divine masculine energy

Curious about divine masculine energy? When it comes to understanding the divine masculine, this is a different playing field than the divine feminine. Let’s explore the Role that the divine masculine energy has in relationship to Spiritual Awakening so you can gain a deeper understanding of how to practically use divine Masculine energy in your own life.

Divine Masculine Energy is About Maturing the Ego

The Divine masculine is about Ego Awareness and Conscious Awareness. It’s the place where we mature our ego. Also, it’s connected to The solar plexus chakra because the solar plexus chakra is all about your divine will. Most importantly, the divine masculine teaches us about how we take action.

So when we are in a place of our divine masculine, it’s often about really being the conscious giver. The Conscious Giver of Energy back to the world. It’s basically like being a giver, but not over-giving to the point of Over-doing it(If you think about this with baking, you understand – don’t burn the cake!) The Divine Feminine is often about Receiving energy but the Divine Masculine is about giving that energy back to the world in the form of action, affirmations, making things happen, and support in relationships.

The Conscious Warrior

I always like to say when it comes to archetypes, this is all about being the warrior, the manifesting warrior, because the manifesting warrior knows to let go and let God fill in the gaps, but the warrior will not stay on the couch. He will get his ass up and go because in this energy of :

if I know I am led & guided, I will know the right actions to take. I will move forward anyway. Choosing to truly be in that energy of confidence, assertiveness and initiation, but I’m not going to get bogged down by my ego.I’m not going to be in the victim mindset about this. I’m not going to be in that energy and instead, I’m going to take the action I need to take.

That is the energy of divine masculine. I will not get bogged down by my ego. I will take the action anyway. That is what it means to step into the warrior consciousness because this energy is about owning your personal power.

It’s not about receptivity at all, waiting, or staying still. It is about having an awareness of owning your personal power by making conscious Movement forward. This energy is all about intuitive Confidence in who you are and that is what will drive you forward to take the actions you need to take.

Wounded Masculine Energy feels like burning out

Now, when it comes to being in a place of wounded masculine energy, it might be where you are burning out and becoming a workaholic without realizing it.

Have you ever felt on the verge of burnout before? it’s happened to me quite a few times over the years…one time resulting in a big emotional breakdown where things HAD to change. 

It can be a bad habit, a slippery slope, and often…it can happen unconsciously to our proper awareness. Sometimes it can sneak up on us before we realize it…

It also can have a crazy effect on our mental health and capacity to take action. This is one of the hugest reasons why we might have imbalanced or wounded Masculine Energy. 

We have reached the point of pushing too hard where we never stop, let go and detach.

Inevitably we end up – neglecting ourselves or losing ourselves. 

This isn’t a fun place to be, it can be sneaky too. 

If you’ve ever had thoughts of 
“well, i’ll just do this for one more hour…”
“I can handle it anyway” 
“I feel exhausted but I’ll just workout anyway despite that” 
” let me just keep going”
and things keep slipping through the cracks…

and so forth. 

Wounded Masculine Energy turns into symptoms and signs of: 

  • Not listening to your body
  • Not hearing your intuition
  • Neglecting your Emotional Needs despite that they are screaming at you 
  • Escapism in the form of drugs or alcohol 
  • Pushing beyond your limits in an unhealthy way…
  • Getting sick more often to your body’s physiological reaction to stress

and this wounded masculine energy, most importantly neglects our Divine Feminine energy so we’re cutting off listening to spirit….

So we burn out, get sick or mentally break down. 
Deep breaths, I know – If this is happening to you or you’re feeling this way,  It’s awful and unfortunately way too common than it should be.

You may be feeling,

How do we understand this part of ourselves?

What does it even mean to have a wounded masculine energy vs a healthy divine masculine energy? 

And How does this Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine ultimately connect to Kundalini? 

And what does THAT mean in relationship to ‘being Balanced?” 

That’s what we’re exploring this week on the podcast, 

Want to Know what the heck is Masculine Energy and how to start practically using it ? 

Catch the full Episode on the Youtube or Season 3 of the Podcast on sunday 

Do you struggle with burnout, pushing too hard or forgetting self-care? This might be coming from a Wounded Masculine energy. However we can learn how to properly heal this by balancing our masculine and feminine energy.

Share your experience in the comments so we can help support you or  share your story in our Awakened Network community Here (we’re building off of social media)

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divine feminine energy

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