What is divine feminine energy

You may be asking yourself, “What the Heck is Divine Feminine Energy and How do I practically use it?” 

Here’s the thing, this concept is wildly trending right now, especially in the dating world & Personal Development. There’s been a lot of talk around, “Dark Feminine energy”, “Accessing my Divine feminine” and “Healing my Divine Masculine”. It’s become a concept that is often… lost in translation. 🙈 

And We are forgetting its Roots are Spiritual.


It lives in understanding Kundalini Energy and has nothing to do with your dating demeanor or dating style. 🙈

Sure maybe there are some truths to those opinions – But In actuality, babe this is an inner game. It has nothing to do with Being Projected on and everything to do with: 

  • your Unique Emotional Relationship to Giving and Receiving. 
  • How you take Action 
  • How You are Manifesting and Getting Results 
  • The way you are Choosing to Show up 
  • The Development of the Heart Chakra 

Balancing our Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy within is a practice and skill. 

However It’s important to learn so that you can have more balance and Spiritual alignment in your life so you can feel emotionally empowered.

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

Divine Feminine Energy is the state of receptive allowance. If you grew up suppressing your intuition, you might have a hard time connecting to your Divine Feminine energy, which is very naturally intuitive and receptive. If you were to just imagine here how energy works, we have receptive (passive) energy, and then we have active energy. Active energy is when you’re putting forth a bunch of effort. You’re taking the actions you need to take. You’re pushing yourself forward.

Then on the other spectrum, we have receptive energy. This feels like listening instead of talking. It’s flowing instead of forcing. It’s being in a place where you’re allowing instead of pushing.

This is the best place to manifest because when you’re in this space of the divine feminine, you’re listening to your intuition more easily. You’re starting to understand the receptive messages that are coming forth. Most Importantly, you’re able to easily Pick up on Aligned Actions to take.

Tune into this week’s episode for the Full Download on How to Practically use the divine Feminine in your own Life.

Common Myths Around Divine Feminine Energy

#1 – People Make it about Gender and LOA Dating Advice. Divine Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy has nothing to do with Gender. 

It has everything to do with understanding Passive or Active energy currents from Kundalini.

This is a weird trend in the dating world right now where we’re loosely using these terms to better connect to feminine energy or ‘attract in a better masculine man’ 

this concept is NOT the same as Kundalini Divine Feminine. It’s also harmful to the Lgbqt community because this makes it a very black/white concept that is not even true. 

MYTH: Projecting an outward view on Divine feminine and divine masculine energies that helps your dating style is false. This often is  Leaving you in a victim mindset that if you’re not “feminine enough or divine masculine enough” your dating life will suffer. or keeps you panicking you’re “attracting” the wrong type of human.  

This got lost in translation from the ancient teachings of Kundalini. Ida and pingala, Shiva and Shakti – babe, nothing to do with how you’re dating. 

That’s an official Law of attraction teaching – NOT divine feminine or divine masculine energy. Beside, you know what i would say,  Relationships are all about healing the Heart chakra anyway 

#2 – Using Archetypes to Heal yourself to understand Divine Feminine or Masculine Energy.

Archetypes are a beautiful Tool, However don’t get lost in the word salad out there leaving you scratching your head…

Another New age Trend that Floats around is – “to properly understand Divine Feminine Energy” we need to be tuning into Mary Magdalene or Venus/Aphrodite Consciousness to

“properly Understand the concept of How to Connect to this Higher Consciousness. 

Unfortunately – They usually never give you anything tangible to work with and instead say ‘Connect to this archetype in meditation’ 

MYTH: This is a very confusing, aloof way to Connect to Divine Feminine energy. Most people who say this – you will notice – give you a red flag of nothing PRACTICAL to do.

They give you a bunch of *ahem word salad* 

 If you’re hearing word salad – They probably really don’t know how to balance the Divine Feminine and they are just giving you what they heard in the echo new age chamber game of Chinese whispers. 

#3. Saying These Concepts don’t exist at all & we don’t benefit from practicing them, yet we can trace Kundalini back to ancient teachings from 9000 BC in Hinduism.

They used Kundalini for Healing, Accessing higher wisdom, and Spiritual growth. 

Along with the awareness that we see this concept in various cultures throughout the centuries.

The same thing with a different spin on it. like the Yin/Yang. Pagan God/Goddess. and so forth. 

MYTH: Divine Feminine and Masculine Beliefs don’t benefit us regarding Spirituality and understanding self-realization. 

1. They do Exist. 

2. We can Most Definitely Benefit from Understanding How These Energy Current Work. 

3. It’s one of the best teachings on Alignment there is that helps us grow & heal. 

Kundlalini has always at its core been a tool of Balance and understanding Energetic Spiritual Alignment. 

It’s a tool to merge the Spiritual self (Feminine energy) and the Material Self (Masculine Energy) so they are working in harmony with one another in your daily life. 

But  unfortunately, this teaching gets soo lost in translation 

that we judgmentally think it’s about:

  • a projection outside of us,
  • Its about gender due to society’s conditioning (patriarchy)
  • or we think it doesn’t exist at all 

Let’s Break the Mold

That’s why we’re breaking the mold and talking about HOW you can practically Understand how to Balance your Masculine and Feminine Energies within you, 

Are you ready to feel Emotionally Empowered?

I’ve put together the PERFECT Bundle for you this February that is going to… 

Help you Practically use Masculine & Feminine energy so you can transform your Awakened Self from the inside out! 

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Divine Feminine Energy


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