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Does your Spiritual Practice meet your Actual needs and give you peace of mind? Let’s talk about the Bold, untold truths of Spiritual Practice when you have a kundalini awakening. These might be a little bit ballsy or unconventional. However, they will grant you way more Peace of Mind when practiced. Let’s face it, I like being a different, bright hot pink colorful face in a sea of black-and-white conformity.

Let’s go

1. You Actually Might not Need More Meditation – #saidit

You Actually Need More Embodiment Practices and Movement In Your Life.

If you are always:

  • Spacey
  • Dizzy
  • Overthinking obsessed
  • Prone to Headaches and exhaustion

Here’s WHY:

Kundalini Awakening opens up our higher chakras causing a FLOOD of Energy throughout our nervous system.

It’s VERY COMMON for beginners to have OVERACTIVE higher chakras (seen it so many times) and they need to nurture the lower chakras.

And Stop Trying to OPEN their third eye. It’s already open.

The irony with this, is most people THINK they need more meditation as it’s regurgitated EVERYWHERE to silence the mind or ‘control their thoughts’, right?

What they actually need are embodiment practices that nurture, root them in, and ground out the EXCESS energy they are experiencing.

And this is a very common problem with spiritual teachings that lament meditation as the only tool to enlightenment.

**PSA. it’s possible and I’m boldly saying this, those people did NOT have a Kundalini awakening. They are having the process of a spiritual awakening which is why they stress the importance of meditation and connection to higher self because that’s what THEY NEED.

When you have a Kundalini awakening – you are energetically opening up dormant energy and your higher chakra are overactive as you turn on all these hidden gifts or higher faculties in the mind (we’re exploring this in the Kundalini Book on Substack)

Spoiler Alert: You need the OPPOSITE OF MEDITATION for peace.

2. You need a Spiritual practice that focuses on the Body, Not Just the Mind

A Spiritual Practice Involves both the Mind, body and the Soul, many heavily neglect the body in their spiritual practice and wonder why “it’s just not working for me”

One thing that is written in older metaphysical books is they talk about the importance of the different types of energetic bodies in the bio-field. You have the Physical body, mental body, the energetic body, the emotional body, the spirit body, the astral body and so forth. (graphic below)

while it might be a bit INSANE to start dissecting yourself and asking how do i do spiritual practice will all these different dimension bodies of consciousness? like whaa, You’re missing the point. LOL

Most people just focus on the MENTAL body:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization/vision boards
  • Mindset/ Affirmations /Journaling
  • Sound Healing
  • Visual Color Therapy

This means we’re not working with the Emotional body, or etheric physical body, we’re just hanging out in our Head(our higher chakras) and not allowing that energy to travel, move, or be released. It gets stuck up there.

It’s like when you hold back from saying what you REALLY need to say. YOU KNOW YOU JUST NEED TO SAY IT, but you bite your tongue and hold back and it bottles up inside of you as annoyance. That’s what you do with your energy when you strictly focus on Mental Spiritual practice alone. ( cough symptoms cough 😉)

Soul Medicine: Design your Spiritual practice around Mind-Body Ritual Practices that help you both with the mind and the body. So you do NOT experience what i lovingly call “Spiritual Burnout”

RELATED – Here’s an old-school video on that if you’re curious to learn more: Why Overactive Third eyes lead to Spiritual Burnout

Examples of Mind-body rituals: Yoga followed by meditation or journaling, Embodiment practices, Somatic dance, Movement breaks, Mindfulness, mindful eating, Exercise that is not hardcore cardio, followed by journaling, etc.

Thinking Point: Begin to think about how can you MERGE your Practice so it supports both your Mind and your body.

3. You don’t need to “Get Grounded” – You need to feel safe in your Nervous System.

I’ve been around the block or two in the spiritual community and the MOST COMMON COMPLAINT IS: “Ashley, meditating & EFT isn’t working for me, how do I stay grounded?”

this is Root Chakra Work 101 – You need to feel safe in your body – you don’t need to visualize yourself as a tree! 🌳🌴🌲

Which tree are you? 🤣

For Realzy – Let’s break the new age bullshit with a hefty dose of psych 101. A lot of what is felt as ‘being ungrounded’ is you feeling activated in your N.S. as not feeling safe, supported or secure in your body.

You are tripping on past and future thinking (eckhart tolle fans know what i mean 💃 )

Soul Medicine: Stop visualizing – and MOVE YOUR ASS. (said with love)

Start playing with the dirt and get in the garden, get an exercise routine, take a walk, put on music and dance, do jumping jacks, take 10 min house chore break,

and the same goes for Manifesting! Visualizing is only one part of the entire process.

Here’s the secret to really getting grounded and getting rid of the anxiety,

Move the energy with yo body 😉 💃

You’re welcome

Which tip stands out to you the most? Let me know 👇

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