, let go of what insults your soul

Some of this nonsense doesn’t remotely matter to our personal experiences. When we decide to balance our lives shouldn’t we also balance how we are stimulating our minds too? The internet isn’t the problem it’s how we are choosing to utilize it and how we are OBSESSED with it towards the point of not using our own intuition.


If we choose to spend ridiculous hours online we also need to learn discernment towards where we are expressing this energy. for instance if you’re spending all this time on facebook, you as a sensitive are absorbing all of this energetic impulsive information about these people, sometimes it’s positive but the majority of it? Is egotistical nonsense they wrote because they were having a bad day. Now you’re feeling their bad day, then another person feeds on that information and expresses their negative emotion inside of someone else. Before you know it, your energy is suddenly depleted.

As a sensitive, we need to be very careful where we are expelling our energy, what is your psychic circle like and how can you empower your world instead of bringing it back into the negative shadows?

Using discernment when it comes towards the Digital world is our best medicine towards soul expansion.

Unplugging helps us reconnect towards our Natural self and most importantly it helps stimulate the subconscious mind. When we choose to unplug, we are unplugging ourselves from our digital Reality, the Ego. This is something that is so earthshattering because we don’t think to look in the most obvious place. Our daily activities, our homes.

We hide behind screens. We are stuck behind barriers. We need that balance. The internet isn’t all bad don’t get me wrong. Going online isn’t the problem but unplugging ourselves from our mind from time to time is the soul medicine many of us are unconsciously craving and searching for throughout our lives.


Today I ask you to perform a Science Experiment with yourself  over the next week or so, and report back with the results in the comments!

Spend some time unplugged. Whether it is 20 minutes, an hour, 5 hours or more. Take time to destress your mind and disconnect yourself.

Some Unplugging Advice:

  • Don’t go online before 9am or after 9pm for better sleep and better well-being emotionally.
  • Try Conscious Eating & Cooking
  • Relax OFFLINE in the evenings
  • Spend some time on the weekend doing what you enjoy with family & friends, instead of online.
  • When you are bored, try a creative activity instead of rushing online compulsively
  • Limit your time on social media
  • Create a new morning ritual without facebook, twitter, or any social media for a week and see how you feel
  • Do what makes your soul happy!


How does your MIND, BODY & SOUL feel?

Are your emotions more stable?

Did you suddenly have an epiphany or a burst of creative vision?

Next time you are stuck in a stress ball, craving a vacation, overwhelmed, depressed, angry, or feeling resentment, Do your soul a favor.


The internet will still be there when you get back, although you may have a transformative experience and be a new person when you return.

Don’t forget the other side 😉




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